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  1. Mariana Soprano

    Share Your Male Sims!

    Jerome (one more makeover J. Huntington III)
  2. Thanks for the first answer, Noir - I m still in love with S3! The male pubic hair is really nice with naked / special WW outfits without auto undress
  3. Mariana Soprano

    WickedWhims - 18 November 2018

    It seems translations need more time...
  4. Mariana Soprano

    Hot stories of my sims

    Some of our members seem to like / need traits for this kind of gameplay. There are some maybe interesting mods roundabout psychologic illness or deseases (hopefully that will be fixed for the last patch / GF soon). So I thought it cold be an interesting point too. I m not soo involved in this, but it could be nice to see this theme in funny or fatal stories too, because the playground “clinic” seems to be an amusing one for many members. Happy, open or fatal ending... I like “open” or “happy ending” most. Because if all the actors stay kind of alive, everyone can follow this story in her / his own way / gameplay. “Angy Daddy” reminded me of a futher bit different idea, because after the party neighter “Angry Daddy” or his girls will clean up the room – maybe the butler will, but I guess, this kind of room / lot will have a cleaning team mostly maidens – and why not a sexy team?! That time I used my actors for a first try “sex at work” - because lanmis “sex in office” reminded me of that idea too. Oh, and I m a rat (pardon me pleeeease) lanmi served us so many nice playgrounds with his rooms – he is much more successful than me finding interesting well done playgrounds (100000 congrats!!!) – so I hope lanmi will find a well done pychiatric clinic more clutter and costumes much easier than half blind MS.
  5. Oups... double nipples again - still Tab Mode Cam
  6. Mariana Soprano

    Hot stories of my sims

    I guess you should follow or pic up that story later again, dear.... some nice young doctors and nurses should make some experiments to save his poor mind. We really need a kind of psychatric ward - for the BMD victims too Hahaha , I fear, Elf Prince does not need or just not like to be released from his threesome heavenly hell.
  7. Mariana Soprano

    Share Your Female Sims!

    Yesss - this is the one, I love and use for "Diana"
  8. Mariana Soprano

    Aging issue after the latest game update

    Hey Mr. wild_guy, I did not "up"grade and I feared before EA would make a mess oncemore - it seems the mess is bigger than ever before. I m suspicious, they needed test subjects... and something to sell GF from the start... it seems GF did not fix this problems. My heart really aches for all the members....
  9. Heya dear Basemental and the rest of the pack! I was searching since a time for some nice clutter / wall deco like posters or grafitti with hemp leafs and vintage posters like this one (I had in my youth). I guess I m not the only one who likes this - take a look https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-ab&biw=1067&bih=538&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=JeXvW8qmCsHkkgWTm7TwCw&q=Sims+4+blacklight+poster+hemp&oq=Sims+4+blacklight+poster+hemp&gs_l=img.3...65671.66542..67145...0.0..0.113.505.2j3......1....1..gws-wiz-img.-MSwDzVVZnw
  10. Mariana Soprano

    Issues with CC hair and eyes since the new patch.

    Maybe this could help too New in version Added support for Get Famous http://sims4studio.com/thread/562/sims-studio-windows-wishes-open I guess EA needs some time for a next / another patch / update... it seems the original content got many issues too, with and without mods, with and without GF.
  11. Mariana Soprano

    Hot stories of my sims

    Oooooh - but... didn´t you got two of that kind?
  12. Mariana Soprano

    Issues with CC hair and eyes since the new patch.

    That curious stray cat was on her way over the web since that python was in common... but she still is very patient and got still fun with the old version because.... Murphys law...
  13. Tab Cam Mode - before the FP and the last patch
  14. Mariana Soprano

    Hot stories of my sims

    Wonderful story! Thaaaanks! You, lanmi did again a very very good job!