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  1. I can't imagine Cait like a goat. If not Lioness, Hyena would suit me better for her. But of course everyone has a different opinion, voting would be a fair solution for everyone.
  2. There is definitely no rush for that, I know you have a lot of other more important work now. Cait is a fighter from the "Combat Zone". https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Cait PS: I just thought that a some carnivore race would suit her character better.
  3. Would it be possible to change Cait to a lioness, for example? I don't think the current race is very suitable for her.
  4. Hi, would you be willing to add "Jeweled Butt Plug" to your MOD "Plugs of the Commonwealth"?

    Or can you create a "Jeweled Butt Plug" port for Fallout 4?



  5. Hi, very nice screenshots. I want to ask what poser you used? And is a Nuka-Cola bottle part of poser? Thanks
  6. I don't think it should be that difficult to do. You can change the textures and add some Dwemer-parts 😉
  7. Hi, I'd like to share my recent experience with you. I recently solved the problem of missing tabs in the workshop menu. I was looking for a solution to fix it and I found one tutorial that recommended a MOD called: "Settlement Objects Expansion Pack - Vanilla Menu Restorer/Fixer - PC" https://bethesda.net/en/mods/fallout4/mod-detail/1032080 This mod really works, but it will cause you other annoying bugs in the installed MODs and totally screw you up AAF !!! This mod changed and modify the scripts, I don't know exactly how, but AAF stopped working completely. S
  8. I removed the SOE pack and another MOD that added new equipment, but the CRX still didn't appear in the menu. I don't know what's wrong 🙁 The only one "FURNITURE" category is in the "HOMEMAKER" category. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Edit: Solved, the problem is not in CRX Edit 2: In workshop everything now works as it should, but this "FIX" totally fuckedup AAF and the other MODs !!!! 😡 I do not recommend
  9. I've already fixed it and saved it in ARGB. (Of course, the original textures, not those already saved in DXT5.)
  10. Hi, I have such a problem, I can't find the CRX in the workshop menu. This is probably due to another MOD wich changed categories in the workshop. I think it's caused by the MOD Homemaker. The Furniture category has moved from the main menu and there is no CRX. Would you be willing to create a modified version, where CRX would be right in the main workshop menu? Thanks
  11. Here are the CBBE textures from (UNOFFICIAL) SSE Port 3.50 that I saved in DXT5, so they should be compatible with Skyrim LE. Edit: Here are the CBBE textures from (UNOFFICIAL) SSE Port 3.50 that I saved in uncompressed ARGB, so they should be compatible with Skyrim LE. CBBE ARGB textures.7z
  12. Thanks, I finally know what caused it. I suspected it was Bethesda's problem, because the same bug was in the vanilla game without MODs at all. When I remember those hours of time I tried to match the shades of the head and body and unnecessarily without results And yes, some ENBs will highlight this bug. Edit: I think FO4 also has a similar problem 🤔
  13. I have such a theory. Some time ago I tryed resolved the problem that in Skyrim for some reason the head has a slightly reddish tint and the body is a little greenish (bluish). This is most noticeable on monochrome textures. It's affected also has the ENB used and various effects on.
  14. It's a pity 🙁, I hoped that if its base is The Selachii - Shark Race, it might not be a problem to create her for FO4 as well.
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