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  1. Damn that is serious you know FOW had to be bringing in good money too. Looks like they are using bitcoin now. That is kind of troubling indeed if companies are going to jump on the bandwagon to look good.
  2. Rock&Rule

    Chapter 52: Beastly Assassin (2/2)

    Sir Waffleton! That alone had me giggling. This seemed like a good long chapter with a lot of nice shots.
  3. Oh my... Those do get the heart a fluttering. Very nice work I especially liked seeing the egg briefly at the end of the chaurus scene. Seeing the motion of the cocks was so good too.
  4. Rock&Rule

    Out of Controll.

    The look on here face in the last panel says it all. Good humor and once again saved by Bat.
  5. Those all look excellent. I was really surprised by the ice wraith animations. I saw some of the flame atronach previews a while back but can't remember seeing those.
  6. Rock&Rule

    SSE Screenshots and Character Shots

    I like all the face details.
  7. Rock&Rule

    Apropos 2

    For the tattoos you need SlaveTats. It handles all the after effects of an encounter. There's a lot of packs in downloads but the main is 1.2.3 and that is what you need I believe.
  8. Wow that is a truly innovative idea. I hope so much modders run with this.
  9. Rock&Rule

    Apropos2 Poll

    I care for SE because I have to. Honestly I miss Apropos and quite a few mods from my LE load order. But if you are not running SE or interested in it do you really want to have to support 2 versions? Also will you want to do incremental updates every time they update Creation Club? I truly feel for some of the mod authors and those carrying on updates. Each time Bethesda rolls a new update out. Same posts your mod is broke! Why you no update it yet? You broke my Skyrim!
  10. Rock&Rule

    Apropos 2

    I run on SE because after upgrading to Win10 Skyrim was no longer friends with me. I've gone back and trimmed my LE load order down and down further even. But once it goes bad it no longer is fun. SE as much as I hate to admit it with the god rays and silly shit runs well. The crashes are much less and I am still running off my older graphics card. I do miss Apropos those messages gave me a lot of joy. I also miss the much better HDT mod with the finely tuned collisions by Bazinga. Sadly after going from 7 to 10 my choice is LE with no sex mods and graphics trimmed down. Or SE which misses out on some of mods I had but runs so much smoother for me. The true downside to SE is having to keep it in offline mode as every Club update wrecks havoc.
  11. Rock&Rule

    Chapter Eighteen: Hospitality.

    The shots for the kick were quite good. I couldn't help but laugh.
  12. Rock&Rule

    Chapter 51: A Demon Appears (2/2)

    Good to see you back in action. I can't wait to see what the future has in store.
  13. Rock&Rule

    Trick or Treat!

    I had a good laugh with this one. Well done!
  14. Those flame atronach previews look awesome.