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  1. Believe that's part of the latest Gomaperoland.
  2. Naw I tried the same body texture and nothing.
  3. That's the weird thing. It's not linked to the body texture. For whatever reason it suddenly feels like it when attached to another NPC.
  4. Dividedbythe9s Lumi follower straight up just uses hooves for actual feet. Anything I do, the textures do not work when I replace the nifs of another follower with these. That companion itself doesn't use scripts so I dunno why they work fine for it and not others.
  5. Can turn em into a 1 foot tall bobbleheads with 30 foot long dongs, but can't tweak weight
  6. When applied to the hands/feet of an NPC, it only covers one hand/foot.
  7. https://kp4068.tistory.com/1168 Anyone have the original version? There's only the SE one now.
  8. http://www.9damao.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1318&extra=page%3D69%26filter%3Dtypeid%26orderby%3Dlastpost%26typeid%3D106 http://pan.baidu.com/s/1i4yRiWP pass: kdjj
  9. Great pack. Has a lot of styles that don't look weird on an orc or trashy dumpster style character.
  10. Well that was embarrassingly simple, thanks.
  11. Why is it I'm able to view and apply textures of Nifs for Oblivion, but I can't find anywhere in the nifs for Skyrim where I can view the texture?
  12. I see. Not quite developed yet, while DS is a tidal wave of too many keys to have to remember.
  13. How do you get this to work fully with all the SOS racemenu sliders(pitch/roll/yaw)? Well it sorta works. Using erection detection it will work when at max, but the penis and balls start going crazy. I need a new skeleton for that? It works otherwise but that last stage.
  14. Feel like an idiot. There no keys or way to cycle through dances? Also seems it won't work on NPCs unless I cast on myself as well.
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