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  1. I don't know why but this makes me recall an old song "Blue Man in Blue World". (Yeah it's not pink though )
  2. I am sorry for this. There are too many texture files for those clothings' date=' so I simply used the nifskope to change the texture of the modified clothings into the others and I didn't check them one by one. Thank you . I will modify them if there is time. I wish there would be a good guy do this for me since I am really busy right now.
  3. Great work! I love the JK conversion! By the way' date=' on the Cute Summer Wears conversion, the "tube tops" appear to still be the old B or C cup of the original mod. The file sizes are different but the breasts\tops are exactly the same. The files I am referring to are: Cute Summer Wears bktp.nif Cute Summer Wears ctp.nif Cute Summer Wears wtp.nif The others are indeed E cups and look\work great. Keep them coming! Greg [/quote'] Ty for the information.
  4. A new mod is added - "JK Modern Outfits - E cup with BBB"
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