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What's on your mind?


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Off Topic's description is 'Talk about anything on your mind.', but I didn't find a thread that literally answered that; what IS on your mind? I thought I may as well make a thread about it, so here it is. Quite literally, anything going on in your brain, type it out in an understandable way.


Try not to delve into rule-breaking conversations okay.  ;)


What's on my mind, keyboard warriors... how many of them in the world would act the same way in real life as they do through the safety of the internet? 

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Guest MonsterFish

The misuse of the word/phrase '8-bit/16-bit'

8-bit != pixel art. (Well it does in that it's a limitation. All 8-bit is pixel art but not all pixel art is 8-bit and all that)

8-bit is a series of limitations on colour ranges and sprites sizes etc. Depends on the hardware really, I believe the old NES had a limitation in that every block of 16x16 had to have 4 colours and if one was transparent that was a bright pink colour and it counted as 1 colour.

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Am I a wine or a beer drinker? Most beers tend to not taste that good as I want them too. Wine is nice, but good tasting wine is expensive. Cheap one keeps you drunk pretty good, but the taste is lacking... what to do... am I being regarded as too old or quaint when going for wine?


I should try grass.

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I'm hungry.  What should I have for dinner?


"Undead wandering Shell"...Brains?

Chef Boyardee Meat Ravioli (with brains)

Pizza with sausage (that look like brains)

Coffee cake (To go with the coffee that you brewed for the (o nevermind)


Edit: I refuse to start a new post, my avatar screams back at me for days, "Luser!!!"




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You tube videos.

There is a series of videos called Wonderful Actors.

Here is one about Maggie Q.

That little dance she does ..well.I think I am in love.Rotfl.

Heck I am old enough to be her father.

So it is definitely not good for me to watch  that video or any of those others.

There are other videos.The one of Kate Beckinsdale is a tad shall we say revealing:

I don't know if anyone else here has posted about these videos before.But they aren't good for my BP.

I'll  be like Red Foxx/Fred Sanford if I watch too many of these.lol.

So if you haven't seen any of these videos you can watch them and try to keep calm afterwards.smiles.

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