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Vore, Amputees, and scarred bodies

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On 10/9/2012 at 3:36 AM, Tefnacht said:

I extended Evilrunners mod a little by replacing one of the skewered skeevers commonly found at giant camps with a busty human female body. The skewer is too large to actually impale the body, so I just tied the body to it.


The ropes supporting the waist are still missing ... exporting my meshes from Blender into something Skyrim can actually use is still a chore and this was the first mesh that actually turned up working after I was done with it in NifSkope. What a PITA!

Often there is a really ugly neck seam visible (the NifScripts go crazy on normals when they cut the mesh in two to accommodate different materials) and for some unknown reason I cannot get the smoke particle effect to work ...


... but if you don't look too close you'll now have giants roasting humans at their camps.


Personally I'm not into vore or cannibalism. Not my cup of tea. I was simply looking for a good reason to kill giants on sight (and soul trap them for my enchantments). Them being man-eaters qualifies big time.


I took took the liberty to include all the files from Evilrunners mod in this download to make it complete. Like with his work, you may do with this whatever you want.


CharredSkeeverReplacer.7z 3.92 MB · 2,887 downloads

thank you

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On 9/27/2020 at 5:14 AM, LaEspada said:

Here's an updated version of the giant skeever replacer. It's a mix of the first version and the one from residents of skyrim.

Tefnacht CharredSkeeverReplacer (legacy) is the version that was initially posted here (female in ropes) and campsite skeever replacer. Posted it for legacy sake, but I updated it to use the charred female skin. Don't use this, just for modding purposes. Use Remodel Deadanimal 2020-09-26 as it's the updated version I made which combines the REsidentsOfSKyrim version and Tefnacht's with some improvements.

Made it for myself since I wanted a bit more immersive giants "eating" humans. Gives me more reason to kill them all. Also the banditpole replacer and extras from Residents of Skyrim so you don't have to hunt them down.

These all work with Special Edition SE as well.


ALso some extra replacers.

I hope with these we can get some more gruesome replacers to make the world a bit more grim and immersive.



Remodel Deadanimal 2020-09-26.7z 4.17 MB · 312 downloads Remodel Banditpole 20180407.7z 4.78 MB · 323 downloads Remodeled WereWolfHead 20181117.7z 3.06 MB · 319 downloads Tefnacht CharredSkeeverReplacer (legacy).7z 3.93 MB · 233 downloads Remodel nirnroot 20180621.7z 455.43 kB · 272 downloads Remodel Moths 20180222.7z 4.17 MB · 272 downloads

thank you

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On 3/12/2020 at 7:30 AM, Funnybizness said:

Dwarven cyborg armor


On 3/12/2020 at 7:30 AM, Funnybizness said:

Two Amp bodies one Plump and one Slim lol hope you enjoy! I used the "Shitty Dwarven cyborg armor" mod and just replaced the cyborg amputee bodies with these. And you can add the slavetats stuff to them for blood n whatever too ?

Elder Scrolls V  Skyrim Screenshot 2020.03.11 -

FBCORPSEAMPBODIES.zip 1.96 MB · 401 downloads

sry to ask this stupid question,but what mod is this "Shitty Dwarven cyborg armor",just can't find it in the site?

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On 8/8/2020 at 4:39 AM, poblivion said:

Hi, thanks for your reply. I've already found out how it works and it's not as easy as I thought. I chose an easier option for me. I added NiAlphaProperty to the head mesh and erase part of the texture so that the neck did not protrude beyond the bloody stump. It works pretty well, but I have to switch between textures :classic_biggrin:


Attached is a mesh of invisible clothing with a bloody neck stump.


suit.nif 19.9 kB · 134 downloads

Hey man the Neck suit works really well with the Dwarven bikini mod. One of the cyborg outfits gets rid of the limbs so If I switch the Slot to 32 (For main body) and replace the dwarven cyborg...BAM....it works perfectly lol thank you again!

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