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    Furries, role play, Skyrim, Fallout, porn modding, normal modding, furry art, computing, computer science, video games.
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    I've been around on these forums (though not always had a profile) since the days when it was called Evee Labs... or something. It had Evee in the name, it's been so long.

    I came here for the Elder Scrolls game, during my first few Oblivion-porn-mod hunts. I started with a shitty text-based prostitution system off of the Oblivion Nexus, and searching for a better one led me here.... though Lovers Hooker didn't come around for a while.

    I first started playing Elder Scrolls at a friends house, when Morrowind was the new thing, on Xbox... and BOY was I terrible! I couldn't do crap without the health cheat, but I learned... didn't properly learn to play these games right until Oblivion on 360, and it wasn't until I decided, a couple years later, "Hey, I wanna play Oblivion again... but wouldn't this be cooler with naked mods?" Naked spiraled to prostitution, rape, bestiality, consensual sex, arousal and more... thanks guys. You made my Oblivion experience something special.

    Next I tried Fallout New Vegas mods, and was happy. Eventually moved to Skyrim sex mods here, recently once Sexlab finally got rolling. Looking forwards to many more years of fun! Is there a donate button anywhere...?

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  1. Adetu

    As I see you're still playing skyrim. As kind of an "old friend" (?) I send you an invitation to join my club. At the moment there is only my oblivion stuff. But maybe I will reupload my other mods there in future.

    1. Yuni


      I accepted it but it didn't seem to work. It just reloaded the page. Huh.

    2. Adetu


      I will resend it.

  2. Yeah I meant that mod. 😄 But I always wanted something lighter-weight and with stripping that could happen in places a lot more varied than just those two towns... like you always had to worry about someone potentially yanking your armor off and rendering you naked, so I was happy to see that gal in Solitude strip my armor in this mod.
  3. Bug Report: The Morthaal Text Tattoo (as opposed to Hold Logo) is corrupted and always loads in as a purple "texture missing" texture. Problem persisted across multiple reboots and occurrs when applied manually. Edit: This also seems to occur to the Morthaal "hold symbol" tattoo. Is there perhaps a typo in the file path of the slave tats file for them? Only one "a" instead of two? (Just trying to be helpful) Edit 2: It appears to just happen if I have too many hold-slave tattoos on at once. I wonder if they're super-high res or something. Or perhaps the case of someone
  4. I just found Legutha of Waegmunding (spelling?)... I REALLY like that, how she'll randomly run up and rip my clothes off. More of that please~ There used to be a mod like that, where the player would get stripped by girls in Riften and Whiterun, but after some story content the author stopped working on it. I like when NPCs can yank my clothes off. ^_^ It took me by surprise. It was hot! ... I can imagine her or someone like her stalking the player like "My Fan" does.
  5. To be fair, there's a pretty easy workaround if you want an easy stopgap. Just allow the slider that controls what the max number of days, slide to something absurd. Sixty-five-thousand or something. If someone's skyrim game goes that long, there's a problem... obviously not meant to be used with the "not allowed to leave city" option but still.
  6. I really liked the "Ugh!" sound effect and notification in the upper-left showing I lost skills from someone cumming in me. Can we have the option to have those back, in the MCM please? 😄 Otherwise good mod as usual. Is nice.
  7. Loving the dialogue so far~ Finally tried it, this is great. I skipped straight to being a public whore... and I have a couple of ideas/requests. Is it possible to not have a time limit? I don't know how to phrase it, but I kind of want a mode where you're just STUCK as a public whore. No quota, no time limit... that's how you're going to be treated in town now: No clothes, no weapons, anyone can fuck you if they want to. Maybe the Yarl offers to buy those rights off of you wholesale or something? Or you're made to after being famous enough? I know the quotas are what enforces it, b
  8. I like this a lot. It's a concept I been wanting for a while, from what I've seen on things like Public Plaything by Huan. I look forwards to seeing how this develops. ❤️ I haven't tried it yet, but I'm sure when I do it will be grand.
  9. Sex and such work for me now. ❤️ Love the dialogue and protests and implications. Would be particularly embarrassing if I worked for the Imperials in the civil war. That could be something vulgar. You CAN'T join the Imperials if you've let Rolff dominate you. He forces you into the stormcloaks instead. Opportunities to play my cards wrong and make dumb decisions like this is hot!
  10. This looks hot. I often play an Argonian. I'm guessing by the end of this I'm going to be some kind of public fuck-toy in the mod? Bugs/Feedback: 1:Rolff is in Windhelm, not Winterhold. 2: I'm playing an argonian female and I can't get Rolf to do anything. When I say "Fine" he says "..." and nothing happens. I can't find anything else to agree to, and no sex scene starts.
  11. (Put in a bug report for the wrong mod here) Edit 2: Dammit this is in the wrong thread. Ignore this. Stupid laptop touchpad wrist-bumping.
  12. Is there a reason the Sexy Starting Options was removed? I don't particularly mind -- this has everything I'd need/want out of it -- but part of me gets the feeling something's missing, or that it's an overhaul for stability/quest objectives' sake. Or it's noon and I'm still up from yesterday with a brain made of raw derp.
  13. To answer a question that was asked in the description: Yes some of us are into the spider sex animations and would love you to expand or go further into the spider molesting the player if they run out of stamina in the coccoon.
  14. Request: MCM Menu for configuring things like what options are on or off, or have what likelihood, when you bring a bull to your wife. For those perhaps who like the participation half of cuckoldry (servicing the bull) or for those who are less into male on male but do like watching and being humiliated. Suggestion: A variant where your wife has you jack off to the sight of the bull fucking her, starting a masturbation animation for the player.
  15. I noticed you took my suggestion for the boy toy. Thank you, Deary. I appreciate it. It's very nicely made. Does he have any times where he approaches you, or just when you talk to him? I'm just curious, Extensive Follower Framework (EFF) usually ruins many AI packages so I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing stuff if it exists due to other mods. ❤️ Is nice. Thank you.
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