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  1. I downloaded animations and was wondering how I get them to work in pcea2, I tried to put the file in the correct location, but it just blanks everything out in game.
  2. I figure it would look weird, My main goal is to just experiment. Creation Club hasn't been working for me sadly, so I think I'm stuck.
  3. Mostly for experimental reasons, but how do I make hair clip through a helmet? What tools will I need to do so?
  4. Hunter136

    Adding HDT physics with bodyslide

    So I am still working to find a way to add HDT to the firekeeper cloak, and I found post that comment that its possible to do with bodyslide by copying bones. Question is however, what do I need to do exactly to do this? I'd like the cloak to be as free as the source game and not stuck to my characters ass, so I'm determined to find a solution to this problem, any help would be great, but I feel that I'm pretty close to figuring it out.
  5. BTW, just wondering.

    Do you know of any way to make hair clip through something on purpose?

    1. bandygirl1



      Sorry hun, but I have no idea.

    2. Hunter136


      Awe shucks, I'll try asking in a thread down the road.


      Hair keeps disappearing after animations for a character, real tiresome.

    3. Hunter136


      Do we have a thread for Nifskope?

  6. Hunter136

    Workshop files cannot be found [nif]

    I merged the workshop mod with one of my other outfit mods. Still doesn't show. Is there some stuff I should set up in nifskope?
  7. Hello, just felt like saying hello.

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    2. Hunter136


      I'm fine, been having issues with skyrim lately.


      Got a new game too.



    3. shidoni


      what is causing you issues?

    4. Hunter136


      Ah, fixed most of them.


      Only issues right now are trying to make a flat chest and trying to get hair to clip through certain headgear.



  8. Hunter136

    Workshop files cannot be found [nif]

    Found it, the texture's don't appear though in nifskope. Also do we have a thread for nif stuff, or is there a good tutorial somewhere?
  9. Is it possible to get the nif of a steam mod? I want to toy around with a helmet from the workshop and try to learn some stuff about nifskope, but I can't find it.
  10. Hunter136

    CBBE morphs cause ctd

    Oh wow, it works! Thanks.
  11. Hunter136

    CBBE morphs cause ctd

    No dice, still crashes.
  12. Hunter136

    CBBE morphs cause ctd

    Do I batch build?
  13. Hunter136

    CBBE morphs cause ctd

    left down zone?
  14. Whenever I try to use cbbe morphs to change the body in race menu the game crashes, I have no issue what is causing this, and I also have no idea what mod or addon, etc added it. Help in finding out the problem would be massive help.