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    Furries, role play, Skyrim, Fallout, porn modding, normal modding, furry art, computing, computer science, video games.
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    I've been around on these forums (though not always had a profile) since the days when it was called Evee Labs... or something. It had Evee in the name, it's been so long.

    I came here for the Elder Scrolls game, during my first few Oblivion-porn-mod hunts. I started with a shitty text-based prostitution system off of the Oblivion Nexus, and searching for a better one led me here.... though Lovers Hooker didn't come around for a while.

    I first started playing Elder Scrolls at a friends house, when Morrowind was the new thing, on Xbox... and BOY was I terrible! I couldn't do crap without the health cheat, but I learned... didn't properly learn to play these games right until Oblivion on 360, and it wasn't until I decided, a couple years later, "Hey, I wanna play Oblivion again... but wouldn't this be cooler with naked mods?" Naked spiraled to prostitution, rape, bestiality, consensual sex, arousal and more... thanks guys. You made my Oblivion experience something special.

    Next I tried Fallout New Vegas mods, and was happy. Eventually moved to Skyrim sex mods here, recently once Sexlab finally got rolling. Looking forwards to many more years of fun! Is there a donate button anywhere...?

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  1. It would probably work, for those lines involving them jerking off. You could also just add a time delay or something~ It would certainly be a good stopgap in case we can't think of another way, heh.
  2. Praise: The latest version of this mod is so fun! I love that guards will jerk off to me walking around naked~ Request: If I do as a guard asks and stand nearby while they jerk off, my character should get cum on them from a sexlab cum event. After all, some of the lines are things like "Come here, Woman! I want to cover you in my seed."
  3. Welp, that fixed that problem. I still can't get it to TRIGGER during combat, but I'm 40% sure it's me configuring it wrong, I'll just peck at it more. Thanks for the tip. I was operating the MCM sections from top to bottom, heh.
  4. Same issue with the new 1.1.1, still only have "Disabled" for each area. Have a script log. Can't read json, expected a {, every area can only be disabled. I really do hope this works. The mod is a fun concept. Papyrus.0.log
  5. When I boot the mod's mcm no location can be enabled, every location only has Disabled available in its menu. The console also produces an error stating that the .json file cannot be read at time of mcm open, saying it expected like a { or a [ somewhere at the end of the file. Mod does not function in current state on my install. I want this mod to work mind you, it sounds fun. I love mods that you can set to interrupt combat if people get too horny -- arousal based matchmaker is semi unreliable in that aspect to me, but I might have to use it more.
  6. What exactly happens if the player gets hit by a potion? Do the enemies fuck them? I am curious.
  7. Testing data: The comments show up just fine in Whiterun. I tripled fame gain and walked around naked to test something easily fame-able (exhibitionist) Loving the comments from the guards about wanting to see my tits and yanking my clothes off. There are NOT enough mods out there where NPCs randomly strip the player. <3! Nazeem comments. The preacher dude in Whiterun comments (Mr. Talos speech, I forget his name). The beggars comment. Populated skyrim NPCs comment but also do a lot of Public Whore comments... I should really not have so many lewd comments mods installed, hah. Haven't gotten anyone to *fuck* me yet, but then again I kept triggering other sex by accident (bumping to trigger Horrible Harassment, Battle Fuck encounters, Aroused Creatures, etc), so it might just be random chance.
  8. This looks really fun! Are the followers named in the description the only ones that force you into sex as it were? Edit: Immediately after posting this I found the above comment. Please ignore, I'll do some testin'.
  9. Do the NPCs comment or is this just the tracking framework?
  10. I have "Spawn Chance" set to 100% but it still just says "Yuni awoke with a bad feeling, but it was just her imagination".
  11. What animation is that? I've not seen it before. The one in your screenshot, that is.
  12. It says the Tools folder contains the Bodyslide files. I downloaded Furry_Fallout All I see in the Tools folder are BDFurryFalloutTransmogrifier.pas and mteFunctions.pas . Am I missing something? I like having tig ol bitties, and I don't see the bodyslide files here.
  13. Helpful heads up: The trouble that made the last mod author give up was endless people complaining that they couldn't get the MCM to show up. There was some kerfuffle folk had to do of literally installing the old version before starting the save file, saving the game, then updating to the new version, for any Puppet Master MCM to show up, and he got too tired of telling people how to do it. Haven't tried this version yet, just letting you know there will be probably be some people frustrated by the MCM as a possibility, as that was an old problem it had. Good luck!
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