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How large is your Oblivion folder?


Size in gb?  

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17.4 GB.


There are lots of files not using anymore. I didn't record them and some files may be related to other files, so it's hard to clean them.


I am thinking about reinstall and play the Oblivion again (for the Vilja MOD)

, this time I will make the record.

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I absolutely refuse to answer this question, so as to avoid the painful and embarrassing truth: I need to do some serious housecleaning!!!!!!


My oblivion install is now going on 6th year and I have yet to delete anything at all from it with the exception of a couple of esp/esm/bsa files that were horribly out dated.

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62.5 GB / 67,163,985,116 Bytes


However My Mods are also in zip form in a special folder, along different condiguration of armor replacers (plannng to apply them to OOO/MMM armors, since a lot of those are just simply retexes)


If you dont consider my Mod folder and Wrye Bash as part of the game, the game itself would be "only" 31.8 GB / 34,190,636,017 Bytes large.

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My main folder is over 68 gig' date=' but I have multiple Oblivion folders for testing.


Same here, my 'Data' folder is about 68 GB. Not counting the other folders like the ones for BSA Commander, OBMM and a separate storage place for inactive mods (like pose mods which I only activate when needed, those 17 'Goma Poses' for example). Most of the files in 'Data' are either nice clothes, armor and weapons or resource files for decoration purposes.

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Damn. What is everyone doing to make 40+ gig Oblivion file folders.


I use DMRA with a gazillion new outfits, hi-res body textures, the entire Unique Landscape compilation, better cities, Midas Magic, a ton of new races, Eslwher, etc, etc and I am still under 20 gigs.



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