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  1. Oh thanks man! I'm glad you enjoy them 😃 as for the type of mod you're looking for, sorry EB I don't know of any mod that does that BUT I have been looking for one like that for a while. I would have tried to create it but I'm sure it would need to use scripted events and I'm terrible at scripting. XD if someone made that I would actually play skyrim again and not just mess around with it.
  2. Sexlab Matchmaker lets you masturbate. Just make sure you have an animation pack that has masturbating animations. Leito SLAL and Funnybizness SLAL has some. 😃
  3. Hey everyone. I once again hopped back into GTA V and learned that you can save scenes in the spooner section of the menyoo mod. -> https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/menyoo-pc-sp It has EVERY sex animation in it. You can select spawned actors. Place them then disable collisions. Have them play a sex animation. then have whomever play their sex animation. Line them up and save the scene in Spooner. You can even have them display facial expressions and add audio into the scene. If you do this, you can play the scene whenever you wish. So If you have a scene with Trevor and Amanda saved.
  4. Ria: "Huh? What's that Vilkas?..."YoU sHouLd sCrew AeLa tHe SAME wAy SHE sCreWed YoU." Ria: "That my friend...is a WONDERFUL idea."
  5. That is Bijin all in one mod my friend! Yeah she is HAWT. 😃
  6. Tonilia: "Please my Jarl! I didn't know they were your jewels! I'll get them back!" Jarl Fuckface: "Oh yes you WILL THIEF.....hmmmm? Vekel failed to mention just how beautiful his whore was...mmmm."
  7. Thanks man. Yeah lol I grabbed the resources file from Bi Phenotypes body imperfect mod and used gimp to clone the dripping muddy texture over to slavetats 😃
  8. "Grrrr..." "OH! Uh...hello Mister Redguard...I thought these caves were empty...My mistake." "Mmmm..." "*Sigh*....You're not gonna let me leave are ya?"
  9. Used this mod for AGES....then it hit me...will there be "schlong" support in the future? I know I would have to mess with Niioveride.dll in order to add it but...I wouldn't dare mess with something I'm unfamiliar with lol.
  10. "Perp was on PCP....what the hell was she thinking?" *Necro Warning* \m/
  11. "Don't worry mom. You go ahead. I'll take care of everything."
  12. My bad. JediJosh didn't update the mod someone else did. If you read the most recent comments there's a link to an updated version. A user posted a mediafire link. Once you install scripthookdotnet Hot coffee files (in the scripts folder) NativeUi (in the scripts folder) It will run just fine. I made the mistake of putting NativeUi in the root folder. Once I put it in the scripts folder it works. Hence the little gif vid lol. Just wanted to share that it works again. https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/hot-coffee
  13. They've updated Hot coffee. And finally have a decent nude model for Amanda and several other NPCs. https://redgifs.com/watch/immaterialdefinitelarva
  14. 50 years! We're still going strong! LOL https://redgifs.com/watch/darkforkedalpineroadguidetigerbeetle https://redgifs.com/watch/grotesquesizzlingchrysalis https://redgifs.com/watch/heavyannualirishsetter https://redgifs.com/watch/cloudyselfreliantairedale
  15. I just scaled my player character up to 1.50 changed my imperial skin to green and used the sculpting in racemenu to make him look ugly lol
  16. "You've got 20 minutes Sherry...make'em count." "No problem Officer Garrett...I'll only need 10 to enjoy the fresh meat."
  17. Absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for these extraordinarily smoothhhh beastly animations 😃
  18. Thanks guys! I'll check those out. I didn't know if they allowed you to drug npcs to the point of them passing out on the floor. 😃
  19. I was just wondering if there's a mod that allows you to drug npcs. Like you offer a drink...they drink it...and loopy loop...bam. They're passed out. Hehe! >=]
  20. Zaz is the Grandmaster lol but I really appreciate the compliment! You too are a grandmaster my friend. \m/ 😃
  21. I actually have to alter yours lol the neck mesh was too far up in my characters neck but if I do alter it I'll upload the mesh right here 😃
  22. I thank you for that suit! I'm gonna give it a shot tonight lol
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