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    I like to download Mods from here and upload sexy Screenshots. Sometimes I upload Custom Sims.

    Oh, and I'm also a huge History Nerd.
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    Came for Skyrim Mods, stayed for Posting Sims 4 Screenshots of my Sims getting slapped and slammed by as many cocks as possible.

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  1. Hentaiface

    R-Lo's Photography Corner

    Nothing Story-driven this time, only something that I've just now posted over at the Interracial Thread; Gina enjoying some time with one of her favorite lovers: Karim Mounib.
  2. Hentaiface

    Everything Interracial™

    One of my Gina's favorite Lovers is Karim Mounib, a Tunisian Boy from her neighbourhood.
  3. Hentaiface

    Share Your Female Sims!

    I've improved Gina's CC since I've posted her here the last time. I think these are some of her best shots.
  4. Hentaiface

    R-Lo's Photography Corner

    Since she started studying Literature, Luisa has been living together with her fellow student, Joseph. The two are living in a dorm not far away from the campus.
  5. Hentaiface

    R-Lo's Photography Corner

    Charlotte continued her search for the AphrodiBot. The Stripclub Owner told her the adress of the guest that took the bot with him. It was a large, mysterious building at the northern outskirts of Frederickston. The scene for this part was @Ksuihuh's AEP Porn Studio
  6. Hentaiface

    R-Lo's Photography Corner

    The Sims on the Screenshots on the CC page looked familiar from the start... I'm gonna try to remember to credit other user's sims and lots in the future. Hope that wasn't a problem this time?
  7. Hentaiface

    R-Lo's Photography Corner

    Charlie starts looking for the AphrodiBot. After finally reading the manual, she found out about a protocol, automatically sending her to a strip club when she had nothing else to do. Strip Club Owner: "Well hello there, someone pinch me please! Now the bitches are coming to me directly into the office?!" Charlie: "That's right, I'm fucking direct when it comes to...- Uhh, that's not why I'm here. I am looking for.... a sex robot. She could have been here some time ago, a few hours maybe." Strip Club Owner: "Are you sure about that? Because I could really go for a good blowjob, honey!" Charlotte, being Charlotte, just couldn't resist. If that's the type of slutting around Petra can tolerate? (The Rest is in the spoiler)
  8. Hentaiface

    R-Lo's Photography Corner

    It's been a while now since Gina got her new Turboslut Mentality. She has grinded over some dick in school, but now she realized that she could make some Money out of it... Gina: "Hello. Are you Mister Roman Rellington?" Roman: "Ah, you must be the new girl. Come in, let's talk." Roman: "So... You want to become a Prostitute?" Gina: "Yeah, that's.... why I'm here." Roman: *Reads Gina's E-Mail* "...What you sent me says you're still in High School..." Gina: "Oh? Is... is that a problem?" Roman: "I'm gonna be completely honest with you, girl... Many Girls in Frederickston find their way into Establishments like this via a Model Casting or another type of Fake Advertisement. I am not doing this type of stuff. The only situation when I am fine with the guilty conscience of my customers is when they are married or in a relationship.... or when they have never been to a brothel before. The fact that you're still in High School, however, obviously contradicts that policy of mine. So I am tempted to, sadly, send you home again." Gina: "Oh.... I... I understand. Isn't there anything you can do?" Roman: "The die is not yet cast, girl. If you show me your Entertaining skills, I will reconsider your application." Roman: "Hmm, your Thighs and Ass are surely big enough to provide good Facesittings... That's good, as my only other Girl right now is kinda thin in comparison... Now, show me how you would dance for me." Roman: "Good, good. The fact that you're willing to go on the Sofa while dancing will surprise many customers, not to mention that Ass in their face..." Roman: "If my pants were open right now, nothing much would miss for actual sex... With a dance like this you're already selling the customer a preview of what a night with you could look like, good. Now... Show me exactly this..." Gina: "You know, I've lost my virginity not a long time ago... But I already think that the best fuck is nothing without a good tease to... straighten things." Roman: "With that attitude, you must be the Heartbreaker of your school. I bet the Math nerds masturbate at least every weekend thinking of you." Roman: "The quality of your services have convinced me to give you a chance. But under certain conditions." Gina: "What kind of conditions?" Roman: "The Moment you enter this building, you are not Gina Kyron anymore. Your Stripper Name is 'Red Star', and if some fool in love asks you for your real name, it's Petra." Gina: "No problem at all." Roman: "You also can't tell anybody that you work here. Tell your friends and parents you take Dancing Lessons or something.... Oh, and you will also most likely have to wear a wig so people will not immediately recognize you."
  9. Some decorational stuff, for example a Grill with Food already on it. I looked after it and it wasn't. I'll try updating it in the next days, I usually have my problems with the updating program. I will try that if nothing else works, but my system runs on 64-bit. Thanks for your advice!
  10. So, I seem to have multiple problems in the Sims, with and without WickedWhims... Sims can rarely get up anymore. Every time my sim e.g. sits anywhere, I have to remove the chair, or else they are forever stuck on it. Same goes for Beds, Sofas, Poolsides, etc. Sims can't cook anymore despite enough space and everything they need for it. They just put their stuff on the ground. Wicked Whims seems to reset its own Settings often. I recognized this when suddenly, Animation Progression was activated when I always have it deactivated. Semi-Random Crash to Desktop (because it doesn't seem to happen whenever a sex scene plays) And I admit that I have, foolishly, always ignored several LastException Errors and a long list of Conflicting Animation Errors, as they have never caused actual gameplay troubles up until now. (I know, I know, I'm pretty stupid and pretty lazy to care about those errors) Recent Downloads contain mostly CC, Updates for already existing Animations and some buildings that would need bb.moveobjects to have correct placements of Furniture in it, but I have to say that said Errors do not only occur in those Buildings. It's maybe a savegame-related problem, as it took way longer for one savegame to cause a CTD than another one. Is anyone around, willing and capable to help a stupid error message-ignorer? Oh, and also, here is said LastException, since it's been posted on almost every technical problem thread as I just saw: lastException.txt I don't know how helpful they are, but here are the WickedWhims Exception txt's too: WickedWhims_3.2.4.122f_Exception.txt WickedWhims_3.3.4.133b_Exception.txt WickedWhimsException.txt Both, the Game and Wicked Whims, are up-to-date EDIT: I seem to have fixed everything except for maybe the CTDs by updating Wicked Perversions and removing Basemental Drugs. (An update on the latter one would probably work too, but it has been causing trouble in the past already for me)
  11. Hentaiface

