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Dragon Genitalia Textures

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I would like to modify the dragon penis from the "More Nasty Critters" pack a bit so that it doesn't have scales along the shaft.


Does anyone know where the "veiny meat" texture comes from or how it was created?


I already went through the "Modders Resources" forum but didn't find anything. And so far I couldn't even get close to replicating the branched veins with Blender's procedural textures...

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Okay, then where did that come from / who created it? :D


I was hoping there to be some master "veiny meat" texture or perhaps even a procedural setup for Blender, Filter Forge or Substance Designer. But maybe it's been lost to time, if I'm not mistaken the dog bits have been ported from Oblivion long ago.


I'll see if I can use them or create a completely new texture.


Here's what I'm up to:




(penis not shown, only cloaca animation), a scaled dick would look strange coming out of that :P


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ask diarawr, he/she/they/it made the dog dick:



and as the one who made the Horny Dragons of Skyrim mod, you now have my full attention...and i have some questions:


1: how do you plan to get that in game? i have seen people try to do this before, and it did not work out.

2: why are you using the old Eternal Black (the guy who make it) dick? its not compatible with most of the animations that are available (my fault :D)

3: whats wrong with a scaled dick? its extra bumpy for your pleasure. :wub:


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Oh wow, I didn't register you were that guy  :lol: - those dragon animations look HOT :heart: - I admit I haven't tried them myself yet, but I will.


1./2. I just want to do a small machinima / visual novel thing, so instead of picking up Creation Kit, Papyrus, the SexLab/0sex API and all the tooling, I thought about cheating and doing it in Unreal Engine.


Downside: I can only give back my mesh modifications to the community, any animations won't work in Skyrim (or only partially)

Upside: No alignment or synchronization issues, I can add bones for any juicy detail I want and support VR and Linux.




3. They're cool, but I want to go full reptile for my animation (with the penis, when not in use, going into the tail inside-out like in alligators). Instead of fast and rough, I imagine the heroine being pinned to the ground, then fucked slowly and passionately by a slimy lizard cock, having ample time to think about her situation. Or something like that...

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I'm still lurking around. Very little time due to shitty job, but I try to keep my projects going :)


As for the model, here's a download link: https://mega.nz/#!4vpgnYSY!Y3fxzQ5ftIAD7_4kTE-R1OKfMNngWI3_hV9JfSnf83E


Because I modified it for use with another engine, the model can't be put back into Skyrim straight away:

- discarded Bethesda rig and created a Blender Rigify rig

- removed gloss and specular maps and created PBR + glTF ORM materials for it

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