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  1. Was hoping to find some new pack or a few. Seems like nothing has been created after all these years. Meanwhile there's 1000+ hairstyles in Skyrim, and the majority of GB in your folder is from hair lol.
  2. But... but.... You suffer an instant CTD if you don't look quite right. Did some get removed? Seems like there's less now. Got a couple things in my folder, no idea where they came from.
  3. Did Skyrim literally steal all the thunder? A couple new Hepsy hair, but that seems to be it. Some things release by Dustinflan, but I'm not into ultra short/male hair.
  4. Didn't even touch the texture. Haven't the slightest idea. Using the usual imperial female path and works just fine equipping them on their own. Hooves use same texture path and work. Borks up when I put the legs on something else.
  5. Forgot how to remove them from custom races. Got way too much and need to clean things up.
  6. I don't feel like hunting for yet more tools.
  7. Ah, nvm these things. The argonian feet are causing a large FPS drop for me for w/e reason. Nothing else is doing that.
  8. Works fine. I dunno wth I did that's making it work. hooves arena1.nif Lower body isn't connected in the CS and just piled on the ground. lizard arena.nif Those are literally the same legs I'm using just plain on their own and work fine so there's nothing wrong with them. Got same result trying to use satyr race legs.
  9. Reee, I don't understand this. Every thing I tried messing with resulted in either the CS crashing, or invisible legs upon viewing the results. Those hooves are working just fine I made several years ago. What would happen if I delete the legs from a nif of an outfit and just make it not use a leg/foot slot?
  10. Screenshooter tool mod lets you change FOV. That was actually adjusting it in the ini. Launching the game again would cause entire hud to zoom in. Was wondering why my screen kept @#$%ing up.
  11. Wtf, digging through my folders and I made geechan hoof conversions of a bunch of things. Wonder if they work. Haven't the slightest idea what I did to make those.
  12. Isn't setbody just a naked body mesh? Wouldn't prevent the lower body from changing upon equipping a piece of clothing or armor.
  13. Trying to figure out how to slap on something like the Kirin lower part to a pair of satyr legs.
  14. How do you get ID? Isn't that always changing?
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