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    Furries, role play, Skyrim, Fallout, porn modding, normal modding, furry art, computing, computer science, video games.
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    I've been around on these forums (though not always had a profile) since the days when it was called Evee Labs... or something. It had Evee in the name, it's been so long.

    I came here for the Elder Scrolls game, during my first few Oblivion-porn-mod hunts. I started with a shitty text-based prostitution system off of the Oblivion Nexus, and searching for a better one led me here.... though Lovers Hooker didn't come around for a while.

    I first started playing Elder Scrolls at a friends house, when Morrowind was the new thing, on Xbox... and BOY was I terrible! I couldn't do crap without the health cheat, but I learned... didn't properly learn to play these games right until Oblivion on 360, and it wasn't until I decided, a couple years later, "Hey, I wanna play Oblivion again... but wouldn't this be cooler with naked mods?" Naked spiraled to prostitution, rape, bestiality, consensual sex, arousal and more... thanks guys. You made my Oblivion experience something special.

    Next I tried Fallout New Vegas mods, and was happy. Eventually moved to Skyrim sex mods here, recently once Sexlab finally got rolling. Looking forwards to many more years of fun! Is there a donate button anywhere...?

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  1. "If I lose y day job" is really hot. Getting yourself charmed and essentially temporarily brainwashed with a good, hard fucking? Hot.
  2. I would really like this if possible. ❤️ Don't mind my greedy tail.
  3. I ran the CBBE bodyslide sets, but the result is not actually appearing in game. Oddly, it displays the shape in Body Slide, but does not actually display any changes when used in-game. I wonder if I'm equipping the right suit... Edit: I got it working but there's a new problem. ONLY body slide files for the suit and jetpack are included in the CBBE download. The armor itself's body slide file is missing from the main download, and only the FG equivalent is included. Please upload the armor's bodyslide file, as the tits revert to default the second I get into the armor,
  4. Test Data 2: I got the mod to work. Bjorlam fucked my face. Suspected Reason: Using Skyrim Unbound to start "As a vampire" completely breaks vampirism. Derp. I should really give them a bug report.
  5. Testing data: 1) I have "SLSO Always Orgasm" on, so both partners cum in the last stage automatically. Does this also not work? 2) If I use Vampire's Seduction on an NPC, I get the Bite option. 3) Using "Feed" on a corpse (if I install Better Vampires for testing purposes, not present in other tests), nothing happens because you can't animate that actor. 4) Using "Feed" on a companion who has been ordered to sleep in a bed does nothing. It plays the "you fed" sound, but no stage reset, no blowjob animation. Query: Can I have a few common NPCs who *will* react to it, f
  6. How does this work? It doesn't seem to work for me. I have SLSO (SexLab Separate Orgasm), I have no Better Vampires either, I change to an animation after it starts that has blowjob, using SexLab Tools, and when it finishes, still stage 4 vampire. No one is reacting to my vampirism either. Can anyone else who has tested it not get it to work?
  7. I really like Drowns-In-Cum. Wish I could make her a follower, or that she had more to say, hah. :3 She's kinky~ Hey I have an idea. You know that one cage to the north of Solitude? Full of hagravens with a man in a cage who wants to escape before he becomes a sex toy? (Vanilla content, no mods required). You should add a male Argonian or Khajiit there that you can rescue, agrees to become player's boy-toy instead if you rescue him from the icky hagravens. Good way to have a companion for humping a female player (maybe he's very horny/greedy about it?), and good for gay content, if
  8. Testing this myself today. I'm one of the sticklers who has always wanted something like this, and usually use the one Wearable Pubic Hair mod to hide the vagina underneath it when I want to play trans/dickgirl/whatever you wanna call it. My worry is if it will work with beast race texture options that I have, but I will be testing the LE version today, and will edit this post with results. Edit: So far, adding the schlong to my character in the SOS menu, as a Khajiit, is crashing the game to desktop. o-0 Edit 2: Testing continues as a Nord. Equipping the schlong in the SOS MC
  9. Is anyone else getting giant missing object red symbols instead of the Lykaios tail from the HDT tail file? Because that's what I'm getting. I installed the latest CBBE 2.1 version and the base 2.1 verison (not in that order), so I don't know what's missing. Eek.
  10. I dunno if anyone has requested this, but if you're making an MCM, can we have a toggle for which stages trigger it~? It'd like it to trigger as soon as stage 2 if possible. :3
  11. I see "forced stripping" in the new events section and am now very curious~ Edit: I see the info in your post up above, thanks for your continued hard work
  12. I love turning NPCs into furries. ❤️ I'd do yiffy age, but I just cannot get the CBBE textures to work somehow. I do not know why.
  13. How do I actually free the bandits in Service to Art? I loaded my save back to before I spoke to the bandits, and they ask to be freed, but I can't figure out how to actually make it happen.
  14. I like this mod overall, particularly with the incremental losses, I'm the one who commissioned Huan to make his expansion, he showed this to me. I just wish you hadn't removed the option to lose skills on orgasm during consensual, not because it makes a ton of sense, but many mod authors do not properly flag what is consensual and what is nonconsensual. From SlaveRun marking *literally every sex scene in the entire mod as 'rape' no matter how eager your character is*, to Troubles of Heroine forgetting the feature exists and marking everything ever as consensual even wh
  15. Ya know, on doing the bard artist questline "Service to Art" (I don't recall exact name), when the bandits in the jail talked to me, they said "you should set us free so we can rape you like you deserve"... that's hot and I kind of wish I could do more for/with them. Hah. I also like the guy who brags about fucking the player, in the Windhelm Inn, that stuff's great too.
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