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  1. Hi, I don't post in here often, especially since my computer sort of broke and I can't run Skyrim anymore (Luckily I have all of the data so we'll see what happens once I buy a new computer at some point). Anyway, since I can't run Skyrim the next best thing is to post pictures I've already taken! (BTW the character in my avatar is from an even more broken computer so her data is completely eliminated). -- Lady X is a deranged, completely morally bankrupt, perpetually horny hyper masochist who loves teasing her targets until they cart her off and fuck her into the
  2. That material would be great for blindfolds and gags, too ! ! ☺️
  3. What mod is the dark room in most of the pictures?
  4. Thank you! I have been using your mod for a while now and it's totally great!! T.ara , do you mean that if the assets in kziitd's mod are added to yours the mouth opening won't be tied to facial expressions anymore?
  5. Definitely looking forward to checking things out after release!!
  6. The gags are looking great! If it's not too much trouble, can you check how they look (especially the bandage gag) with the back pushed up and the front pushed down a little? So that instead of being straight across they are at a little bit of an angle. I think it'll help them look more secure !
  7. That sounds great! Keep the versions without knots too, if you can !
  8. It's looking incredible - especially the thin cloth gag! I hope there are a bunch of new gags !
  9. Best of luck releasing this! I've been following your mods for years!
  10. This is seriously amazing, although the cut off legs and arms (the hands work fine) don't totally hide those body parts for me (they do hide the hands and feet). I'm using sevenbase bombshell if that means anything.
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