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  1. Nazzzgul666

    Site questions, comments, and suggestions

    Since you requested it: how do i turn that off? Imho it's annoying af to get a windows notification everytime anybody writes anything in topics i follow while i do something else.
  2. Nazzzgul666

    Being a Cow

    Not getting tats isn't the point, the point is that i'm stuck in the machine and it doesn't progress. I could get the tats when i hit 't' and wait some hours, but i'm still stuck.
  3. Nazzzgul666

    Being a Cow

    Hmm, i'm captured the first time (in this playthrough) and there seems to be a problem, not sure if it's my game. I'm supposed to get tats but it doesn't happen, in console BAC keeps spamming updates for MME. From papyrus log this is the most relevant entry i found that sounds kinda bad: ERROR: Array index 2 is out of range (0-1) Here is the full log. Papyrus.0.log
  4. Nazzzgul666

    Devious Followers (7 August 2018)

    Finally got ill and had some time to play, yay! Some minor (at least non game breaking) stuff: 1. Wearing the follower belt, i'm unable to use/switch buttplugs, afaik that's intended by DD even with open buttplugs... so if i agree, i have to reload since i can't unequip that belt on my own. 2. Not sure if intended, but whoring out doesn't seem to trigger with that open belt. I'd say there are still two holes for use, but i guess that's taste if it should work that way. 3. When beeing whored out and shared, some filters would be appropiate i think. DF started a threesome with me, my follower and a horse, which imho has three problems at once: a) There is no such animation, my character just stood around b) It doesn't make much sense that my follower is fucked when she makes me a whore, she should be excluded. Only exception would be if you trigger Leitos MFC animation where an NPC holds the PC down while PC gets fucked by a dog, that would fit, but i'm not sure if that's possible without making it a requirement (or better, if alternatives work if not installed). c) creatures... i don't have a problem with that in general, but i think that might better be a fourth stage? I have something in mind like either agree to that as a next deal, or if owned: 4. I couldn't find the CBBE files for the whore armors or the folder for custom armors... how exactly is that supposed to work? 5. When i bought out of the... ownership? The deal to wear a belt, collar and something else, my debt was increased for not wearing the tings while DD was still busy to unequip them. Imho checking less often in general would solve that and be ok, but at least a timer when ending a deal would be nice for low end potatos like mine.^^ Maybe a "performance" button like in cursed loots MCM to have both options?
  5. Sexlab light is eigentlich schon veraltet und viele mods funktionieren damit auch nicht, das war ne version die umgeschrieben wurde bevor es SKSE64 gab. Allerdings machen wohl updates SKSE regelmäßig wieder kaputt... wenn du sowieso planst mehrere SKSE mods zu benutzen würde ich jedenfalls eher Sexlab 1.63 Beta empfehlen, da gibts wieder die volle Funktionalität.
  6. Not likely, no. XPMSE is the skeleton.
  7. Nazzzgul666

    Devious Followers (7 August 2018)

    Race maybe? I didn't try it yet, but if it searches for names i guess that my horses are in german would break it, while MNC/creature framework/Sexlab don't have problems since races are the same.
  8. Actually they do, the preview has a slider at the top to show other weights than max. Just move the slider to min, then do your changes there.
  9. None of those has anything to do with a skeleton so no, not likely.
  10. Nazzzgul666


    Oh, sry to hear that. If you need more ideas for Skyrim, i do have a couple.
  11. Nazzzgul666

    Devious Followers (7 August 2018)

    Yeah, so far my rather uneducated guess is still the same for me, but it's also what i really want to get done as a minimum. My further plans would still be quite linear for direct interaction, but i hope some smaller things like little dialogues between my follower and other NPCs plus some situational but still random comments will make up for that.
  12. Did you mae the note & stuff yourself or is that a mod i can download? Looks intresting.
  13. Nazzzgul666

    [Closed] Feet sunk into the floor

    Hm, actually i'm pretty sure SGO doesn't do that, i've been using it in almost all my games. Belly can be problematic especially if cum inflation is activated, but i have FHU for that anyways.
  14. Nazzzgul666

    No animations?

    It would be better to ask this in the SE section. And probably it would be better to use Sexlab 1.63 instead of light.