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What do you do in the Sims 4?

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I created this post to talk about fun ways of playing the sims (with sex mods also). Here you can give people new ideas to play the game.


For example, I have a savegame where I created one sim and I try to have sex with every sim of the oposite sex.

Another savegame goes to a man who owns a strip/fuck club where every sim goes just to relax. I play with manualnpcsex cheat of the whickedwhims to place them in specific places.


Let me see what other people do with their games.

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I'm playing several timelines. The original timeline was created when the game was unmodded. Typical stuff went on, I created myself, created a woman of my dreams for my character, we married, had two children etc. etc.


At some point, when I started modding the game, I realized that Timeline 1 became pretty boring. My character and my wife grew pretty old. However, I played an Alien Family in the Neighbourhood, so my characters started to ask them if they could re-wind time to when they were younger. From then on, crazy stuff happened. I've created a timeline where my character is married to an old school love, but is cheating on her with his wife from Timeline 1. This ended in a timeline where my character actually owns a mansion with several female servants in it. Everyone has sex with him, but he still treats his wife from Timeline 1 better than the others.


Another timeline would be easily described as "Gender Bender"; Every Male in Timeline 1 is now a female and vice versa. This is also a timeline where female me became a vampire/succubus for some time, fucking people and then drinking their blood.


Then I created a fourth timeline which is actually what the characters wanted - a timeline where they are teenagers again!


Timeline 5 can't be described easily. My dream girl has a slutty version here (seen in my current profile pic, 12/07/2017) and is living with her best friend in a nice little street. They act like real thots, but are also in love with each other.


I even downloaded The Flash Costumes for this timeline stuff. One save is a changed version of Timeline 2, where "Good Guy Me" tries to fix the timeline by manipulating the Alien's technology. He does so because he seduces the Daughter of the Alien Queen who tells him how the Time Machine is working.


tl;dr: I like to create entertaining and weird stories that have only slightly better plot than your average porn.

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I played currently play one that my character is youngest of the 3 and he/she/it/(w/e you prefer) wanted to live alone since one of the sister is someone whose enjoys sex while the other one likes to party in clubs and do drugs. So she move into a town full of fantasy monsters aliens ,nekomatats, demons ect. got into a bad fight with some of the neighbors because they wanted to go to the house as a welcoming party and then wanted to swap body fluids with one another without my character consent. So my character wasn't find with that and on every week-end as a nice family member go to her original house to talk to her parents and sisters while sometime her sister forces em into their room to do the body fluid swap. Even though she don't like being around people she prefers to be alone.

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Been running a game since april has around 700 days on it and my original young adults and teens are starting to go elder. Its ironic because i had plans to murder a certain one from the beginning and now i can't bring myself around to the idea she will be ghosted in another 200 days. Gonna miss the old crone but i gotta learn to let go. After all the murders and betrayals and general dramas the game has degenerated into nightmare world porn simulator. I really dont play the game anymore so much as i let it play itself while I gaze at my pretties.

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I do not play really lifelines, but like to puzzle my own simmies and lots, to have once just some of this in game. Then I like to follow Weredeers:

22 hours ago, weredeer said:

 I let it play itself while I gaze at my pretties.


But there are some families (mostly living communities) and some stories too. One of the last is a lesbian pair (makeovers) wich got a young female looking gay (complete makeover) in a little cellar apartment to be not longer homeless. And randomly this young guy finds his first love, a muscular male (makeover). Oups, but the small penis of the female looking guy is not in harmony with many WW animations (it doesn´t seem to bother him or his boyfriend)...


But the next lot with two new girls needs styling too... and I really have to learn how to do S4 recolor paintings next.



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I used to play previous sims without cheats, only with mods. Only for the sims 4 i have this wicked whims mod that changed the game from the core. I miss many things in sims 4 that were in sims 3, but with WW i found a new style of play. I used to play regular male and female families with several kids, then i got the kids married and got grandkids, etc. usually i was able to get to 4-5 generations when it come out of control, getting everyone to school, to university, get them someone to marry. Unfortunately limit of 8 sims was allways a issue for me. when you have normally one male and one female and for example 3-5 kids, that makes 7 from 8 capacity. the kids will grown up. what's next? the oldest can get married so you are on 8 that is full. you can wait till the parents die to get two babies and the rest of the family will not get marry? or you just seperate the family. and which of the new family will you play? still the same questions usually i later lost control on it and quit it. 


the sims 4 with WW gave me a new way of play. Firstly with the mc command i was able to manage to get full male city, no woman around, and i'm currently on third adult generation in several families, some babies born on male pregnancy got to school get adult etc. however editing and modyfing full city to with custom skins is too boring and takes a lot of time,  so i paused the "male pregnancy". Unfortunately the game now still spawns new random generated sims, even when i'm using the mods to reduce it. but the game i play normaly on getting them to work, get promotions, get some partners for love sex of course with WW :)  As i'm using hight slider mode the carrying toddlers is bugged and some ww animations are not correct. 


i've tried to create some cc or animations but i got lost in first steps and gave up. i really like some animators works and i'm supporting them for it. keep up the good work! 


i hope when sims 5 come out the open world from sims 3 and all the good stuff from sims 3 and sims 4 will be included. 