    Slutty Music

    Didn't watch the whole video, but listened to all the songs. They're great. I think my favorites are "Flower" and "Nasty Girl" I think. The latter one sounds fitting for my Gina. Also made a Music Video of her a while ago. The song running when she enters the building is "S&M" from Rihanna. Gina Dancing v0.2.mp4
  12. Hentaiface

    Slutty Music

    Well, if that wasn't helpful, I don't know what would be. Didn't expect so many titles in the first reply, Thanks! That's also a quite good video. The Song even sounds familiar, was it maybe used in a movie?
  13. Hentaiface

    R-Lo's Photography Corner

    Charlie and Petra found their ways of having fun with Steve Kovsky's robot. One day, Geoffrey came over to see Charlotte... He was surprised to see the blonde bot, but pleased for sure... AphrodiBot: "ERROR: Unregistered sexual Action!" Charlotte: *laughs* "This, Bottie, is called 'Eating Ass'..." Petra: "And I can tell you, Charlie loves that!" Though they had fun, Geoffrey can't stay too long without his wife growing suspicious... After that Orgy, Charlie and Petra wanted some time alone, without the Bot... But... What does a Sexbot do, when nobody's around for Sex? AphrodiBot: "Sexual Interaction impossible. Activated Outdoor-Slut-Protocol. Action taken: Stripping." However, on that day, a rich Tech Geek went to just the same Stripclub as the Bot.... And it was not her creator, Kovsky. Archibald: "Ehh, another dumb blonde slut as a stripper. The Gangsters running this club have absolutely no Creativity. Dumb Bitch doesn't even wear appropiate Clothing..." Archibald: "Wait... What are those lines on her body? Is she... even human?" Archibald: "She really isn't human! Without her top, I can clearly see that this woman... Is mechanical...An actual Sex Robot?" AphrodiBot: "That Statement is correct. I was created by Mr. Steve Kovsky, the immortal Death Lord and future Emperor of the World. Don't say his name in disrespect." Archibald: "Ah, Old Stevie made such a wonderful creation like you? Now, if you're a Sex Robot, I can take you with me, right? Let's go to one of the private rooms..." AphrodiBot: "Can you give the order of my action?" Archibald: "What? Dumb Trashcan. Suck my dick, just like this!" Archibald: "You are really boring me! You have to do it hard, like this!" AphrodiBot: "Warning! Hurting the Bot is against the immortal Death Lord's Will!" Archibald: "Whatever. You were boring anyway..." AphrodiBots Self-Saving Protocol Alpha ordered her to leave. Archibald: "On the other hand..." Archibald: "Though you are boring to me... With some Adjustments and good financial planning, you can become veeery interesting..." The next Six Hours are a blackout in AphrodiBot's Database. Archiald: "Ah, you're active again. Took me some time to re-program you. Now... I allow you to do what you want right now..." Archibald stepped towards the cell and... AphrodiBot: "I will do as you please, Grand Technocrat Archibald Stoutman!" Archibald: "Yeah, good Girl, Gooood Girl, that is how you suck dick! Way less sloppy than before!" Archibald: "Even your Dickgrinding is wonderful! Way better than what Steve would have created!" Archibald: "Okay, next order: Stay here in deactivated Mode until I order you something else.... Now, I must do some telephone calls..." Back at Charlie and Petra's Home... Charlie: "Good Morning, Honey!" Petra: "Good Mor-... Wait..." Petra: "Have you seen the Bot?" Charlie: "Ummm... Not since yesterday when Geoffrey was here..." Petra: "Charlie, that's a problem! Steve trusted us to look after the Bot and apparently we lost her!" Charlie: "Okay. Fine. Maybe I fucked up. I always forget how to deactivate her, so I leave her as she is. Don't worry, I will fix the problems I caused and look for her."
  14. Hentaiface

    Slutty Music

    I know we already have some threads focusing on Music in General, but I want to get to know more types of "slutty" music, meaning either Music that.. well, has lyrics surrounding Sex, Being Horny and everything surrounding it, or Music that outright sounds like the (female) singer was squeezed and has everything in fancy, bright colours. I'll start with providing an example of the latter one: Just looking for some Music to run in the background of my loverslab-modded Games that fits their theme.
  15. Vampire (Re)gina takes a bath after "sucking" off one of her customers