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  1. I assume you will get a voice attress. Correct me if I am wrong. If I am right I won't ask who.But what do you want her to sound like ?
  2. I played an Atari 2600. Watched the ping and pong .There were no PCs when I was in high school..
  3. It would be nice if you could make them look more human.But it seems to be a good mod nonetheless.
  4. My wife died at a local hospital back in February. This was my second wife.My first wife also passed away from a medical condition.My mom and dad and my first wife's mom are also deceased. My mom and dad both died of cancer.My brother and sisters were tested and are cancer free. So it is my turn to be tested. I find I don't care.I just don't care. If they find something so be it.I won't care.I am fed up. I just wish it was over with. Nothing helps. Gaming doesn't help any more. So if they find something it will be a relief.
  5. well this sounds like a fantastic mod. Can you keep the interest up to finish it is the question. Not doubting you but others have tried to make fantastic mods in the past and sometimes they lose interest /get bored and quit. I hope that doesn't happen to you.Regardless it is impressive work.kudos.
  6. sad but true.There's an old rock song from the 60's , maybe 70's .It has a line that goes"money it's a crime" ah yes it was Pink Floyd. Sad that happened to a skyrim project.
  7. I like the blue character with the horns.I wish she was a follower mod.
  8. This is a follower on the Nexus: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/89217 She is suppose to be at cragslane cavern but she isn't there in my game. I have moved her around in the load order but it hasn't changed anything.If anyone has a suggestion or has her id where I can use a console command to make her appear let me know. Thanks.
  9. There are youtube videos where some people claim either playing the game offlineand blocking their internet while playing or blocking the game connecting by using the firewall allows their game to play. You can google it and see if that helps you.It never helped me.
  10. me too.I had it on a drive but the drive failed recently.
  11. you might find more help at the Fallout reddits. The game is notorious for freezes and crashes. It is more poorly optomized than oldrim. Plus it lacks a lot of the crash fixes modders made for oldrim.
  12. I think Helton may be right on that.At least as far as settlement construction mods like sim settlements, homemaker stuff the various scrapping mods etc as the vault could conflict with those.
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