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Sometimes,I try to build up idyllic lives for one set of Sim households then set out to tear it down or disrupt it in some other way with Sims with Evil and Mean personality traits. Sometimes, that involves turning someone into a cuckold/cuckquean, breaking their stuff then beating the tar out of them when they loose their cool.

Other times, I might just roleplay certain career paths while passing through various generations such as passing a family restaurant down through the ages, updating it with the times.

It really just depends on my current whims.

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I play with/as some very naughty celebrities! :)


My sims 4 is celeb based, I find ordinary life boring so I became ruler of the celeb world!


I'm living in a fantasy with mine but thankfully I can separate fantasy from reality. Let's hope I'm as lucky when they start making sims in VR, as I've heard rumours about new sims franchises being available in VR.

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Fairly new game recently so everything is still fresh. Since I found Wicked Whims the whole game has gone sex crazy. Almost every establishment is hyper sexual.


I have a penthouse full of teen girls who belong to the Lolita club. There was an 8th girl but her family pulled her outta there (wonder why). So then an male alien took over her spot and he and the girls learn about sex with each other. Pretty sure I'm going to be sticking most of them into the sex career line (mod) or as singers/entertainers.


I of course have my dream house with my "sexy" couple. The girl leads a swingers club called Noir. Then next door I have my actual house, my actual self, my husband, my mother in law, and our dogs. Only problem is my mother in law gets into adult situations with the locals and I have to rapidly pan the camera away. She's an adult so she can have her fun times, I just don't need to see it XD I lead a furry club called Furry Force (based on that Youtube video). Unfortunately my husband didn't want to be in it. Wonder why... :tongue:


I have my version of female Commander Shepard in the game. She's a police officer and lives in an old jail that's been remodeled (fitting to have Shepard considering my alien is Garrus Vakarian).


I have a sex shop run by the local drag queen, Mr. Blue. I think he's my favorite character so far. He lives in an upscale apartment with his kitten, Betty Blue.


I have a massive strip club/BDSM dungeon complete with fetish rooms and an adult spa. It's a pretty popular establishment and my favorite place in game. At times there will be so many groups of people engaging in sex, I'll be bouncing back and forth a ton just to watch it all. Makes me really thankful for Wicked Whims and all the wonderful animations and mods from this site.


I also have my local drug dealer den with a few prostitutes and junkies with a healthy mix of good and bad traits for some spice.


For play-style I try to just be an observant god for most of my Sims where I'll nudge their decisions at times for kicks. For other Sims, like Shepard, I'll be more controlling because I want her to achieve her goals faster.


The screenshot is of the main stage of my strip club with the leader of Noir.



2017-12-26 (1).png

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So far I have two saves.


The first one I used cheat codes on. I somewhat regret it. My guy is married to Russian babe with fair skin, blonde hair, green eyes, petite body, and huge tits. She is covered in very aesthetic tattoos. The two are both YA's and plan on having a kid or two in their adulthood. They currently live in a renovated small home in downtown Windenburg. Their dream mansion called "Nordic Lovehome" is under construction. It features a very Nordic inspired modern design but also has some antique expensive items such as their huge formal dining table and what not. It also has plenty of spots where it can get steamy. The two keep it classy though. My guy is an expert of all trades and earns a huge income from BestBuy franchise. The Russian babe is an Instagram model, for the fun of it.


There is also two other households I made in the world. The first one consists of a Light Skin Beauty and a Slovenian babe. The light skin is a world renowned chef and model. The Slovenian is considered one of the best singers and violinists of all time. They live in a beautiful 7,000 sqft Nordic Modern mansion. The two are bestfriends and really compliment each other, especially at house parties. My original sim is having an open relationship with them as well. The other household consists of a 30 year old fully tatted blonde BBW whore an anorexic 60 year old slut with a buzzed head. They bitch at each other a lot but fuck every now and then.


The second one is the Brothel challenge. I am using a petite brunette with natural big tits + a boob job. She is a swinger for money. It's new but going really well. I have my sex setting at a 1% chance for pregnancy. I hope one day she gets pregnant by a john. There is also this other girl that she really vibes with. I might have them marry down the road and adopt a kid. From there I plan to raise the price of my services significantly and only perform the duties once a week. I'll also renovate a huge penthouse for my lickings to live in. She will also do nude modeling/ nude painting for a source of income. If she marries the girl, then the wife will do the photography and painting. If she doesn't, then her kid will have to do it. I suspect things to get spicy with the kid every now and then (ergh once a month prolly). Planning for the kid to carry on the tradition lol, with a twist of course. I'm gonna have him/her providing services as a teen for a bigger income maybeee.


