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  1. Shout Like a Virgin

    Some thoughts i just had while reading some pages back (bibocous suggestions), rather random and not connected to anything special. Advantages for getting DibellaExp (or whatever) could be to be naked, aside from beeing not a virgin. The obvious option might be to get armor/damage resistance but there already are a couple of mods that do that. What would be rather exclusive is that enemies - get distracted and drop their weapon - get calmed (not long, just a few seconds, but with higher abilities with a chance to forcegreet and ask for sex, dancing, punishment?) A "no" will make them hostile again, a yes may leave them calmed)
  2. Nur hoch/runter liegt in der Regel daran das du noch im Kampfmodus bist. IdR sollte ein mod der sexlab startet das beenden, kann aber passieren das es grade lagt (ein paar tausendsel sekunden, muss nich sichtbar sein) wenn der Befehl kommt und dann nicht klappt. Generell ist es ne gute Idee vor dem Sex aus dem Kampfmodus zu gehen, nicht nur in Skyrim. *und es gibt noch tfc, entweder per console oder sexlab hotkey starten. Standard is glaub ich NumPad 3.
  3. Check other mods for assigned keys and change it either there or in sexlab. It works with defeat in general.
  4. Slavery Issues (Multiple Mods)

    Simple answer is: don't load saves after uninstalling script mods. If you want to play a quest mod like wolfclub and uninstall it after that, start a new game at least after uninstalling it.
  5. Advice for a complete noob?

    I'm rather hitting a wall with the creation kit, but this is where i'll start once i find the patience to deal with it: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3038-papyrus-for-skyrim-guide/ While learing by doing isn't bad, imho reading about options and limitations and theory in general is always worth it in the long run.
  6. Whiterun Brothel Revamped

    Which mod is that?^^
  7. Lich Evilynn

    1) Sounds good. I could either imagine it as a curse for something going wrong, like a failed conjuration (due to wrong ingredients rather than because a lack of skill, obviously ;)) 2. I wouldn't try too hard to keep the game playable. In theory it's a nice idea, in practice many (but not all) mods suffer there at story telling. I prefer a good story than freedom.
  8. MO2 is buggy and unfinished, while MO1 is done and quite free of bugs. There is no reason to use it for legendary version.
  9. Stuck in T-pose

    Did you remove old FNIS or at least make sure the path for the .exe points towards the right version? Did you run it? What does the report say?
  10. Ahh, that's why the icewrath animation looks like a giant dildo. Ok, seems you already checked out everything, thanks for considering, though. I guess i have to check out your slaughterfish animation at some point, but currently i'm at 499/500 animations... not sure if it's worth to install your whole pack for that single one.^^
  11. Stuck in T-pose

    Wait, so you just opened the folder an run FNIS from there? That's not how it works, you need to add FNIS as an executable. There are plenty vidoes on youtube how to do that.
  12. