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  1. Getting Stellaris back to working right, can't wait to see all the stuff added since I last played.
  2. Adding HDT to Nini Firekeeper

    Oh, I do't think I can do that from what I'm seeing so far.
  3. Adding HDT to Nini Firekeeper

  4. Problems with TK Dodge (Rolling in Place)

    Now I can't use dark soul's combats dodge. TBH, I was only trying to get my game to be a bit like those cool skyrim vids, but I don't know what I did wrong.
  5. For some reason tk dodge isn't working properly for me. I can roll but I roll in place, I'm honestly stuck as to why it isn't working. I tried some of the suggestions on the mod page but it hasn't worked.
  6. Adding HDT to Nini Firekeeper

    Anybody willing to help? Or at least any good tutorials that could help me?
  7. Also for some reason the summoned character won't be aggressive, really harshing my mellow since I wanted to set up a Dragonslayer Armor fight in Sky Haven.
  8. I am running into an issue with familiar faces and mod organizer, getting the character to save in game works, but the game forgets the data real quick. When I get stuff in the overwrite where do I put the FF data?
  9. Adding HDT to Nini Firekeeper

    Doing the skirt bit is a bitch much, but that does look much better imo.
  10. Adding HDT to Nini Firekeeper

    I was told I could make HDT specific request here. I was hoping that someone could add HDT physics to the NINI Firekeeper cloak and hair, its a bit odd with how it is by default. I'm using Team TAL's texture replacer, so I don't know how much that would impact things.
  11. [Question] DS poser not working

    Speak of the devil, now I'm crashing, but not due to a jk mod.
  12. [Question] DS poser not working

    Oh no, Jk's stuff works perfectly fine for me, only issue for me is that Sexy Whiterun's textures only work on the temple for me. I always run FNIS, Maybe I should try again, I am gonna update FNIS anyways.
  13. I downloaded the DSposer from Team TAL in hopes to get some good screenshots, but I can't get it to work, how do I get it to work?
  14. Hi, I was hoping I could ask a question.

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  15. I already have it, but I was hoping someone could add physics to it, since I don't know how to do that. I have the TAL Souls of Darkness which includes the set thats touched up, but they didn't add hdt physic.