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  1. Just got back into modding NV and found out MGP has been deleted. Why? I loved that mod!
  2. I swear I thought I installed the patch... Oh well, thanks XD
  3. You know what? I'm so SO tired of troubleshooting mods that I just don't want to give more headaches anymore. I found the problem, Oblivion fucking Uncut. Problem is that if I dare move it before BC it CTDs my game. So you know what? I'll follow your advice and get that Wolfspike Castle. EDIT: too afraid of COBL screwing things even more, but will still look for a replacement. My game is in another castle.
  4. I arrived at the castle just to find out the horrible mess of a glitch that was the terrain. I don't know what can be causing it, so I'll post my load order so you guys can tell me. I heard it can be due to placing Oblivion Uncut before the DLC plugin, but that's not my case. I've also been told that I can check for the problem in xEdit and detecting conflicts in the "Worldspace" subrecords, but I don't know how to do that. Here are a couple of screenshots: And here's my load order:
  5. I ran it and told me OBSE was installed properly and without problems. I tried reinstalling the Vamp Revolution mod and... Everything's fine now. I literally don't know what I did different from the last time but... Well, thanks.
  6. I seem to have a problem with OBSE and I dunno why. I decided to follow "Oblivion's Ultimate Modding Guide", following each step carefully and always making Bashed Patches when necessary and now whenever I start a new game I'm greeted with this: And after that I'm launched back to the main menu. Making a bit of research I found out the cause could lie in the mod "Vampire Revolution", so decided to scrap it and rebuild the Bashed Patch again. However, I continue getting this problem. I dunno what's happening. I even double and triple-checked if I messed up something with the OBSE install, but everything's fine. What could be the problem?
  7. Happy to see I'm not the only one who grieves over this matter. I just wish I knew/had the patience to make conversions so we could get more outfits, alas I just don't have the spirit... Not throwing shit at CBBE or AB, they're both fantastic in their own ways, but JB is just so much flexible. Not only you can make the curvy bodies of CBBE and the bimbo ones from AB, but so much more including my beloved muscular bodies. Just why is it that this body has such a low popularity?
  8. Well shit, I didn't notice the date XD
  9. Why exactly the rejection of Educated and Comprehension? You're not gonna run out of "skill slots" for your combat skills by just picking these two. In fact, if you're gonna play with INT-1 I STRONGLY SUGGEST you take them, give the really low amount of skill points you're gonna get. LCK-8 is completely redundant unless you wanna spend your time at the casinos, and END-9 is a little overkill (I'd shift one or two points into STR personally, never was too comfortable with just 6). Then again, if you just plan on roleplaying then ignore everything I said and just build your char the way you want, I always like to make beefy women
  10. Oh man that was just gorgeus, I think I'll go with 4 then. PS: Don't care about toddlers, I hate children. PS 2: Now that I remember, I DID play the first Sims game, but very very briefly so it doesn't really count.
  11. I mean, I don't mind a sex mod (if I can get lesbian domination then Oh boy!),but yeah, roleplay before anything.
  12. Well, first of all, no, I haven't played any Sims game ever. Secondly, what I'm looking for is a bit of everything: I want a bit of muscle girl roleplay (starting as scrawny and building up to bodybuilder), to make a nice house, have a nice job, a nice car (VERY important), and maybe a dog. I've heard some people recommend Sims 3 instead (which also has a plethora of DLCs).
  13. Si I'd like to play this game and make myself some sexy character, but HOLY HECK this game has a lot of expensive DLC. Is the game worth buying, are all the DLCs worth buying? Thanks. PS: Do you know of a good female muscle mod for this game?
  14. Rock, Techno and Synthwave. Smooth Jazz and Bossanova when studying.
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