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  1. Thanks for clarifying this. Now I know to wait before placing the lot as I do not use the Patreon version of WW.
  2. There can never be too many feet my dude.
  3. Thanks Do I need both channel files installed or one or just this?
  4. Ah, CE RAW sounds more up my alley then actually, I might just stick with that one from here on out.. that's not to say that I don't like the stuff on the other channel, I'm too lazy to set up two channels, as I would have to "hack" one of the other channels into existence in game as I understand it (since I would be replacing the fireplace channel).
  5. Maybe a retarded question but does the new channel recognize the video files from the first channel or is COMPLETELY separate?
  6. I was having some other weirdness go on like I saw a male sim walking around with child and what have you, so I decided to delete that save and start from scratch. I will try this though as I've been seeing some minor odd things here and there for a while now.
  7. Ah, that would explain everything then, I didn't know that, thanks.
  8. Maybe it was the update then. I tried using the "one night stand" option but its wouldn't let my sim do the deed, it kept saying that the relationship stat wasn't high enough.
  9. One other thing, is this mod and the mod SimDa Dating App compatible?
  10. In my case I'm looking to decrease the frequency (I guess my main hoe is pretty good at her craft...)
  11. My guess is for a couple main reasons, firstly it's seen as "dirty" and "degenerate" and in some cases a link may even be made to sexually deviant behavior (rape, pedophilia, and so on) and the consumption of porn (which to some extent I can see as it can desensitize you to certain ideas in the quest to get a bigger better orgasm, I would say I'm definitely more perverse now than I was before I started looking at porn), and secondly (and probably the biggest reason is) it is often blamed for a decline in birth rates, of course we can't blame the actual cause, which is feminism, no no, we have to go and blame something else but I have seen videos on YouTube and at least one article online where feminists admit (with documented proof) that "empowering women" lowers the birth rate. At least I would be willing to bet that is the actual reason behind it, though I would be surprised if that was admitted to publicly, but I'm sure that if you looked as SK's birth rate now as opposed to even 20 years ago you would be seeing a steady decline and in a lot of cases the birth rate will be what is called "below replacement level". Anyway, just my two cents.
  12. Is anyone else having sims get pregnant by non pregnancy sex? Also I noticed that condoms keep getting equipped just before the climax animation plays during oral sex. I'm using the most current version of the mod.
  13. Is there a way to control the frequency at which retained prostitution clients call or would I have to change something in the scripts themselves?
  14. Like the ones pictured in the mod linked below. I have a number of packs installed that have "toilet" animations (that don't seem to trigger in stalls), and one that has stall animations specifically, but the animations that I do have do not seem to have any kind of progression, they never go to "climax" and I end up having to end the manually.
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