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  1. Wish my elfie could appear in comic as guest. Sorry though. And yeah, i like that parring Enisse with Mina.
  2. I will be hearthbroken, if Enisse will give up on Mina after Riften.
  3. Deso561PL

    Emma -Episode 5-

    Nice! Now i know, why my elfie want work in Emma Fairy House!
  4. Well i was curious if some stuff like pics etc existing allready, but thanks guys.
  5. To think they meet, accidentally by me back on tumblr. ❤️
  6. Why she must allways wear some tops? Naked she could be perfect! ❤️
  7. Deso561PL

    Emma -Episode 4-

    Nice one! And tbh my night elf could love work in brothel such as this! ❤️ Servicing guys, girls and animals.
  8. It was happend, or game limitations?
  9. Tbh i'm ok with it. I watch porn, so why i should bother, if someone said if i am pig or not?
  10. Tbh that girl needs some love with other futa. I could volunteer but heh.
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