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[mod] [Stellaris] Real Human Slaves!

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Real Human Slaves!


I'm releasing this as a more complete example of what to do with: Birthday Suits!


This mod does exactly two these things:

  • Human pops will have randomized clothing. (Just vanilla clothing randomized.)
  • Human pops under the influence of Chemical Bliss... forget about clothes entirely.
  • Enslaved human pops will have slave gear depending on slave type. (Domestic, laborers, etc.)
  • Girls: 12 new outfits. 2 new hairstyles (One from Llossaa's work and the other a new version based on his idea.) And... no more ugly hairstyles!
  • Guys: 9 new outfits. And.. absolutely no more man-buns! (The multitudes cheered! cool.gif)
  • Yes, technically leaders can use the outfits but they will disappear with new leaders. (Unless somebody changes the leader section of the asset selectors.)
  • Ugly "skin like a deadperson" Paradox asian girls are now replaced by a much better version by Llossa.



I thought this would serve as a more simple example of how to mess with clothing. (My Elf/Drow mods are pretty complex at this point.) This mod took me all of 5 minutes. In fact this upload and the screenshot took longer!! smile.png (It's more or less a cut and paste from relevant sections of my Elves mod.)


Hey, I enslaved a bunch of pops and their clothes didn't change!!
Close the planet view and open it again. They'll have some new fashion. This is a game limitation at the moment.


Is this compatible with X human mod?
Probably NOT. To play with human clothing you have to edit vanilla resources. Now if some other mod adds -another- race that is human, than it's compatible. Anything that also messes with vanilla humans will -not- be compatible. (However it should be a simple fix. Simply edit the files in the "asset_selectors" folder!)


Waaa! I don't have Utopia! Woe is me!
Well get it! angel.gif Actually without Utopia the slaves default to the "laborer" type. wink.png


Hey, can I use this for BLAH BLAH?
Absolutely! I'm just releasing this as a quick example mod. It's really just a modder's resource. biggrin.png


Where did you get the slave stuff?
I stole it from my Drow and Elves mods. wink.png And for those I stole them (or at least the look) from some Oblivion and Skyrim slave wear!


Is this mod going to be a thing?
In fact, no. I have no interest in doing anything more with this. It is just a proof of concept. Anyone else is welcome to take this and expand on it. angel.gif


What version does this work on?
This was designed for human clothing based on Stellaris 2.1.*. If Paradox ever actually gets a brain adds new human clothing, it would be a simple matter to adjust the existing files to work with whatever new stuff they release.

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I Realize you have no intentions to develop this further, but perhaps you can help me our since you made the Elves & Drow races. I'm attempting to make this a standalone race for my own use, so far I've gotten it to the point where the Phenotype selection works & the Hair. But I'm running into a wall trying to get the clothes working, As far as I can tell it should be working but the selector is locked out, keeps saying the selected species doesn't have any secondary options....


Did you run into this block as well when you were working on the Elves or Drow??


Edit: Never mind, got fed up with it & scrapped the asset selector files for clothes & started over. Working now for whatever reason. Still not sure what went wrong with the one I was using.....

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Stellaris can be kind of uppity and it's super easy to have typos. I had a problem I used to call "Trump Hair" wink.png  that would result in pops having wonky hair. Turns out it was my own stupid fault and each occurrence was due to a typo.


Things would probably be a lot easier if they had a validator type thing like they do for CK2. (Or if they do I don't know about yet. I try not to visit the Paradox forums unless absolutely necessary.)  I still make stupid typos but without needing to compile anything I don't know about out it until the game is running.

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I wonder... do you think you could use this, to make a pre-sentient human race, that didn't wear clothes, that you could then uplift into a sentient species, that did wear clothes ?

cos i think that'd be pretty amusing, lol

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Actually.. that might be a possibility. Though I'm not sure humans are ever used as pre-sentient. Though... I haven't looked it up either. If humans are used, I could probably put in a check for the clothing to just make them "without apparel".

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yeah, I don't think humans are used in the pre-sentient species. iirc, there's only a very few ones that are. And they have 2 sets of portraits, like, umm...


stellaris/common/species_classes/00_species_classes.txt is the file that defines species, including the pre-sentients.


The section for pre-sentient mammals is:


playable = { always = no }
randomized = no
portraits = {
graphical_culture = mammalian_01
move_pop_sound_effect = "moving_pop_confirmation"
uplifted_into = "MAM"
uplifted_portraits = 



So, I'd guess it'd be fairly simple to add a pre-sentient human species, either as a new class entirely (though i dunno what that'd do with the events that generate presentients), or as an additional mammal species (though I don't know what that'd do in terms of graphical culture and/or speech when opening diplomatic messages). Humans are mammals after all, cos they have mammary glands, or in the case of some humans, very large mammary glands, lol !

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I looked into this for the elves/drow. Seems everything is event/anomaly driven. So to add humans/elves/drow as pre-sentients, you'd basically just duplicate the existing anomalies and events for pre-sentients, but use humans instead. Also, you could ensure that they'd still look human after uplifting. Nifty!

I don't think it's actually that hard to do. I'm probably going to give it a try whenever I finish my crazy ships... laugh.png

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Yes, I'm going to bring this up to date with the elves eventually. Slave clothes based on slavery type for men/women.


However, very busy with ships at the moment so I don't know when I'll get to it. blush.gif

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How and when do the leaders get enslaved outfits? Thanks for the mod.


Well they can't really be a leader if still enslaved. wink.png 


There isn't anything stopping somebody from making an enslaved leader mod however. angel.gif

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Is this the mod that made some planets become nudist? I can't remember, but had that happen in a game I played a long time ago. Haven't had it happen after reinstalling, and I've got this mod, so I'm not quite sure.

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The planetary aphrodisiac and atmospheric hallucinogen modifiers make pops go bonkers with clothes.


At some point I may extend it to Gulli's Modifiers as well. Plenty there could have the same effect. But that won't be for awhile and the elves would get it first anyway. Hoomans are waaaay down the list of priorities. wink.png

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Basically you just need to add the slave sections. For instance....  head to gfx\portraits\asset_selectors and check out the clothes selectors.


Mine are more complex than vanilla (and maybe even whatever mod you're going for), however the slave gear is just for the pop scope. There is usually a random (or not random) outfit specifically for pops. Simply paste the slave gear sections (Domestic, Battle Thralls, Food, and Laborers) above the general pop outfit section. Then Stellaris will evaluate if anybody is a slave first. If not, then they'll get whatever the mod originally wanted for general pops. That's the simplest way to add it to any mod. :cool:

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Okay, I'll try that later. :smile:


Edit: Could you perhaps help me a bit more specifically? I understand if you don't want to, I'm pretty much accepting that I'm probably being stupid and not seeing what I need to do. (Though to be fair my mind is running several miles a minute as of typing this)


To get it to work with pops? (And possibly leaders?)


Only need it to work for at least one mod (Galactic Empire species)

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