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  1. Oh, that's pretty cool! Will it be compatible with RSE?
  2. So what is this exactly?... I don't get it.
  3. Usually how many times do you masturbate?

    It makes a sticky mess afterwords and somehow the stuff manages to get places that can make you scratch your head, so I can understand how it would seem unappealing.
  4. Usually how many times do you masturbate?

    It's always better to go a week or two in between busting a nut, not sure why but it feels a lot better for some reason.. like you're about to cum your skeleton out.
  5. Usually how many times do you masturbate?

    > "I'v never masturbated..." > Has an account on one of the most controversial adult modding sights on the internet... HMMMMmmmMMMMmm.. something seems amiss here, lol..
  6. Black Panther... overrated?

    We wuz Wakandans n' shit.
  7. RSE: Realistic Salacious Encounters

    I always thought of that too when Chosen Clue put his mod up for download, maybe a window in the Pip-Boy under the status tab. Gotta love Violated Heroine, too bad the game has been in development since, I think, 2012 or 2013..
  8. RSE: Realistic Salacious Encounters

    Great! My Liberty Prime laser turrets will have a.. BLAST, with these raids, ha ha.
  9. RSE: Realistic Salacious Encounters

    I'm still waiting for stuff like a jealousy system or people you've fucked approaching you for sex when their ardor reaches a certain level, and monster cock addiction points to stack up when looting super mutants down to their birthday suits, or fucking non hostile super mutants (if stuff like that is even in the plans for this mod). It's nice to see this mod being updated though.
  10. RSE: Realistic Salacious Encounters

    The funny thing is, that's a two way mirror so only the hooker knows what's going on. By the way, will that raise the ardor of any NPCs that happen to sit and watch and will that increase in ardor then encourage those NPCs to want to purchase the services of hookers?
  11. One trick that I use during armor conversions (where I can get away with it) is I will first save what I have, and then mask areas that have the potential to have issues with clipping (or sometimes leave out the entire body), invert the mask, and then create a Zap slider for it (call it something like BodyGone, FootGone, BoobsGone, or whatever) and then under properties set the Zap slider to 100 and then tick the "invisible" box to make the slider invisible in BodySlide, and there you have it, clipping issues solved. I just have to make sure that the new Zap slider is in edit mode when I'm doing all of that though, and that the slider is indeed affecting the area(s) that I want it to.
  12. RSE: Realistic Salacious Encounters

    No. They are removed from the game when the mod is reset or removed. The only time they won't disappear during an update is if the update doesn't require a new game/"clean save". There is no way around that.. unfortunately. Save for adding the magazines to their own ESP file, which I don't think Flashy is gonna do.
  13. Family Planning Enhanced

    This all answers something I was wondering, which is does this mod make any attempt to make the baby look like the parents? The answer being, no. I hope this becomes a feature at some point.
  14. RSE: Realistic Salacious Encounters

    By the way, any time my character has sex with an NPC the NPC usually comments on her nudity afterwords where as before they didn't. Just thought I would bring that up.