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  1. Hi skyrimll, First, thanks to keeping this mod updated and working, Secondly a feedback about an issue: I think I have some problem with SD+ and the spectral devices (I've already noted that someone has reported the piercing problem, but mine is related to random pieces of the whole set) If I remember right the spectral devices will last a few hours after leaving the dreamworld, but now after this time I get the magical effect (that quick bubble) and then only some devices get removed, the others remains locked. I managed to remove the cuff with a blacksmith, but collars/gags/e
  2. It's always good to see a good old mod get updated, thanks
  3. Hi everyone, I've been out from Fallout 4 for sometimes and actually lost track about the progression of various type of mods (which is better, which is obsolete, and so on) I should be ok with the basics (sorting mods, weapons, boobs, armors, armorsmith, boobs, etc.) but I want to ask some opinions/suggestions about a modlist for a new game. I've done some research by myself but, as said before, I have some difficulties to evaluate which is better/updated/complete/etc. Here a generic list about which kind of mod I'm looking for: Surival oriented mods Someting that adds an ac
  4. Those are specific quests from other mods, it's up to their creator to add (IF they wish to) the gain of "Whore fame" in SLSF, there are two whole files of documentation about how to interact with SLSF with and without dependancies. About the specific DD device (HR device adopted by DD) there isn't a specific keyword that defines the "whore sign", so, to add that in the gain fame I'll need to create an exceptions specific for that item. Adding and exception for this implies to add the exception also for other, (like the "custom sign", the other HD devices and the "doubles devices" HR and
  5. Hi, 1)Actually it dosen't matter the attitude of the PC, there's no mods that use this features, originally it should be used inside another subsystem that was cut off. 2)The name of the categories as listed in the mcm menu of the Slavetats mcm, for example 'Makeup' or 'Criminal', so you can to all directly in game.
  6. Hi there, need again a tips or two, if there's someone that already worked with Scenes & dialogue in FO4 I'm creating some scenes with dialogue with the PC, the new Scene structure of the CK it's a goos step forward, anyway I have some problem 1)Makes the dialogue Skipable: If I've understood well it could be done ONLY if there's an audio file related (even Silent), it's that true? There's not any mod like "Fuz Ro Doh" or similar system / trick / anything that could avoid me to create 8 billions of mute audio files? 2)Lip files: Obviously I don't have voice actors at my d
  7. Disable the Equip npc and no one get a collar... This is the type of info that you get if you spend 2 minutes to read the description of what you're installing or giving a look in the Mcm... Anyway: Slaverun Comments PlugIn Maybe you should have read the notification boxes in game after installing...
  8. I use the lastest version of almost every mod, but especially for those with hard dependancy with mine.
  9. Oook let's see... Yes, the Papyrus consistency isn't something that want to work seamless, but so far isn't a big problem, eventually I'll automatize the Debugger about. Hi mabuse, Don't worry, this is a support topic, the people look write here it they have problems Anyway, speaking of your problem: it isn't actually a difficulty to master the .esp, it's just the impossibility to manage all the possible variables. Your pc, the configuration of your Skyrim, the possible incompatibility related to the interaction with (or of) other mods, memory problems, etc. I
  10. Muhahaha, another one caught in the web! Look at the bright side: at least it was a good surprise
  11. Actually I'm quite busy, so I couldn't give you any ETA. Anyway, so far, there are no bugs reported; The scheduled fixes are just some new option of customization. So: what are those bugs which you refer to?
  12. Hi guys, little help needed here: I'm trying to realize a mod based on the Vanilla companions, so, I created a 'Config' script where store the variables, etc. Then I've added some properties to stores the Companions. To avoid the "language mess" typical of Skyrim (adding the properties localized in a language that will override the one on the modded game, like "WhiterCheval" instead of "Whiterun" etc.) I've opted for using a Game.GetFormFromFile(Id, file) So, all the companions should be loaded in the OnInit procedure (and those from the Dlcs after checking if the DLCs are inst
  13. Loverlabs alone has extended the life of Skyrim by serval years (not to speak about Oblivion, new vegas, etc.), I think that this is the bethesda way to say "Thanks, do that again". The whole nukaworld is a clear fanservice for modders: Missing mechanics, large open spaces, collars, etc. It's a toy land for modders... The Vault-tech workshop? with a whole, big Vault where play "wierd" experiments on the people.. Com'on! Only with the "optical exam" there's at least 4 adult mods that could be done! And don't let me start to talk about the pillory in the contraption workshop, com'on! No
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