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  1. zax

    Heels Sound

    I forgot all details, but if I remember correctly these lines might not be there at all. You need to find where they are exaclty in some working animation file, then paste them in the one you are fixing. Btw, would really like to see something like that released as standalone mod, I mean Heel Sound patch for some popular heels.
  2. zax

    Heels Sound

  3. zax

    Being a Cow

    I wasn't talking about "workarounds" but the real solution.
  4. zax

    Being a Cow

    Want to hear the real truth? The weight is not supposed to be changed at runtime, ever. It causes 1sec freeze for the player (many things are being regenerated, including head) and is not fully supported for other actors (causes neck seam, head is not regenerated because NPCs use pre-made heads). So preferably the weight shouldn't be touched at all and RaceMenu morph system or NetImmerse scales should be used instead.
  5. zax

    Being a Cow

    Are you also going to remove MME dependency with this update as well?
  6. zax

    Being a Cow

    So everyone's requesting "on all fours" movement but when they see the author struggling with gameplay dilemma related to this feature they don't suggest anything. Why don't you lazy fucks post your ideas? When should it happen, how long should it last, what should it restrict, how would it make sense from gameplay perspective? Btw, I suggest this animation, it has all movement directionals included and is free to use: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/33097/
  7. zax

    Being a Cow

    Why are so many people requesting new visuals when the author has stated multiple times that he isn't 3D artist?
  8. zax

    Barefoot Realism

    In my opinion, rather than punishing barefoot, it should reward it more. Currently theres no reason not to wear boots, other than roleplaying.
  9. zax


    How do you actually handle dependencies and position for assets in Vortex? There doesn't seem any way to move installed mods up/down.
  10. High quality conversion indeed, but why it had to have so many pieces so I can't use it as replacer?
  11. Or you could simply use BodyGen feature of RaceMenu that does it for you by applying morphs to everyone at runtime?
  12. zax

    The Amazing World of Bikini Armour!

    This is incomplete unfortunately. He started to work on much more flexible zap based replacer (sticky post here: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/83383?tab=posts ), but abandoned it just after first 3 armors. We need something like that for SSE!
  13. zax

    Being a Cow

    Find some vanilla Footstep Set (in SpecialEffect section), then duplicate all of it's child elements. You will need to define/duplicate new: Footstep Set (to assign to ArmorAddon) Footstep ImpactDataSet ImpactData Sound Descriptor (here you select your audio file) You can check this mod for non-vanilla example structure: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/44487-heels-sound/
  14. zax

    Being a Cow

    This is very good idea. In case you don't know, its done by assigning non-default footstep set on ArmorAddon: https://www.creationkit.com/index.php?title=ArmorAddon
  15. Can someone paste the link for pin-up version please? Spent 10min searching its enough.