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    The Greatest Love Of All

    I beelieve that children are our future
    Teach them well and let them lead the way
    Show them all the beauty they possess inside
    Give them a sense of pride
    To make it easier
    Let the children's laughter remind us how we used to be

    Everybody is searching for a hero
    People need someone to look up to
    I never found anyone to fulfill my needs
    A lonely place to be
    So I learned to depend on me

    I decided long ago, never to walk in anyone's shadow
    If I fail, if I succeed
    At least I live as I believe
    No matter what they take from me
    They can't take away my dignity

    Because the greatest love of all
    Is happening to me
    I found the greatest love of all
    Inside of me

    The greatest love of all
    Is easy to achieve
    Learning to love yourself
    It is the greatest love of all

    And if by chance that special place
    That you've been dreaming of
    Leads you to a lonely place
    Find your strength in love

    George Benson

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  1. And sometimes it is on time to take some heads off - at Skyrim 😁



  2. Just a round or two in CAS skin, hair, bit of makeup and styled like you love it and your sim will wait if she appears and if there is a chance to involve her in some - mhm - interactions. My recruits in the camp are always happy, after a few slaps Tina works quite well. Be careful not to get an amzone out of her...
  3. A boat! A boat! My kingdom for a boat! 😁



  4. 28_03.21_20-33-56RomeoPaint.png.f30350f5fcf1c00581e6172179697c48.png


    Romeo offers his house and his well trained ladies for your Sulani beach weekend - just 2000 simeloons per day.




    If your wife needs some training, no problem - a weekend is enough. Relax, Romeo does the job.

    Btw. The goods should not be damaged!

  5. mysimmiesaremuchmorokaywithveryoffensiveanimationsthanks! 💋
  6. Marie loves retro style










    And others like her undressed






    And every simmie needs a home





  7. A new stallion has arrived at Britechester too: Santiago




    Hey boy, don´t get to close to your old user - my bloodpressure!





  8. Next Family... Elana, Joanna, Bruno







    Elenas young sister Milena visites the family to take care of little Joanna




    Because... toddlers are sometime not the easy going kids












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    2. Mariana Soprano

      Mariana Soprano

      *kannnich mehr vor Lachen! 😁😄😂

    3. Mariana Soprano

      Mariana Soprano

      Der Mist ist halt, dass das simlische Familienleben zwar zeitaufwändig, aber viel einfacher realisierbar ist als meine perverse "Zombie"story an der ich seit Wochen stricke. Der Kopp rauchte mal wieder und ich brauchte ne Pause, damit ich net selbst zombietechnisch rumhampel.

      Hier ma n kleiner Eindruck von nem rachelüsternen Wissenschaftler und seinem Testdummy - noch hat er keinen richtigen Maulkorb für das bissige Etwas gefunden.



    4. EvalovesEP


      Wonderful. I truly enjoyed in this short story. Thank you.

  9. Wicked Whims was also "sad" at my game - so sad it was, but all of the dicks showed up and worked perfect - every single day. No deformation! But error notices can drive someone insane - especially such stupid idiots like me. And my poor simmies had to try many different animations. I searched for "penis", "rig" - nothing was found. But I put an (elder?) animation by Dumbaby a week before in my "WW Animations" folder and it seems this animation has a special penis rig. Deleted it and Wicked Whims is okay.
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