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  1. Thanks for the heads up! I'm going to be redoing the tattoo overlays soon, so I will pay attention to fix the swatches in that version. The new tattoo overlay will also add a pinkish tint on the inner vulva (Wikipedia tells me it's called the Vulval vestibule). No ETA, but yeah, I'll also fix the swatches then. I am not sure either. Can you give me more infomation, so I can try to recreate the error? Such as, what were the advanced gender settings of the Sim you are trying to apply it to? Also, just double-check it is not a WW problem.
  2. I recently got island living, and I'm glad to see a horny merfolk tail all ready and waiting for me. Thanks a bunch for releasing it! And a cloaca? I can't wait to see how this looks retracted in game, I am so into that kind of stuff. Edit: Here are some in-game pictures of a merman I made
  3. I made a new machinima, it's just a short one but I liked this animation so much I got inspired. https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5d80daba78c22
  4. I was watching a clip on twitter of a guy laying egg sex toys out his coochie when I posted this, so that's what I was thinking about. An alien dick or ovipositor genitals for the Sims sounds wild and cool. I'm more interested in animations featuring sexy laying eggs, and personally don't really care about The Lore. But cool ideas.
  5. Tired: Mortimer Goth writes like “classic gothic horror”, and is “good at writing”. Wired: Mortimer Goth writes trashy monster-fucker amazon erotica. He puts out three short novels a month and is the second best author in the genre entire world.
  6. Are bouncing pecs/chests for men or sims with no breasts possible? I feel like it should be, but I am not an animator and don't know about those things.
  7. A very light makeover of maxis-made queers Mia Hayes and Dela Ostrow.
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