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  1. I love this 😍, thanks for sharing
  2. Now we have the necessary information, now we have to find someone who creates the MOD
  3. I fully support this idea if someone creates this mod I will be very happy. This mod could be connected with mod Simple Slavery Plus. A player character could be sold to one of the big cities as a public whore. It can be equipped with a special collar and locked in the city, can be released after a specified time (several days in public services). A similar function is supported by the Deviously-enslaved-continued mod, if you wear a collar for example, people consider you a slave and want sex.
  4. This sounds similar to explaining to parents how to work with a computer. It is no problem for me, but for them it is like atomic engineering
  5. Hi, I'm looking for a body that has better visible anus, for example, in the forward bend. Body that has mesh with modeled anus not just the vagina. Something similar to the picture (a body using UNP textures would be great).
  6. Can you please create a little quest that would be part of this great MOD? Now if no Slavery Mods are installed, the character is released after end the auction. Instead of being released, a slave could be placed in a pillory for a day or two somewhere in one of the big cities to amuse local citizens. Same game mechanics as applied in Prison Overhaul mod. After the specified time, the slave would be released. Or a slave would get a special collar and must have sex with the citizens (including the guards). After serving a certain number, the slave would be released. A slave could not leave the city until he did his job. THANKS
  7. That would be great, your animations are amazing 👍.
  8. I think all except SAM are all the same as vanilla.
  9. Here is it, enjoy It's not a complete set of textures, just an update, you still need to install the old version first ! SG Textures Renewal UUNP Special.7z
  10. It took a while to search, but I found it. The image comes from this thread. I've been thinking that different environments require different furniture. I think those furniture in the style of Dwarven, Falmer, Dedra (like in oblivion gates) and etc. But it would be a lot of work.
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