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    Complete guide + Load order for AAF + AAFPE + AAFRSE

    I agree.It's overly cumbersome.It can't approach the sexlab modding, not even close .Neither could fourplay.I wish someone would just come out and say why they couldn't just reproduce sexlab, with ashal's permission of course. There must be some kind of technical difference but I have never heard or seen it explained. I am not blaming the mod authors here. I do think as I have said in the past the Bethesda deliberately made it hard for sex mods to work in Fallout 4 and I expect it will be worse in their future games starting with starfield. I gave up on it some time back. It's not worth the trouble.
  2. Thanks as well.I am thiinking of restarting FNV.

    Random CTD - Unplayable

    https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/4598/ I did not see the unofficial patch in your load order.Maybe I am just too tired to see it. My game has crash issues when I go underground.I suspect it it due to either Beantown modifications or to the Sims mods I use.One of those likely affects underground areas. So I am going to have to take those off and see. I also have the God ring but I doubt it is the cause as I have the old version.Not the new updated one you said causes problems.Plus my game only ctds when I go underground and not at other times. Fallout 4 is not well optimized.Plus a lot of the player made fixes, crash fixes and other stuff that worked with helping Skyrim were never ported over to Fallout 4 so we have limited options to fix its issues.

    Random CTD - Unplayable


    Advanced Animation Framework

    so what happens if you keep your earlier version of .exe rather than let Beth do those silly updates.So you don't need to update F04SE all the time.Some of the mods associated with this, those that people say make this work, say they require more recent .exe and F04SE.So I presume that means if we try this stuff it won't work. I tried it actually using that video from that guy in utah, sorry no offense intended I don't recall his name and I am in a hurry. It didn't work./Some of those mods also will override each other making it a pain to decide which way to go with them. This was and again no offense intended towards anyone but I had hopes this would fix the problem for Fallout 4 that we didn't have a proper framework like Skyrim does. I did tell Vilfame sorry if I misspelled his name that I was giving this up several months ago and I did but I decided to take a shot with this and of course it didn't work. So I feel the need to just drop it and focus on finishing the game.

    WARNING: FO4 Steam Updated 3 hours ago

    I was told about this a couple of weeks back.So not everyone will know.It really helps out.

    Advanced Animation Framework

    seems kinda complicated.Do those mods have to be installed in that order ? Just curious. I may try it.I have not been a fan, nothing personal to the modders of the mods we have had to work with in Fallout 4 as far as romances are concerned.Not a big fan of those. So getting something working correctly for me would be nice.

    Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    I like the black stockings.

    What does Wrye Bash actually do?

    I was wrong you were right about the limit. However I would use merge plugins over wyrebash if I had more than 255. https://wrye-bash.github.io/docs/Wrye Bash General Readme.html

    What does Wrye Bash actually do?

    http://wiki.step-project.com/Guide:Wrye_Bash I don't think wyrebash lets you go over 255.To do that you need merge plugins .I think it basically is a patcher although a few people, arthmoor is an example use it as a mod organizer/game launcher. That is just my opinion if someone else knows bettert they can have at it.

    To the person who is currently DDoSing Nexus

    so that is why it is down. I wondered. I wonder if it is someone they ticked off or just someone who wants to cause trouble.No way to know for sure. I have AT and T too btw.Oh well.I will just have to wait.

    Animations by Leito - 10/4/15 - New Animations

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-UhDfSd7m8c#t=160s video acct has been terminated...
  13. ok well about a futa character ? Just curious how it would work and what would be required.
  14. I don't think it can be done otherwise it would have been done already.

    Somehow broke my skyrim

    You have to be really careful using script cleaner.Some scripts aren't orphans but work for the mods and they won't work properly if you remove an important acript.