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  1. Nice one, thanks! If you know more feel free to post them too. Found two more backpacks (screenshots only), trying to find what mod they come from: (from screenshot thread, original poster is inactive so can't ask him directly, unfortunately) (from Backpacks of the Commonwealth user screenshots, but it doesn't seem to be part of this mod)
  2. I saw some of such backpacks in screenshot topic but can't find them anymore. They were small and looked good on female characters, didn't cover lower back and butt area like the big ones I found on Nexus.
  3. Is the included Bodyslide conversion made for CBBE-SE or CBBE Classic?
  4. Does it use multiple furniture markers (one furniture with multiple markers) or it's one actor on marker and the other teleported via script?
  5. Just FYI, if we are talking about movement only, animation based "physics" can look much better than actual physics for boobs. The best breast bounce I've ever seen comes from the game called Haydee (many videos on google), and it's animation based. HDT is overrated imo.
  6. You must confused me with "ZaZ Chris" or XAZ again... What I do is programming (and reverse engineering), I'm not animator or 3D artist.
  7. If it's possible to clone the player, it would be much cleaner to swap player controls/input to NPC sitting on player rather than hiding the player under the ground and such. You would be controlling the NPC that rides you, basically.
  8. Personally I don't like any of the random stuff. Mutations should come as consequences of player actions, they all should be reversible.
  9. zax

    Is Anyone Using the Creation Club?

    Only survival mode which I got for free. It's not made by some random modder like other "creations" but an actual Bethesda dev.
  10. Sorry for late reply but you didn't quote me so I didn't get notification. Since you mentioned dll, I'm not sure what exactly would it update for dll based plugins? Updated versions can be quite different, have different addresses, can be compiled with different tools. Also the ones that have source code available are usually free to port, if someone managed to update them (from source code), theres no need for patcher? If I was you I would just focus on .esp format. These plugins are least problematic and such patches could be created by anyone.
  11. So what it's supposed to do exactly? What types of files can it patch and how? Why would I ever want to patch exe or dll?
  12. Considering your sig, I really hope it's private mod!
  13. If it has DLL then it needs update, if it's just SWF files then update isn't needed.
  14. "Differentiation of Adult and Non-Adult mods is bad" - voted this because no one reads Non-Adult sections and since this site is mostly adult oriented all mods should be in main section of each game. "Three levels section is OK" - also voted for this option but only if it's not exclusive to SexLab. If other modders could create or request their own mods sub-sections. If it's SexLab only then it's pointless.