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  1. I am new to sims 3 sex mods too, only just installed 3 after a long hiatus and never had mods on 3 before, but with playing sims 4 wickedwhims I really miss realism. I only hope they add drugs to sims 3 without installing okw as I miss that too. I heard okw is great but unstable and buggy. Passion is less so, apparently but can it still mess up the game?
  2. does anyone know how many gb ram this would take?..I have only base game installed and it runs amazingly,however I do have sims 4 with mods also. My PC is fairly big on RAM, 12gb but 16 is the best for games, I think??..I have around 6gb free ram and also want Roaring height but no other exp packs as none of those interest me. I want a Miami style world and that's about all...thanks!
  3. I have already CMar's penis but I am looking for the best vagina to use for this. Only just reinstalled the game and looking for some good skin/realism mods. Thanks!
  4. Hi all! I recently re-installed sims 3 and would love this kinky world mod. I have sims 4 with a few mods (ww, basemental) already installed on my 12 gb RAM pc BUT, I am scared that this may take up too much RAM because I heard that sims 3 is ''ram-hungry''. I also want to install Roaring Heights ASAP. Can anyone please tell me if KW will be ok. I have about 6gb ram left. I tried asking on mod the sims but they just took the piss no one answered lol. cheers!!
  5. forget the sex there are already LOTS of sex based stuff but virtually no drug mod for this game..you know like what BaseMental did with sims 4..those drug mods are wicked awesome and I'd love to see them on sims 3. I am currently repurchasing sims 3 as I want Freshprince's Vice City as one of my worlds but to have VC I would need lots of good drug mods!!
  6. yep, it says make your way back to the spaceship... lol
  7. Hey, thank you! I have been looking for this again! I had this on my game but it got deleted by accident, I had the presets, and it was good, apart from some missing hands lol! :) thankfully SFS is working again now!
  8. hey, thanks! I will try this out! I honestly wish I was talented enough to make mods like this! Cheers! I use the Luumia one and it is ok but after my sims have sex the height gets skewed and they end up all tiny!!
  9. hi guys, can anyone tell me the best height slider for sims 4? I tried to download the Luumia one but Unfortunately, Simfileshare is now parked and unable to access...
  10. hey Nisa, my tam explorer doesn't work I can't call over any prostitute etc..and there are no sex buffs nevermind, I will wait and see what happens.
  11. I deleted my Nisa WP for now..it wasn't working properly..I couldn't call over a prostitute or interact in sex animations..so it's gone until fixed.
  12. my game was crashing but it turned out it was Extreme Violence mod. Deleted it, it's ok now.
  13. hey, can anyone tell me where I can find the best male solo hand job/masturbation animations? I have a few but there seems to be a lot more female ones ... thanks!
  14. I disabled this feature as well..it wasn't working everyone was ''basic looking'' to my female sim even the most gorgeous sim guys I created. It Isn't working, there will have to be an update.
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