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  1. Does it only happen at Whiterun? Typically crash entering a cell is caused by a bad mesh, which is pathetically easily do because LE and SE meshes aren't compatible between games. Look at any mods you added or updated just before the crash started. My suggestion is start a new game on a new profile with the minimal of mods and see if the crash happens in same location.
  2. What is that long white gown the Red Head is wearing? I've been looking for something like that for NPC Vampires, very Hammer Horror Vamp and all that.
  3. The spit roasting is animation in the Zaz pack. Namaria's decorations handles the body parts. SexLab Stories has a spit roast set up, with one woman on one and another waiting her turn in the Namaria shrine. I am skeptical an attempt to play Dolcett straight in Skyrim would work since the Nords are hardly Middle Class Americans the Dolcett trope works under. Not to mention everyone is down on Narmia in the lore. On the other the vanilla game is clearly implying the Forsworn are eating every Nord they can get their hands on. So perhaps the best way to do a
  4. Gopher mentioned in his video Saadia is a character in some obscure Elder Scrolls game were she does what she is accused of. But that's nonsense anyway since because that Metagamig and none of that is explained in game. What you see in game is a group of a-holes who are buddies with a cave full of bandits pestering everyone to the point the guards wont let them in town and if Saadia was really an agent of the Thalmor, why isn't she in some town with a heavy Thalmor presence like say Solitude were the Thalmor could protect her? Remember the Red Guards drove the Thamor out and they want back
  5. I with here with this guy, forget Age of Calamatous. That's just a piece of useless bloatware because some players want to force their High Fantasy game on to a survival game. Not to mention it dumps the awesome vanilla sound track for something no were near as good. One would think after 11 years of Skyrim modding people would line there are limits to what a game engine can take, oh well.
  6. nice pics, and what pose sets is face sit from?
  7. The buy out sure explains what Zenimax was up with all the acquisitions and they were obsessing over a constant revenue stream. But I am curious why Microsoft bought Zenimax. Games don't really seem Microsoft's thing. Maybe Microsoft wants to learn from Todd Howard how to successfully crowd source product QA. Seriously, I doubt if they are going to torpedo game mods, that would cost money since the mods are the bug patches that make Bethesde games viable.
  8. To be honest this sounds more like Fallout 4, but it wouldn't be all that hard to replace the wizard staff mesh with a dildo one.
  9. A lot of stuff started out as NSFW and then goes "legit" when they get successful. On the other hand, if someone is doing mainstream stuff, why do they need something as cheesy patron?
  10. Yes, Zaz fixed the problem. The SEE ports aren't clear. Hi have the LE version installed and incidentally the captives look a lot better in SE. And you really should add a captive to Mistview Keep since Fiona there is supposed to be into kidnapping other women in the vanilla game.
  11. I am using SE getting CTD entering the cells at Brittleshin Pass and Broken Tower Redoubt from this mod.
  12. First day of the Quarantine here; need to go grocery shopping. walking in the store was just packed with people. Stale air, empty shelves and over hundred people close together, prefect virus conditions. I ran out of that store and went next door to fast food joint that only had three people in it to get dinner to go.
  13. Might also get a texture optimizer and run that too, a lot of molders over to it on the texture sizes.
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