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  1. R-lo's Photography Corner

    You can downloaded new Kijiko 3D Lashes ,no more conflicts with hairs.
  2. Hot stories of my sims

    I have the same problem with poses. Now I delete them after uses. hahahahahahaha Dont worry, will be indicated!!!!!
  3. R-lo's Photography Corner

    guns and rose hahahahahahahaha
  4. Hot stories of my sims

    I needed mod to kill grandpa In the next story i will not use it, but I found acc baseball bat and and one more thing
  5. Hot stories of my sims

    http://love4sims4.tumblr.com/post/166320745373/viesilfinds-poses-for-my-story-11-you-need>>>> Last pose http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=586477>>>>killing mode
  6. Hot stories of my sims

    I started working on a new one. It would take me more time than usual but believe me, patience will be pay off
  7. Share Your Female Sims!

    Young widow For more >>>https://www.loverslab.com/topic/92145-hot-stories-of-my-sims/?do=findComment&comment=2148768
  8. Hot stories of my sims

    What a coincidence, my next story will just be "black widow" or "widows" I have not yet decided.
  9. for more, click here https://www.loverslab.com/topic/92145-hot-stories-of-my-sims/?do=findComment&comment=2148768
  10. R-lo's Photography Corner

    New one Full (half) story https://www.loverslab.com/topic/92145-hot-stories-of-my-sims/?do=findComment&comment=2148768
  11. Hot stories of my sims

    God dammit Grandpa took over too much VIAGRA and fucked my wedding story
  12. Hot stories of my sims

    I'm creating stories of different genres. I working on one brutal, but it will not be next
  13. Very nicely designed and creative content. Keep going just like this Josua I love your party!!!!!
  14. Hot stories of my sims

    haha.....thanks a lot
  15. Hot stories of my sims

    No, I can not share my sims files (sorry for that), but you can create it yourself, with my little help. It's very easy!!!!! Choose in the gallery EA default sims June Kay and use this CC Wrinkles, Rskin7 overlay, Skintone, Hair and legs For make up, eyebrows, eyes and other details visit Pralinesims because i do not know exactly what I used for that sims. Without cc With cc Good luck