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  1. Is it maybe advisable to try to create a custom PreCombine Patch with the Creation Kit when one uses a lot of mods that influence precombines? According to FO4Edit, 63 of my 367 plugins (252 .esm/.esp and 115 .esl) contain edits to either cell or worldspace entries. (Not counting the official DLCs or CreationClub mods. With those, it would be 71 plugins which touch precombines.)
  2. I know. I specifically asked about the Boston DPS Fix mod because it heavily touches the Previsual/Precombined system of Fallout 4. And I know for a fact FO4 is very, very finnicky when it comes to that. So my train of thought was that it may not be a good idea to use newer mods and then overwrite possible changes they make with a "fix" mod that is older than the mods it is supposed to fix. ^_^" But thanks again for your input. I appreciate it. 🙂 For now, I have stopped setting up FO4 anyways until the corresponding modders get their act together and update the clothing and armor conversions to the new Fusion Girl v1.61, which is reported to be incompatible with any version before it. ^_^"
  3. @asebw Thank you for your input. I appreciate it. 🙂 One last question: Is the mod Boston FPS Fix aka BostonDT Previs-Precombine something one should add to the load list? Asking because I am unsure if the mod is considered outdated or not. (main mod download was last updated in june 2018) EDIT: Regarding the Fusion Girl body replacer. It was recently updated to version 1.61, but most of the clothing conversions for it you are linking are for older FG versions. You may wish to include a warning or note or whatever in your guide regarding this issue. Quote from the FG support thread on the Nexus fora by user "TheBottomhoodofSteel" on june 14th, 2020:
  4. @asebw When installing additional mods on top of the ones from your guide (say, about 230 more mods 🥴 ), would you generally suggest loading them *after* your guide or mix them in between? I know it is hard to say for such a huge number of mods, but as a ballpark estimate? Most of the mods are either Workshop related (adding stuff to craft) or gameplay additons or changes, like player housing, Unlimited Follower Framework, Servitrons, Transfer Settlements, Genetical Father etc.
  5. First of all, thank you for your input, all of you. Second, @Eladano Dunno if that is what you mean, but when I want to influence 2 NPCs lovemaking, I target them and hit "N", which iirc is the Sexlab key for taking control of an animation. Then I can just use Sexlab Tools (with "H" and "Shift-H" hotkeys) to pick the stage and animation I would like them to use. As for starting scenes with more than 2 people, I use an old mod called Sexlab Zzz, which, to this day, works okay for me in this regard.
  6. Looking for a suggestion or two, if you folks don't mind. I am planning a mage type playthrough and would like to enhance my options when it comes to outfits beyond the vanilla outfits. Anybody able to suggest to me some outfits which satisfy the following criteria? 1. (semi) lore-friendly (something a mage could believably wear in a fantasy setting, even if it does not originate in the TES series itself) 2. needs to be for CBBE 3BBB/3BA 3. no overly skimpy/slutty stuff (showing skin like a bare midriff or deep cleavage is okay, but no thong+pasties or underwear type stuff) 4. if the outfit has a cloak, loincloth, buttflaps, skirt or any other part like that, it needs to support HDT-SMP for them (I use CBPC for the body physics) Anybody able to help?
  7. Say, anybody know if there is a 3BBB/3BA conversion for the Viceroy Inquisitor Armor ( https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/25430 ) available somewhere?
  8. In a (Dev Thread) ? Not very likely, given that the mod is still in its planning stages. 😉
  9. I honestly hope Animal Mansion Xtended doesn't get a feature bloat like Shout like a Virgin or Deviously Cursed Loot got over time. ^_^" It'd be really great if AMX kept the interdependency on other mods to a minimum and stays what it is, a nicely done story excuse to bang with any non-sentient thing not fast enough to escape. 😁
  10. Thanks once again, @FauxFurry. While BDs version is not my favourite armor replacer (I prefer CT77s Remodeled Armors because in my opinion BDs is too skimpy in many cases), it is certainly a workable base to start from for trying out BHUNP. 🙂
  11. Questions: 1. Does one need to use HDT-SMP when planning on using the BHUNP body or can it be used solely with CBP-C (for performance reasons)? 2. Are there existing BHUNP 3BBB bodyslide conversions for the following? a.) vanilla armors and clothing b.) The Amazing World of Bikini Armor c.) Bikini Ascend Vol1 d.) ZaZ Animation Pack (preferably ZAP8) e.) The Sisterhood of Dibella
  12. 🙂 I am the opposite, to be truthful. I hate gangbangs and orgies and vastly prefer nice (or not so nice *insert evil laughter here* ) one-on-one, with special emphasis on non-sentient partners. I'll go on record here as well: I am totally fine with your approach. And please understand that it certainly is no sign of disrespect or not appreciating the efforts put into a mod when I talk about modifications I made for myself to better fit the original AM to my personal tastes. I do not expect any mod maker to cater to my specific whims. (Side note: making modifications for myself is one of the reasons why I previously asked about keeping NPCs and other mod resources as independent from vanilla assets as possible. ^_^" ) That said, who knows if I even have to make any modifications in the end? Maybe the end result will be close enough for me that I don't need to make any. Time will tell. Until then, I'll juist root for you and wish you the determination you'll need to see it through. 🙂
  13. *chuckles* Well, for me, there are two reasons why I personally would prefer LE if not for the mentioned stability that simply is better with SE: 1. the look of Oldrim (shader engine, lighting etc.) before applying any ENB is just more to my taste and 2. there still is no stable, bug-free 1st Person Body mod for SE, even after several years. We got JoP, IFPC and Enhanced Camera, all three of which are nowhere near as feature rich, performant and bug free as their Oldrim counterparts are. But that is just my personal view on things. ^_^" @tasairis If I recall correctly, you mentioned that would like to allow the player to skip animals/quests for them if desired (respectively the animal not being desired). Does this hold true for the companions arc for the wolves as well? I admit, that whole thing was easily the most bothersome part of the original AM for me. Endless dialogues and forced intercourse with human males made this one a quest I modded out of AM for myself back in the day. (I also switched all male NPCs, including Jesper, into females and replaced the spiders in the respective quest with death hounds. But that is another story alltogether. ^_^" )
  14. Is there an existing bodyslide conversion to Arcos 3BA/3BBB body for the outfits from "The Siterhood of Dibella" to be found anywhere?
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