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  1. Here are the the videos by AsteriskAmpersand (Who also provides the modding tools) I found on the discord that I used to learn: https://streamable.com/re9x6y https://streamable.com/xk1ukb They both cover the same thing, the first one is more informative but the second one shows more of the physics-copying set up. There's another video on there that deals with fixing weights if they break, but I didn't use it so I don't have it bookmarked. The blender plugins and any other info are on the discord. The folks over there are really helpful too.
  2. It's not super difficult to merge the futa mesh onto another armor mesh, just kind of time consuming. There's a lot of info about merging armor meshes and preserving physics on the MHW modding discords: https://discord.gg/gJwMdhK & https://discord.gg/ppXcNmk (NSFW) I managed to add it to the EBB bone armor along with some wyverian feet and hands, and I'm arse at using blender: (Not released because permissions and there are a few small issues to fix that I can't be bothered to for my own use)
  3. Any chance I could get a copy of this RomeoZero? Really bummed out that I missed it. The original animation was really well done and I've been hoping for a fixed version forever.
  4. Horse level was my work. I had intended to upload it after adding sound effects and maybe a randomly chosen girl feature but never got around to finishing it. It's also wicked small with poor animation. I haven't played in a year but I'll see if I can dig it up and post it for people to use, along with any hard-to-find characters I have. I also just found out that Mugen Archive Thanos'd pretty much all the lewd content, a lot of which doesn't exist anywhere else. All because one of the Moderators wasn't happy with the effort people were making to censor their descriptions and they didn't want to put up an age gate. He even has a post in the announcement section saying he'll straight-up ban anyone who talks about it on their forum. Who knew building a centralized community and then cliquing it up with donation/contribution-based privileges governed by a few individuals would ever bite anyone in the ass...
  5. It looks like the shoulder and antenna off the Construction Power Armor mod scaled down and kitbashed onto some other cyborg arm. Probably a custom job. After further digging it looks like a mod from last year by MunkySpunk who I guess decided to never share it.
  6. Well, noodtiddies released an alternate animation for Miriam to absorb shards through her crotch earlier today, so maybe alternate animations for the werewolf grapple and others will happen eventually.
  7. Anyone can do anything they want with these resources provided the result isn't monetised in any way. If anyone just wants the hooves though better meshes have been uploaded by other people since I shared this one, such as those used by Mihail's Succubus Mod on the nexus which I keep meaning to adapt to my deerfu or to a Satyr character if I ever get back to Skyrim.
  8. There's Vault Alternative Suits for that half done-up look.
  9. Paint.net is also good, it's what I use whenever I need to do any texture editing, with occasional touch ups in Gimp if explicit alpha editing or colour indexing is necessary. Both are 100% free as well. Not as feature-rich as photoshop but good enough for my amateur requirements.
  10. I've played it on and off for a few years now, it's definitely all kinds of fun, whether you play it for the crazy fighter match ups or the sexy stuff. I'm still kind-of-half-assed working on sexifying Juri Han, which I shared here, and I also recently managed to make this horse sex stage out of an old Art of Fighting stage but haven't uploaded it anywhere yet because I'm still trying to decide if I have the motivation to do some sound effects for it or just leave the AoF music in. The sprite mashing I did for the horse animation (sprites taken from Hol Horse character) isn't perfect but it's good enough for me.
  11. I'm not aware of any such list unfortunately and not sure one would be feasible considering how decentralised the hentai edit community is. The best way I've found to find them is just to download the latest NSFW version of a character you can find, get FighterFactory, and check their animation groups for 15952. How do you get the group finishers? I've seen them in a few characters' animations but haven't found an aggressor/attack combination that triggers them yet.
  12. Great! Juri's always been a favourite of mine and the fact there wasn't a decent hentai version of her was a travesty. Glad she's working okay so far. By default I think Mugen uses A,S,D,Z,X,C keys for attacks and character selection (to accommodate six-button fighters) though I remapped them to a gamepad and haven't actually checked. You can remap them in the options menu.
  13. I heard someone liked missionary? I hope the sprites are up to standard. I've just updated the link in the original post above. I'll do the last bara animation next (Standing doggy I think) and then probably start making a few more characters compatible with her femdom footjob. Likely starting with Minotaur.
  14. Thanks! I'll be working on the missionary next. Including her in a full game really depends on when the next one's uploaded considering she might not be feature complete for a while, I don't have a great deal of free time to work on stuff like this at the moment. I'll keep her files up to date in that post above though, and I've uploaded her to MugenArchive so it shouldn't be too hard to find her. That's a Kuromaru finisher which I believe plays when Kuro beats someone with a H move. It's character specific though and has to be animated completely for each character so a lot of characters don't have one, and they're all different in content.
  15. Oh man, this right here was a real blast from the past. Since my ancient graphics card in my main rig quit last month this thread prompted me to redownload the game on my laptop and see what's new. There's so much more eye-candy available now over the last time I played (still prefer the low res CVS style sprites though) but while there are a bunch of new aggressors, including some femdom characters finally, there still isn't an up-to-date hentai Juri Han and that's just unacceptable. So, for myself and anyone else who likes terrifying dominant ladies, I've started working on a Juri edit with the typical H animations plus a dominant footjob grab (Activated with a+b). She still needs a tonne of work but considering how ass I am at art I'm actually pretty happy with how it's turning out, minus some of the unavoidable clipping. I've packaged my current progress with an Alfred character who I've added the appropriate sprites to as well. Gifs: She can be downloaded from Mega HERE. (Currently compatible with Doggy Style, Missionary, Cowgirl victim animations and has one footjob aggressor animation.) Credits Base Character: Chuchoryu w/ edits by Prime SC Nude body references from Sexy Juli character sprites Tutorials by gettag, dmanbro and gay3000 Documentation references maintained by Just No Point in The MUGEN Docs Master Thread on MugenGuild Vorse_Raidier for some fixes/improvements to animation group IDs and states, and for making her grab usable by the ai
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