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Problem with Catsuit Mesh (Right Hand misbehaves)


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Hello folks.


I got a wee little problem with the transparent catsuit conversion for ledo4eks Manga Body. As you can see in the attached picture, parts of the right hand mesh misbehave. The tranparent suit part, to be specific.


There are 4 NiTriShapes in the *.nif file for the catsuit. Black, Zip, Plastic and BaseShape.

As you can see, the mesh parts Black, Zip and BaseShape behave as exected. Only Plastic shows the misbehaviour.


The mods author, ledo4ek, said this was likely due to a problem with the mesh skin (whatever that is). If I understood him correctly, he once upon a time fixed this bug, but has since deleted the fix (and everything else except his base conversion and body files) because he no longers plays Skyrim.


My question now simply is if there is anything I myself can do about it (with Nifscope or such), or if this is only fixable by the author himself with a full fledged 3D content creation tool (Like 3DsMax)?






Just in case, here are the 2 *.nifs of the outfit as well:






Thank you, folks. Best regards,



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Mh, the skeleton in use is Groovetamas XPMSE v3.94 (latest version on the Nexus). And since this is the only "armour" that is exhibiting this behaviour (at least the only one I found so far in my game), I dare say that the skeleton itself seems (to me) to be in order.


What also baffled me a bit is that only one side has the problem, not both. And that not all 4 material zones of the mesh are affected, but only one (the transparent one called "Plastic").


The Manga Body does not support Bodyslide as far as I am aware, as it has a higher polycount (especially in the breats area) than the standard CBBE body, so just redoing the conversion with Bodyslide is not possible for me.


Bone nodes on the outfit iself are identical for right and left side as far as I can tell with Nifscope, so, in theory, that should not be the cause either.


When using a standard CBBE body conversion of the outfit created with Bodyslide, it works without problems, but of course looks worse due to lower polycount and my inability to at least somewhat match the shape. Standard CBBE just isn't made for breasts this large (in my opinion).




Here is another screenshot showing better that 3 of the material zones (BaseShape, Black and Zip) behave normally, and only Plastic is misbehaving. (Note: I turned off the transparency here so the material is more visible.)






Also, if this was indeed related to a missing bone, be it in the skeleton or the outfit, shouldn't the entire right hand misbehave then and not only 1 of 4 material zones?

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Looks like the area where the stretch is occurring at is being caused by either the hand bone node or the NPC R froearm twist1 or both.






Try this make a copy of both the _0 and _1 nifs to keep save. Next fire up outfit studios and select start a new project and select the hand for outfit hit browse and drop the _0 nif into the folder and select it and load it up. Click the area where the stretch is occurring and go to the bone tab and select NPC R hand and NPC R forearm twist1. Next go to shape and select copy selected weights then shape - transfer selected weights then export and overwrite the nif. Repeat for the _1 nif and see if that fixes it. 

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Thank you, Andy14.


As you can see in the attached picture, whatever you did (I have no clue what skininstances are supposed to be ^_^" ) fixed the problem. And I only use weight set to 100 anyways, so it isn't a probem to not be able to use any in-beween weights.


Big thank you again.








@myuhinny & @Alter Native


Thank you very much for your participation as well. I appreciate it. (Independant of this particular problem, I'll be looking at Outfit Studio a bit more when I have the time during the holidays. Thank you for your suggestions, myuhinni. )







This topic can now be marked "Solved", if such a function exists on the new LL board.

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12 hours ago, Twycross448 said:

I have no clue what skininstances are supposed to be ^_^"

BSDismemberSkinInstance contains information about root and all bones that have effect on the mesh. Additional information about slot as partition.


NiSkinInstance is the same but without slot allocation.

Sometimes meshes are partioned. The cause is often unwelded vertices.


In OutfitStudio there is a function available to fix this.
Right click on Shape / Mesh -> Build Skin Partions (or similar).


Note: OutfitStudio sets Slot 32 for BodyPartion - so check / change with NifSkope afterwards.

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