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  1. Did you allow script mods in the settings? Scripts should also not be stored in too many sub-folders. The best is Mods\Scripts.
  2. I only know the problem from MNC. There are some nifs of skeletons and draugr corrupt (unlinked bones). Perhaps you had it installed before and not completely uninstalled it. Deactivating esp / esm is not enough as it is a nif replacer.
  3. No matter whether HDT PE or HST SMP. The physics engine doesn't care about the body - it only moves bones. If the effect looks strange, it may be due to the setting in the xml or a "bad" skin of the mesh. Or both. If you are using hdt pe, then open your xml with the "Just For Fun" tool. First, check the center of mass of the shapes. They are mostly garbage and therefore many are of the opinion that angular settings in the constraints are prohibited in PE. They are not. In the constraints / bridges, first check the joints of the Z axis and Y axis. You can use it to position the breasts. However, the values must not be outside the limits of the engine used. So check and correct the linear values of the z axis and the y axis. As a hint: Z + is up Z- is down Y + is forward Y- is to the rear X + is outward for the right breast and inward for the left breast X- is inward for the right breast, outward for the left breast. Another note: If the engine's spring force is too high, gravity fails.
  4. Open Outfit Studio and load your reference body CBBE 3BA (Load Reference). Export the mesh as a reference obj. Open Blender and import the reference obj. Import settings: Keep vertex order Y+ axis forward Now you have your body in blender (in the correct scaling and direction) and can use it to create your armor. Blender offers the option of texturing directly and also baking normal maps. (for normal maps you can also sculpt the armor in Blender - like in ZBrush) You can use cubemaps from Skyrim, there are actually enough of them. For use in Blender, save the dds as png beforehand. Is your armor ready in Blender, export it as an obj. Export settings are the same as when importing the reference obj. And export/save your textures. Open Outfit Studio, load your reference Body CBBE 3BA (Load Reference) and then your Armor obj. The armor should fit 100% if the import and export of blender was set correctly. In the outfit studio now the usual steps: Copy bone weights and optionally edit them manually. Then transfer all sliders and edit them optionally Then save as a project. You can now find your armor in Bodyslide/ShapeData/"your project folder"/ You can open this nif with nifskope and set the shader flags, enter your textures, etc. Then, view and create your armor in Bodyslide. The armor is now available for weight 1 and weight 0 and you can start with CK ... CK will be another post.
  5. The first thing to do is identify the problem. I just made a guess as I don't have the mod. Points to check: 1. Does the Bodyslide Preview change the seams on the neck, hands and feet when using the slider for weight 0 to 1? 2. In the armor folder 2 different nifs for weight 0 and weight 1? 3. In data/meshes/actors/character/female 2 nifs for hands - and 2 different ones (same for feets)? 4. Correct Nif in the Armor Addon? If point 1 works, then the sliders are fine. In this case, the easiest way would be: Open this armor in Outfit Studio. And just save the project as. In the output path, enter the path of the vanilla armor (vanilla from skyyrim, not VOB) and enter the name of the vanilla armor (skyrim, not VOB) in filename as the file name. Do not use _0 or _1 for the file name, but remove the check mark for Singleweight. Do this for all armor and clothing notes. This ESP from VOB is then no longer required. You may have to create your own ESP to assign the texture sets to the correct mesh. For some armor / clothing there is only one nif and the variants in the game are implemented using texture sets. for example farmer clothes
  6. Probably not because nobody really wants to see and use vanilla armor. There is an alternative that is vanilla based but more revealing.. However, if you really want to use vanilla armor, I can write you a kind of tutorial on how to do that. But be warned - it is a lot of work, not just a few hours. Here is the alternative - all based on vanilla only - but different: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/25259
  7. Good to hear. Even if I didn't read it correctly and sent you on the wrong track, it might have been useful in the way that you now know a little more about the "one mesh - but many variants" trick. Good thing that donttouchmethere was more careful when reading. Well then have fun with your BDSM stuff. 👍
  8. I looked at the files from VOB Mod in the preview on Nexus. And what I saw there is pretty stupid. It is not a replacer ... I suspect in the esp, the armor_0.nif was used instead of the armor_1.nif in the Armor Addon. That explains why at weight 1 you have the body for weight 0, but the hands for weight 1 - see your picture from your first post. I have to say the mod is totally nonsensical. Because he doubles the number of nifs for armor and clothes by 100% - and that for Vanialla armor.