I also want to do another save but not sure what to do. Looking for something extremely spicy.

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Lately I'm cleaning and creating new characters in realistic style and some anime type; as a game line I am with a family that parents are porn actors and student daughters; I had a second line of play, since I wanted to try a mod, the Haunted Mirror, which is the ghost of a vengeful girlfriend, I wanted to mix one of my passions that is horror movies, with sex, the bad thing is that I kill almost all my sims of that game.

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I am slowly putting everything back. Don't have the luxury of cheats since they removed many of them in the Season's Update. I wanted to see the game break first. The first go vanilla then slowly put everything back after the Seasons update. I hate the update they did for Seasons. I just finished putting Sacrificial's mods back and am enjoying the chaos that the evil sims are creating because of it.    


I created a test game I am playing now. There is no scenario. There are no objectives. There is no story or plotline to follow.  It's just a test game I will delete once I am satisfied that the game isn't totally broken and figure out what is going to break the game and other mods and what will not. I will go back to my previous game prior afterwards, It gives me time to come up with new strategies, scenarios and objectives for my Sims. 


My previous game had my vampires, Damian Sinclair and Victoria Van Helsing started as roomies. Both come from hunter families. Victoria fell in love with a vampire centuries ago. Her beloved was killed by her family and she was branded a traitor all because she fell in love with a vampire, let him turn her and had his children. The clan she comes from even centuries later along with other hunter clans have a price on her head. She is that traitor whore they don't mention by name.  She has a place of safe haven for any ex-hunter out there. I am trying to find someone for her. She is kind of dating Joaquin Le Chien, that is he is always asking her to fuck him and go out on dates. She has a blood debt to the Vatore siblings which put her on their beckon call day or night.


Damian managed to get married to Max Villareal while I was playing another household. They had twins. I didn't even know that they were dating let alone anything else. I have other households  I created for that game. Like Victoria, Damian is a Vampire and an ex-hunter. Unlike The Van Helsings Damian's family is ok with him being a vampire. Most hunter clans aren't like that. The other clans have incestuous relations and only intermarry with other clans, hate everything that isn't human and will begrudgingly allow one of theirs to marry a normal mundane human. Damian was a good hunter. He fought quite well but one day he woke as a Vampire. He wasn't bitten by one nor were his parents secretly vampires. He and Max are very passionate together. Make no mistake Damian can be just as brutal as Max but he doesn't kill human only demons. devils rogue vampires and is still a hunter first.


There is Anatu Masaru who is friends with both Max and his insane dad. She is the one who runs a hot nightclub with a brothel on the upper floors, with party rooms, a dungeon, and strip bar. Her club has cameras everywhere to catch every sinful act that "good" sims do. She has mini microphones recording every dark desire other sims wish to talk about while in her club. Since she is friends with the Villareal crime family she shares what she knows with both Max and Jaques.  She is an ancient vampire who was a high priestess of Ishtar in ancient Babylon when she was mortal. She was gifted or cursed with vampirism and not turned or born a vampire. She was a teenager when she was put forced sleep and when a few curious sims opened her tomb they woke her and she drained them dry. Feeling zero guilt about what she had done she left her tomb and went on a feeding frenzy.  She isn't exactly mean or evil but she isn't good either. he is driven by her desires and passion.  She still worships Ishtar and brings the blessings of her goddess to many of the Sims she meets. She enjoys the company of Jonny Zest who makes her laugh I don't if I would call it dating but he does call her up to go on dates and she accepts. At least she has a regular plaything to toy with. and doesn't feel she is a manipulative bitch. She isn't as manipulative as others might believe. Those people she has lots of dirt on and they don't count.  I would love a blackmail mod just for her alone.


Then there is Miss Straightlace Briget Hans. Briget is an alien who has no memory of her past. She forgot she is an alien. She is cheerful and a virgin... well sort of. She is a young adult and a lesbian. She is currently dating Jade Rosa and Candy Behr. The drugs these clubs have no effect on her alien anatomy. The site of a naked man disgusts her and she has a phobia of men. She runs Upstairs Downstairs the other brothel Nightclub, Unlike Red Light, Anatu's club, she doesn't care what a Sim does and doesn't profit from their passions and regrets. She doesn't have party rooms. She has a dungeon on the lowest level. above that is the strip club on one side and pool and hot tub on the other side. The nightclub with dancing and DJ is on the ground floor. The bar video games and arcade games are on the next floor up. The Top floor has foozbal and bar games, The rooftop has a telescope and rocket. The Brothel is right next door to the club on the same property.


