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  1. Hunter136

    Crash near Markarth

    Could I get a link to that replacement?
  2. Hunter136

    Crash near Markarth

    Ah, I'll get to that as soon as possible. And yeah, I have those two.
  3. I was hoping to do this for myself (Using Flying mod beta) and I was wondering a few things. First, how do I get this to work in the first place? The description of the video isn't as exact as I'd like. Second, would I be able to use it, but keep the flying sprint from the normal flying mod? I would rather not look like I'm hovering at high speeds.
  4. Hunter136

    Crash near Markarth

    I can use coc to get myself into the city, so the issue is around the city, as well it only affects near the mine and a bit after the mining houses. I'll see what happens when I try to exit the city. to see if there is more to where I can't go, since I am having issues using the carriage, I know that area is affected. Edit: It affects at least past the mining town to the gates. Any help towards fixing this issue would be great due to future quest.
  5. Hunter136

    Crash near Markarth

    This is pissing me off and really messing with my playthrough, for whatever reason I just have ctd issues when trying to go to Markarth, regardless f if I try to talk there, or use the caravan. I have no idea what is going on, and my latest manual save was a long time ago. Any idea on what I should do? The last one is a merged esp, featuring jk's skyrim.
  6. Some npc's such as Delphine have discoloration at the neck, etc. I think I found out that its caused by conflicting mods, but I don't know how to figure out the conflict. How can I figure it out and fix this problem?
  7. Hunter136

    Lewd mods and XCOM 2

    No idea where the prostitution mod is going or how it is going, but one suggestion to make is that it should have an independent screen, just to be a bit cleaner.
  8. Updated, still can't do it. I swear I could kneel myself when not enslaved.
  9. For some reason I cannot kneel or crawl with SD+, I have no idea what mod is causing he conflict and when I'm setting up the game it seems to work initially (I think) Any idea whats wrong, how can I get the animations to work?
  10. Nah, it was for a female character, but I did find the issue on a hunch. It's been such a long time that I forgot one of my mods gave me the same issue for head wear. I have a different Issue I'll ask in a new thread, but this problem is solved. Thanks for helping regardless. Edit: Two for one combo, solved the other issue too!
  11. For an armor set I downloaded (I think a few even) some of the armor does not show when another peace of the armor is on. So if I have armor for the torso, then the pants do not show up. What is the issue here and how do I fix it?
  12. Animation controls seem to not work, what could be messing with that?
  13. Yeah, I think an update probably broke prostitution stuff completely. Edit: Next update should be interesting for that, and add further options for more stuff, will be an interesting time regardless.
  14. Hello there! :)

    1. Raana


      Hey. What's up?

    2. Hunter136


      Nothing much, how are you?

    3. Raana


      Alright. Just kind of waiting for the big Stellaris overhaul to drop.

  15. So I'm a very direct learner, anyone with experience think they can help me set up an event?