  9. CK does not change any scripts, does not rearrange arrays etc. On the contrary, the change and compilation without CK leads to the user log being overflowing with entries such as: Property blaba on script blabla attached to blabla cannot be initialized because the script no longer contains that property And those are the harmless side effects. Changes to a variable type are even worse: ERROR: Property blabla on script blabla attached to blabla cannot be bound because alias blabla on quest blabla is not the right type. I know this won't help you, but maybe it can help. The information required to identify your problem is missing. When and how is the array declared? Where and how is it filled? And when and how will it be filled again.
  10. Everything is explained in 2 videos. But that won't take your FPS from 6 FPS to 200 FPS, or at least 60 FPS. The only thing I noticed in your load order is MNC. Neither an ENB setting nor even 8k textures can do this. However, several correlated nifs in MNC cause exactly this effect. And, if it doesn't matter - your Papyrus.log will give us any hints.
  11. As already said, only one mesh is needed. TextureSets are used. TextureSets are created in the Creation Kit. Then a Mesh / Nif is created as an Armor Addon and a TextureSet is assigned. The armor is then created with the Armor Addon. So, only one mesh -> but n texture / color variants. This is how farmer clothes work, but also races. Elves, humans, orcs - all the same mesh, just different textures.
  12. It seems that the bodyslide sets from VOB only have single weight. Open one of the armor in Outfit Studio and replace the base shape with your reference body. Save the project, build the armor in Bodyslide and test it in the game. The black spots are caused by insufficient normalization of the mesh faces. The cause is insufficient skin. Each vertex needs a total skin (bone weight) of 100%, otherwise display errors will occur.
  13. If the FPS drops are not everywhere, but in dungeons, for example: There are corrupt nifs (draugr and skeletons) here. Switch your high heels to NioOveride (is part of Racemenu). HDTHighheel is very script-heavy. Sort your mods with LOOT.
  14. Old hat. It's not about the number of ESP / ESM. The point is that you don't create a dependency on mods that are in the gigabyte range and then only use a handful of meshes. It is similar with Zaz 8+. A lot of animations and when used as a framework for a mod - how much of it is used? A hand full. It's not against Zaz or DD, but whether you buy a cow because you want to drink a glass of milk.
  15. 1st person uses the same hands with you as in 3rd person? What if you wear gloves and the hand-nif has been replaced?
  16. No I do not know - maybe Devious Devices Expansion. But you can find out for yourself quite easily. Just equip the armor (or not, it is enough if you have it in your inventory), then enter player.showinventory in the console. The first two digits of the ID of this armor is its placement in your load order. Simply convert this from hex to decimal.
  17. For different designs of clothing/armor, several nifs are often not used, but only 1 nif and TextureSets are defined for it.
  18. The first advice would be to leave the pussy alone for once. 😜 The collision is defined using groups. There are GroupIDs for this and the option of specifying with which group NO collision should occur. For the group to have a collision, it must also have a collision with itself. In Just for Fun you can see the groups in the RigidBodies tab. The group ID "-1" is for no collision. Hydro named all other groups - but they can also be used differently. It's just a name.
  19. Scripts and source are in RaceMenu.bsa. Simply unzip the scripts folder
  20. I don't have anything left on my list for that. I haven't used Autodesk since 2014. But I think you will find something about it on YT. PS: And stop calling me a specialist, or someone else will believe it
  21. That's right - but my answer was not an answer to you. PS: (Sometimes it can even happen that a DLL does not work anymore because it was compiled in an old version - but it almost NEVER happens - word of honor)
  22. Armer Kerl - schon schlimm, wenn man wenig weiß und noch weniger kann. Was wäre dir denn genehm? Polnisch, Russisch etc? Ich glaube, es liegt nicht an der Sprache, eher am Verständnis - oder hier am Verstand
  23. But only if you know what the DLL is doing and, better still, if you have created it. Do you really mean that a DLL is created just to use SKSE Papyrus functions? Are you an author of a mod or a DLL - if not, where does your limitless wisdom come from?
  24. HDT PE is Havok - The Physic Engine of Skyrim (LE and SE). HDT SMP is Bullet Physic (Poser, DAZ etc.). HDT SMP is easier because the shapes are created in real time by the skin (bone weights of the vertices). So you have less work to do and you don't need to know a lot to use it. The disadvantage is the system load by generating the shapes (FPS drops). While you can display 50 NPC at the same time with PE without any problem (hair, clothes, breasts, etc.), with SMP the limit is already reached with a handful. The disadvantage of HDT PE is that you have to know what you are doing. Havok is no longer free (today Microsoft) and therefore nobody has Havok Content Tools and 3DS 2012/2014 anymore. So you have to create it manually (e.g. with Just for fun). If you want to do physics for clothes, you have to first create the bones for it and create the skin. Only then does the question of whether PE or SMP arise. PS: There are already bones for skirts.
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