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  1. Vampire pro-life tip... You don't need to pay for lapdances at the strip-club! Just use your powers on the hottest stripper and have your way with her... Why do every sim I play, even this clumsy nerd of a bookworm, end up as a sexfiend? Don't answer, rhetorical question...
  2. In my seemingly eternal quest to play every single townie household I have arrived at Ulrike Faust and Maike Haas of Windenburg... So, funny story... I have the immersive vampires mod, and it turns out Maike has been randomly assigned the ability to sense nearby vampires. And in her case it makes her flirty... I tracked it down to her clubmate, Gunter Munsch, who for some unfathomable reason is a vampire. Bug? Something I did a year ago and promptly forgot about? Honestly, I don't know, but I decided to roll with it. So I went over to the Munsch household. On
  3. Magic fuckery with L. Faba... The wedding-night of Salim Benali and Aminah Benali, formerly Azim.
  4. I have basemental, both drugs and gangs, and have had no issues with the paranormal pack. Did you update to the latest version?
  5. https://deichschafblog.de/bienchen/werde-beruehmt-get-famous/ This one will (the one on the top of the list, townieoverhaul_lessfame) keep celebs from visiting lots not marked as hottest spot in town or up-and-coming hotspot. Won't work on custom lot-types though. Also, optionally, it allows you to stop the game from spawning new celebs/spellcasters/strangerville sims/natives and other special sims. Just below it there is the lessceleb_react mod that will make NPC's chill the fuck out when they do run into a celeb. Doesn't eliminate the fangirling, but will keep sims with jobs from
  6. I had the same problem, turned out Neia's More Clubs per sim-mod was the culprit in my case. It can be from the most unlikely source, so make a thourough check in the linked thread if any known offenders are on the list, and if none are you'll have to do the 50/50 method of elimination until you find the guilty mod.
  7. You can disable automatic and dynamic pubes in the WW options if you want, and only add them in manually if you want them for particular sims, or just use CAS if that is your preference. And the colour is based on their eyebrows which WW assumes (not unreasonably, and anyone who dyes their eyebrows would probably go through the effort downstairs as well) is the natural haircolour.
  8. I am very much a cyclical player... I will pick a game and play nothing but it for a week or two, sometimes up to a month, and I'm just off a bender which included 2 weeks of Victoria 2, a week of Combat Missions and a week of Distant Worlds... so anyone who knows those games will understand I needed something nice, uncomplicated, and (mentally and difficullty) unchallenging after that! Sims 4 fit the bill... 😆 Also there was a new pack which always pulls me back in. The 20-pic limit will be very, well, limiting, to how I usually do my posts, but on the bright side I wont have to o
  9. Alright... So as seen above I used the crazy old guy from Windenburg, the Villareal family, as my test-subject for the new pack since I had kicked the family out of their original house since I needed the lot for something unrelated a while back, and some stuff, non-bone related came off it... I really tried to have Jaques have some ghostly homo-sex with the guide-ghost guy but all the disturbances from the stupid haunted house and him popping off at inconvinient times kept that from happening. I generated Jaques preferences from all the ghosts in my world, so that is my justificat
  10. Btw... For anyone wondering... yeah, EA is lazy, and Bonehilda is just a costume. This is how she looks if you remove it for anyone curious. Also... I can't believe I didn't do a joke about "boning" in my first post... but the pack has been out for a while and I haven't checked the thread so someone else has probably already done that joke anyway. I prefer her in costume... Not as cuddly, but cute in her own unique way.
  11. This is why you need the new spooky pack, don't even try to deny it... Although the tounge is quite disconcerting... Anyway... Just some random crap from my more recent screenshots. Mostly mrrakkon sims as usual. Been a while since I played so I wont structure it as a story, and, well, with the new 20-pic upload limit those will be pretty hard to do anyway...
  12. Yeah, I can't agree, purely out of a "consumer" perspective. Modding the sims is a massive pain because there is no Nexus-equivalent, just a million Tumblr-pages. Atleast most of the adult stuff is gathered in one place, along with, and lets not forget this, a considerable amount of modding knowledge. 9 times out of 10 when I google a sims bug LL is in the top results, often even when the bug or mod isn't even related to anything adult! LL has built itself up to be THE place where you get those mods, there is nothing else like it, no matter if you play Rimworld, Paradox games, Beth
  13. Actually I just downloaded Ksuihu's AEP lot and set up the scenes manually, it's still the same pornstar career and nothing in that post is directly from that mod, I just set it all up using vanilla and WW-interactions and then cheated her into the career afterwards.
  14. You kinda can. Have one sim own the stripclub, and then hire the other sim, who must be in another household, that you want working as a stripper. You won't get paid by the hour or have any working hours, but you can head over to the club at any time you want and earn money through tips when poledancing or giving lapdances. Not exactly a "career" as you wont ever get promoted or anything, but I guess that is kind of reflective of being a stripper IRL... although if you combine it with the prostitution feature from Nisa's Wicked Perversions you can make some bank...
  15. So, one last go for now with my two new favourite girls... then I kinda got sidetracked by one of my old favourites... Crassus Boggs. I kinda decided one stripclub wasn't enough for my world, so I downloaded the excellent La Bamba Gentlemans Club, which comes with custom tattoos as well, and Crassus, aside from living in the only household in my world who could actually afford to buy it without cheating, is just the kind of guy who'd have his strippers branded. Anyway... Maryam and Thalia...
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