Eve Harlow is a young adult who is a porn star and human. She secretly hates sex and is a drug addict.  She hates other sims, especially children. She has a mean streak, is self-confident and oddly cheerful. She is dating a married man who is her sugar daddy. Daddy pays her rent and buys her things but she is second to his wife and kids. She is lonely and a love addict. She always ends up dating somebody who is married or in a serious relationship only to be used up and thrown away. If there was a rape mod. She would be my rape bait sim getting raped by the sleaziest of sims. She has a nice penthouse in the city and a Persian named Venus she truly adores and spoils.


Eve's love interest Jacob Knight who is married to Elizabeth. They have the triplets James, Greg and Henry. Elizabeth is the matriarch and is very active in her sons' lives. She reads to them every night before bed cooks dinner. She is a Hestia sim and started a club for parents. She is unaware of Jacob's cheating on her and never has time for her self. She is pregnant with twins making Jacob feel even more trapped. He doesn't really love his wife but he doesn't love Eve enough to leave his wife and kids.



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So I started out pretty standard legacy family starting with my simself and his high school sweetheart.  After 3 generations I started loosing interest the 4th really didn't interest me.  So I married off the Heir to a poor farmer and left the family future in the hands of the 2nd gen scion mad scientist who was cloning potions of youth to eternity.


Second world I started with a single female sim planning to get rich the old fashioned way on her back.  So she mastered Charisma but got sidetracked falling for a man married him and raised two daughters.  Unwilling to let a little thing like time derail her plans she quaffed a potion of and got to work.  She seduced several men moved in kill them and their families rinse and repeat.  So she wasl iving in a penthouse in the city and starting her own sex club.


Another game I started a vampire family husband and wife and a loyal guard for the clan they were to build.  Unfortunatly the wife had a wandering eye and seduced the unflirty bodyguard.  Twin sons were born to the couple and al lwent along with the husband none the wiser to his wife's indiscretions.  Problem was that loyal bodyguard had gained power much faster than the couple.  As he grew in power he became more beast like and less human chafing under the leadership of his lessers.  Duels were fought secrets revealed and the family broken.  The bodyguard cared nothing for the woman beyond a vessel for his seed to grow his own clan. 


Anyway recently I did a reboot putting all these families and more of mine all in one game.  I started as a toddler in an orphanage there was afire and he was adopted ut to my original couple.  I bounce betweenthem and the other families.  The vampire family split again and now he lives alone with his teen daughter.  Yep completely wholesome relationship yep yep.


I also have a gender bender female vampire she has her eye on someone she wants  to enslave in her basement 

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I take on the role of god, or inspiration or whatever you want to call it. Even with MCCC the sims don't actually DO much unless you push them. No NPC will ever become president for example. So I set up the world, and then I jump around, creating new sims, playing the pre-made ones, giving them a push in the right direction, getting them promoted, or married or whatever.

Then, like any god, I get bored with my creation, mark them as unplayed, and jump off somewhere else. So I'd say I play the world more than the individual sims. Although I get more fond of certain characters than others. Even those I rarely play for a full lifestage though, as I have my game set to long lifespans.


I'm not terribly fond of rabbithole careers though, but I have mods like Road to fame, Nisa's perversions, more work-from-home enabled vanilla careers, so I tend to go for those. And I never play large households. 2, or 3 is my maximum.

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I always found sims kinda boring after some time. Get career, a husband/wife, children, max skills, die. But now that i discovered this kinky world, all things come to mind. In my current game i made a slave dungeon where the pimp sends his girls out only at night to clubs and put them to work. They never see the sun. If the girls are good enough, he gives them new clothes or a better meal. They often get pregnant and as soon as the child is born he sells them to a black market for cash. While the girls live in a dark, cold basement, he enjoys more and more luxury things.


At the moment, he had a girl with one of his slaves and she is a teen now, needless to say what will happen to her. ?

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Have you found a way of successfully pimping? Or just using your imagination? I sure wish there was a pimp mod, as my main sim is a dealer and when the mothers get so desperate for drugs they pay for it with their sweet daughters. But I sure wish he could manage his own harem of tricks. 

07-27-18_9-58-55 PM.png

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8 hours ago, ebonyx said:

Have you found a way of successfully pimping? Or just using your imagination? I sure wish there was a pimp mod, as my main sim is a dealer and when the mothers get so desperate for drugs they pay for it with their sweet daughters. But I sure wish he could manage his own harem of tricks. 

07-27-18_9-58-55 PM.png


I use mainly the Nisa's Wicked Perversions, where among other features, you can register a sim as a man or woman prostitute. Then clients will begin to phone this sim for business. This mod also adds some great aspirations as Mind Broken, Throphy Wife and other lusty traits. There was also another prostitution mod but since i don't use anymore i can't find where i found it.


Here is the link for the Nisa's mod: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5002-nisa’s-wicked-perversions/




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