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  1. @Bad Dog I would really like to help, but unfortunately I don't know much about this 😔
  2. @Bad Dog I really like the possibility of changing the type of bat's ears 👍 Would you be willing to create this option for the Lykaios race too? Add a few types of ears, for example long pointed ones like the Egyptian Jackal, or similar ears like the Worgen and etc... Thanks
  3. I think you could do it yourself, there are already several freely available tools to help you. https://wiki.nexusmods.com/index.php/Porting_Skyrim_mods_to_Skyrim_Special_Edition For example, this one is very useful. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/4089
  4. Unfortunately, the textures are deformed at this point depending on the position of the body (spread legs, forward bend, etc.) Never mind, I can handle somehow. I will try to adjust the body shape a bit in these parts I know it's only for a few people with the same fetish as I have 😁
  5. Everything works fine for me. If you mean the command "setstage ski_configmanagerinstance 1" , so I use it quite often 😁 Because I often try new MODs and after deleting them I still have the menu in MCM.
  6. It doesn't matter much, it was just such a momentary idea 🙂 Surely you have more important things to do than this 😉
  7. Just part, I wasn't sure if I needed everything. I do not use MO or similar programs, I install everything manually. I copied the contents of these folders: 1) 00_Core 2) 01_Core/LE 3) 02_Extra/LE
  8. Reloads the menus in MCM and deletes inactive (after uninstalled MODs). After entering the command, you must wait a while, then a message will appear in the upper left corner.
  9. I'm not a fan of a shaking camera 😕 Is there a possibility how to make the options independently on each other ?
  10. I thought you made some sliders. It seemed to me that BHUNP have plenty of polygons in this part, certainly much more than UUNP body have. While I admit you're right, there could be a little more polygons in this area 😔
  11. @Nevermind1337 I have such a question / reques. Can you add a slider that could open the anus and buttocks a bit ? There are several sliders for pussy, but none for anus. Or increase the space around the anus a little. Similar to the attached picture ? Thanks
  12. Nice progress 🙂👍 I'm really looking forward to trying it. Edit: Just such an idea, you don't have to implement it if you don't like it. After you request payment again, instead of paying, a sadistic NPC could pull a whip and whipping a you. If you defend yourself and attack the NPC, you will commit a crime. The only option will be to run away (if you don't want to be whipped). There would be a chance to escape, the NPC could chase you like in a normal fighting scene. The time of persecution (or whipping) would be set at a certain time.
  13. I know there is a version of CBBE for BodySlide if it can helps in creating for UUNP. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/101527
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