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  1. Yup, after quite some scrolling i found the answer in Billys thread, thanks though.
  2. So i download both original and the newer one to have all or are there too many doubled then to be worth it? Do you know? Thanks in any case!
  3. Not really an issue with this mod, but which pack has 4-5 some skeever animations? I think i once had them but cleaned up recently and now i can't find them anymore.
  4. I'm pretty sure i already had a pack adding those, but after adding mods from scratch and cleaning up a bit i can't find it anymore... anybody knows one?
  5. Something i'm quite satisfied with is There are CBBE versions too somewhere in the thread, you have to read a bit if you want that one. It turns pretty much everything into lewd/partly naked at least. Otherwise... you might want to have a look at TAWoBA (The amazing world of bikini armor), i think there aren't any replacers that make every female wear them but at least a method for leveled lists so some will... mostly bandits and the like then, women who actually wear armor rather than clothes. There are only few screenshots but i think it replaces every single armor into something
  6. It already reduces damage (and pretty much everything else) a little bit by default, you an just raise the values.
  7. Other characters? I'm not familiar with this quest at all, i reloaded and tried again like 5 times and at least Alvor never gave it to me, i reloaded an older save before the update and got it just fine. I think something in the update process is off, but i assume it's because the update doesn't have a merged version and i had to rename the .esp from TroublesofHeroine.esp to TroublesofHeroineLE.esp to keep running quests going. Not sure if i should have renamed the .bsa and other files too... if you could make a new merged version that would help i guess.^^ I never tried using wyrebash to
  8. With my mod list that wouldn't work i guess... Having a dominant follower makes spank that ass for example just better having them bumping into you.^^ And that they stand in the way for a short moment is fine for me, i don't think i ever had them blocking something for long. And for short... it's a dominant follower, so... And i don't need easier battles either, that's what i have NADE for.
  9. That's not really an issue in my experience with vanilla AI followers. I mean, it... *is* so far that they might not be there when a battle starts and take long enough to get there that the battle is over before they arrive, but they shouldn't get actually lost. At some point they'll just be warped to you, not sure what is the condition. Distance, i think. With submissive Lola it can be a little problem as it has mechanics, that... well... you need to be close for the forcegreet to happen. You get a message that your follower wants to speak to you, but if you just jumped down a cliff and he ru
  10. Same, i'm having male followers for a while now... since i installed ToH^^ It's totally worth it in other regards too, though. The amount of quests added is almost overwhelming, and while many are rather short... the main page says it adds 170 000 lines of dialogue and i think that's outdated already xD It usually doesn't force you into anything, i think mostly because the author doesn't know how so a bit of roleplay is required most times but... all important parts work pretty nicely, considering the amount of stuff. For example, other than submissive Lola or DFC followers won't forcegreet yo
  11. As Nicole i'd prefer at least not to switch from stable to experimental right now, but tell if you need somebody to test it urgent.^^ That sounds... contradictive? Like, there are 2 humans, 2 wolves and 2 horses... having it 1 human, 2 creature 3 human would mean no horses? Also... for chain rape with multiple actors, could you add a slider for "Max x times" or so? Regardless of poor horses, chainrape can be tiresome if it goes on too long. xD For followers... having a slight clue about your taste, i really recommend Troubles of Heroine, it adds so many followers for all tastes
  12. To cheat you don't need to use console, you can simply go to inventory and drop it.
  13. Huh, after playing quite a while and already having been the public whore a few times, i wanted to try the quests but Baalgruf lacks the dialogue to work for him... i'm not sure why, i have a couple of mods installed that add lines to him and these all seem to be there. Can anybody tell me at least if those are only avaivable if the other conditions for public whore aren't fullfilled yet? Did anybody else have this problem? Everything else seems to work fine, although... the updates are still *really* often, my game didn't break but maybe a performance button in the MCM how often PW updat
  14. I read a few times "X has interactions with A, B." now, do i need EFF or some multi-follower framework for that to work? Or would it also work if they just meet each other? *Edit: Having some issues after updating, Alvor won't give me the book about dragonborn anymore, and his diagloue won't change so i can't trade with him... I'm not sure if something broke during the update or of there's something wrong with him. For the update i downloaded 2.1.1, dawguard and dragonborn, renamed the 2.1.1 esp to LE like the merged version and put it at the same place in my load order. Without rena
  15. I tried twice, one time i had 7 bottles in inventory (with one already there when i entered) and 10 dirt, the other time 8 bottles and 10 dirt. If that's not a common error my best guess would be that RND changed something about the bottles... but it's also pretty common and ToH is after RND in my load order, so i don't know what could have caused that fail. *Edit: missed there is an update ❤️ Is it save to simply upgrade to the new version?
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