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    Not particularly social, fairly reserved in public.. you know, your standard high functioning autist.. with a side of ADHD/ADD, to help with staying focused and glued to one thing at a time... No stress here, none at all.

    Rest assured I'm a total hit with the ladies.. that's a bit of humor there, if you can't tell. Ah, but my logical side is perfectly fine with things that way, it's my instincts and my dick, but mostly my instincts, that have the problem. Stupid instincts.

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  1. Snake and some other games, on DOS, I guess? (granted that was on my dad's computer and not mine) Then I went to a daycare back in the early to mid 90s and they had Wolfenstein on that computer, until some kid's shitty butt hole father went and removed it because it was "too violent for us kids". This was the same daycare where we later, or around the same time, had a number of old video game consoles from 5 to 15 years prior like the Sega Genesis and such (not the Genesis though but stuff like the Turbografx 16, Atari, Super Nintendo and so on) and one of the kids there brought in Mortal Kombat for the Genesis, not like that game was gory or anything... This is also the same daycare where it later turned out one of the counselors and a former neighbor of mine got caught molesting a 3 year old girl long after I had stopped going there, that guy probably died in prison since he would've been pretty old by then. Later I remember spending many-a-hours playing Mech Warrior 3 (I think). I remember I could set all of the weapons in my mech to be lasers and then I would max out the armor, trying to get a good balance between mobility and armor, at which point I could just go around using "alpha strike" on the joystick I had and basically obliterate everything and anything with one or two precise strikes. That was a lot of fun, if I built the mech wrong though, instead of overheating and shutting down for a minute the power plant would go critical and the mech would explode, still a worthwhile strategy though. The subsequent games got kinda.. dumb, from there IMO. Better graphics though. I think the first game I ever played on my own computer was the Diablo 2 Expansion Pack though, and that was on a laptop back in 2005 or 2006.
  2. The sound of silence.... Just kidding.. well sort of. I'll listen to whatever is playing, really. I mean I guess if there was one type I don't care for though it would have to be country. Too many simps whining about women and it's just generally depressing.
  3. Let me think... Nothing anymore, really. I mean there are things I enjoy but I wouldn't necessarily say they bring me happiness. Not like they used to anyway. Sometimes I miss being young(er), naive, and full of optimism.. I mean I guess now instead of naive and optimistic I've graduated to "stupid, but wise.. ish". I digress though...
  4. Having never tried the boner in the vacuum technique before, I can't say for a fact if it feels good or not but from messing around with the suction using my fingers I can imagine that it probably would feel pretty good. A bit like a really suctiony pussy, or something. Also I'm sure it would help with the mess afterwards.
  5. Human's NEED physical contact of some kind, socialization is not really enough. I remember a study that was done on orphans and specifically those that had been raised in a very unsocial environment since infancy and it turns out that just meeting the social aspect wasn't enough, the children NEEDED physical contact. Those that didn't get the physical contact often grew up shorter than those that did and had a number of other issues. Humans evolved to be social creatures, so some degree of socialization and I would argue, physical contact is necessary for survival and longevity. What she is doing to you sounds kind of cruel, to be honest. She shouldn't have to do something she doesn't like but on the same token it is my opinion that one should not keep "pets" they can not properly provide for and take care of.
  6. Have I heard of them working out? Of course, provided the relationship has some kind of physical aspect to it at some point and eventually moves completely offline. I would say those at least last longer than relationships that are completely online. Does a permanent online relationship count as real? NO. Not in the context you are likely thinking of. I could stop there but I will elaborate. Because the relationship is entirely online the whole thing could be faked, any pictures shown could come from another source, and you couldn't even be sure of the gender of the person on the other end, there are some real weirdos out there not to mention those who are just looking for a way to take advantage of you. Your "S.O." could very easily cheat on you and you'd never know, or have a very real relationship on the side while he or she just milks your for gifts and money and such.. kind of like LonelyFans (you know the site I'm referring to). Then of course there is the non physical aspect, no hugging or kissing, no sex... that's not a real relationship. I mean you might as well jump on to a dating sim and call that a real relationship, because really it's not much different.
  7. This is apparently true, as I heard somewhere that STDs have been found to be particularly high in old folks homes.
  8. You'd think that kind of stuff would go against FeeA's TOS, since it's technically making money off of their product, and they would crack down on it, but I guess not. They must not be as bad as Disney (who wouldn't even allow a child to have a Spider-Man themed funeral once, for example).. as bad as FeeA is anyway, which I guess is a good thing.
  9. Wow.. he's got muscle boobs. That's a thing now, I guess. I wonder how strong a man would be if he had boobs that were solid muscle. I bet he could bench press a car or something.
  10. https://www.patreon.com/YourFalseHope/posts At least that's the one that lets you download stuff, the adult content is still behind a pay wall though.
  11. When I had my toon turn another sim instead of just biting the other sim and moving on my toon bit the sim and then my toon offered that sim her wrist, which didn't make sense considering it was forced. I'm looking for something more "traditional", one bite and then transformation a few days later.
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