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  1. Lol, yes chickens is on my list along with cows, goats, horkers, wabbits and slaughterfish. I give mad props to those that made the animations for them. But in the case of chickens, rabbits and slaughterfish I just end up laughing way too much. Thank you for the reply.
  2. Everything is working for me on a fresh start. I am really digging some of the new options. For the Allowed Creatures I have 5 or 6 creatures that I just don't have animations selected for. Would that number be small enough to deselect and not see too much of a performance drop?
  3. Rock&Rule

    More Nasty Critters: SLAL Edition

    Ah good to know. Now hopefully I remember all this when I get the itch for my next attempt. The Stark textures really set these two apart from all the other canines. Between this one and Better Skyrim Wolves which goes off the husky body as well I have some nice variety. These two look clean and the wolves look like they've been working out.
  4. Rock&Rule

    More Nasty Critters: SLAL Edition

    Thank you kindly! After adding the F along with a 0 to skinForm and arousedArmor. Then making the other changes to race it showed up correctly. I was looking at the screenshot guide and making changes all of yesterday trying to figure out where I went off course. I'm glad to know the guide works for SSE too. The last couple mods I played with in Oldrim already had the json file so I only had to mess with the meshes and textures. Thanks again for the assist and all the documentation you put out. When I got to the last part and saw the screenshots for the json file I was sweating bullets. If I had attempted that by hand it would never have worked.
  5. Rock&Rule

    More Nasty Critters: SLAL Edition

    When creating the json file for adding changes to creatures is the modID, ModName and skinName player choice? I've been trying my hand at editing a couple changes in SSE for Meeko and Vigilance. I had no issues swapping out the meshes and adding the CF spell. But I just can't get the package to show. Neither mod has Race in the file so I pulled that from RNAM. I wasn't sure if I should add race to the esp or not. I know you're version is LE so don't want to bug you too much. I just wanted to see if I had messed up on an obvious step.
  6. Rock&Rule

    Show Your Skyrim Counterpart III

    Starting fresh in SSE. I miss my high elf but with racemenu I can't rebuild her just yet. Someday I will hopefully be able to import her head and she can live again. But for now no matter what I did with elves they looked horrible. My best effort had more of a cartoon or anime feel. So a breton it is to start.
  7. Anubiss is busy with real life work and all the projects are on hold for the moment. Just wish him well and hope he has a chance to return to this side project in the future.
  8. Rock&Rule

    Final Post and Hiatus

    Lmao, Tetsu's eyes and the shot with the tears made me laugh until I got tears. I feel you on the Skyrim reinstall issue. I spent the last week making a version of Oldrim be as stable as I could get. Everything looked good so I wandered out in the countryside for a good hour before my first crash. Every load after that the game was just getting worse and worse. My biggest regret is giving away my copy of Win7 and upgrading to 10. The chaos that haunts even the simplest installs no matter how many hoops you jump through. I am making one last attempt on SSE as that ran stable for me on 10. Any ways I've been following and enjoying this blog for quite a while now. Thank you for all the effort you have put in.
  9. Rock&Rule

    Chapter 50: Hunted (4/4)

    Well done! I don't know why the updates for this blog don't pop for me anymore. But I was quite glad to read the latest four parts in one sitting. The fights as always were incredible. Thank you, for all your hard work!
  10. The mimic previews look awesome. But the drunk masturbation looks really great! I can't wait to see these in game.
  11. Rock&Rule

    Chapter 49: Infiltration (6/6)

    A bit late to the party but chapter 49 was nicely paced and the action was great. This arc has been very interesting and fun to read.
  12. Rock&Rule

    Chapter 49: Infiltration (2/6)

    That was really great in the castle. Glad to see Sylvia finally get pushed too far as well.
  13. Try, help "Mounted Riekling" or help mounted Can't confirm that is right but should be close. Sad fact I've never made it to the rieklings in any play through. lol
  14. Rock&Rule

    SH's bound animations SLAL pack

    Ah no worries. I was thinking with the changes to MNC the wolf and dog animations were set up to be compatible now. I probably misread that somehow, it wouldn't be the first time. I summoned a faithful death hound to scratch that itch.
  15. Rock&Rule

    SH's bound animations SLAL pack

    I have to say I really enjoyed the start of the second stage. Everything lined up and looked good. The only issue I had was I was only able to make wolves to do the animation. I cycled through all of the animations on a couple different dogs but never saw it. Wolves it was in the list. Not sure if it's just me but figured i'd mention it.