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  1. Sorry.. I don't know if I was really that clear.. I mean the anus, not the buttcheeks. I have physics already in that area
  2. Awww... sad no one else was interested. Well, good to know it can be done anyway, now if I can just figure out how to do it. >.< I tried mucking around in nifscope, but I don't really do meshing, and apparently the nifs were different versions? It was... frustrating.
  3. So, I've been trying to figure out how to do this for a couple days now, and I just don't have the experience to. Is there a way to take the hdt ass part from the CBBE 3BBB and plant it into the male bodies? Right now I'm using a SAM body with SOS schlong. Plus, if there is a way to put that part onto the body, how to make it look natural like it does on the 3BBB body? My brain is fried trying to figure it out. Edit: I am talking about SSE
  4. Okay, so I did try SAM, but decided to switch back to SOS. I removed SAM but I think I may have done it wrong. I have weird texture overlapping penises (plus they resize randomly?) Trying to figure out where I went wrong.
  5. Thanks. I'm giving it a try anyway.. will update later if the female SoS works with SAM.
  6. So, I've been gone a while, come back and see that there's a new body mod that looks more complete than SoS (Sam). However, I liked SoS's female strapons (futa on/off) option. Are those compatible? Does Sam work well with HDT female physics? (ex, vaginas ) Feeling a bit lost now, wanting new updated shinies!
  7. Hi, I thought I would point out a texture problem I'm having with the blood overlay. I'm not sure what body the overlay is made for, but for UNPB that I have, it applies to hands and head as well, plus it's a great deal of blood on the legs. Here's a picture. http://i.imgur.com/ZwFu8eO.jpg Also, I think this has been addressed "spinning birth animation", when the animation finishes spinning, I'm usually stuck over the edge of the bed by the wall, which means my lower body is through it. If a way to move the player during that could be figured out (so I can adjust back onto the bed properly) that'd be awesome. So far, this mod is pretty great. Edit: I wanted to add an idea. For the child item and actor, make it possible to use the item to spawn the child actor later? Could be good for roleplay.
  8. Ditto. I registered on moderteam to see if I could get it, and it still won't let me download. >.<
  9. I saw this on the hot files. It looks very intriguing. I'm glad the guy translated it. It's nice that it doesn't seem to conflict with DR6 since it's spell based.
  10. You would just end up with two skeleton keys. You can have multiple skeleton keys. Of course, that is untested, since I've not done that quest while having an extra skeleton key. If you're worried, you can console 'player.removeitem b 1' before you do it.
  11. 46.7GB. Would be far more if I didn't Pyffi meshes. (Including the meshes in the oblivion BSA) I have so very many mods.
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