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Which mod first?


Which Mod First?  

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I've been getting a lot of inquires about Untamed 2, though while ago I promised Display Model 2 would be my next project. I think it would be ideal if I worked on which ever one was actually more wanted.  If you do not use my mods then this won't be much use to you. I ask you do not vote if you do not care. I want to know what people who care really want the most.


Because of how these two mods are going to be released, I can really work on them at the same time. But I will tend to get stuck into one more than the other as that is just how my attention span is.


Untamed 2

Build a pack. And play naked.

  • Animals will have unique ways to tame and please them. Their happiness will determine their effectiveness in combat. This may even include such a simple mechanic as old world of warcraft feeding. Bears for example will respond to submission better, where wolves will respond to domination. Cats will generally do whatever the fuck you want as long as you keep feeding them.
  • Animals will also have drastically different approaches to combat. Bears of course will be the facto tank. Wolves will attempt to avoid direct confrontation until their mistress takes the lead. I'm probably going to be doing a lot of AI package work for this.
  • It will be released in episodes, where each episode adds a new animal to tame. It will not be like Original Untamed where you can shout and catch all the shit. The focus will be on combat animals and creatures only.
  • It will contain a perk system where you choose your path to unlock various animals. Consider it "training". For example, several episodes down the line there will be a necrobeastess perk that unlocks being able to tame skeletons from the soul cairn or whatever.


Display Model 2
This mod allows you to capture NPCs to use them as bondage decorations in your home.


  • Redo the spell posing system to UI Extensions, most likely a chain of wheel menus.
  • Updates for latest changes to Zaz Animations and to include new ones. It looks like he also has a lot of new scripting modules to look at to include features I may have not even thought of yet.
  • Clone yourself and NPC's to create infinite "mannequins".
  • Several fixes for things like waiting in the same room as your decorations. Dropping SLA, dropping the broken self bondage component. Selfbondage may be added back later with a less dumb way.
  • Will always be a cheater mod because I want instant gratification for this type of thing.
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Hmmm hard to say. Atm i use puppetmaster instead of display model because it provides much more features, although some are bugged. New Defeat has some similar features as well, so my need for an improved untamed is bigger, but there's also a 'but...'. Actually i appretiate they way untamed works right now, except some few things, like after the mate call only one animal fucks me, or even worse, more than one (had it with bear and elk) but at once. I'm not sure if i like the features of untamed 2 better, but i'll give it a try anyways :) *edit: a very nice feature for a new untamed would be an MCM option to see pregnancy from creatures, i'd love that.


If you would be able to make actors return after sexlab for Display Model 2, or even stay in pose when in pillory, that would be a great improvement. Not sure if that's possible if it's not a scripted scene like in PO though.

If you can do that my vote is clear for DM2.


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But they Can't give birth to an unicorn!


Edit: ok I'm sorry this was going a little out oftopic.




Back to the subject:


About Untamed: I'd like to suggest you a features


-"Pack Camp", i don't really know how to translate... anyway, something where you could choose a location (a cave / a mine / something) where the Pack lives. Some sort of Base where send/get the pack members. With some features, for example the increase of the Pack, or various way to get better new pack members (instead to start from Level 0 they could get a better Base level) etc.



About Display Model:

I don't remember well the mechanic of this mod, it was mostly about aestethic without much interaction? Or I remember badly?




Anyway, let me know if you need ideas about features to add (or proposal/brainstorming about the Script mechanic itself)... I like bury people under a ton of ideas...

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I'm just going to point to my post over in the untamed section, and say I'm not really excited for the new features of Untamed 2. :( I'm sorry I'm a wet blanket, but I explained it over there. Please leave version 1 up and downloadable as well, if possible.

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