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  1. 1) Check load order, FFO4 must always be on the bottom page. 2) FFO4 uses its own bodies (CBBE), if you want to change the shape you have to generate them in BodySlide each time separately (4 basic body types of white-eating and carnivores). Of course, you must first download and install Furry_Fallout.B0.8_Bodyslide_Files If you use FG Body, you can try this:
  2. I still know of a few such clothes, but I don't remember the name. Maybe someone else can advise.
  3. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/38362-project-unified-unp/?do=findComment&comment=2652061
  4. @PamatronicGreat MOD, I really like it. I like the humorous elements you added 😁. I would like to ask you if you would be willing to add the possibility of raping a prisoner before release / execution? I think the guards at the barracks deserve some fun. Thanks
  5. This must be done by the MOD author "Just Business". Try to ask him.
  6. AAF Violate 1.54 already has support for FFO races. What's New in Version 1.54 Released July 23 Really fixed the issue where aggressors who were sleeping or sitting when the player surrendered sometimes remained stuck in their furniture pose Added support for Furry Fallout races Updated MCM and scripts to allow animation duration of up to 600 seconds Added support for the Nuka World Ghoulrilla to the DLC Patch. The DLC Patch now requires Nuka World. The robbery quest will no longer strip items that are not clothes or armor from the Body slot. This will allow the player to keep items like shoes on during the violation, assuming they are excluded from stripping by AAF. As always, it is safe to update this in a running game. No need to make a "clean save" or use a savegame cleaner.
  7. @Bad Dog Something new ? What are you currently working on and when will the next version be released?
  8. It is an easy island you will find almost right behind the zaz castle.
  9. So try version 9.0 works fine for me. PS: I love that tropical island
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