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  1. The new seeker leech animation looks awesome.
  2. It's always a good day when Cass appears in a new (mis?) adventure. Will any of the old characters be making a return? or is this a full clean slate? You made some fun characters and situations. I fully understand if you need a clean break though and can't wait to see what you come up with.
  3. Both chapters were really great.
  4. That final shot is just perfect. lol
  5. Now that is a face of evil. I would run in fear if I could just stop checking out her butt.
  6. I died when I got to the part about books and using her likeness.
  7. That ending was great. All the poses and watching the looks on their faces was most excellent. That was one hot Christmas gift that kept giving for days. Thank you!
  8. Those expressions and body language are very nice.
  9. These shots are very well done the characters just jump off the page.
  10. I have not been keeping up to date of late I just wanted to say the tentacle animation looks great. That werewolf preview back in September looks quite fun as well. I hope you can find a better work environment in the future.
  11. I had a good laugh at the loot room commentary. Some real nice action scenes.
  12. Digging the lace bits it makes that armor look cute on her.
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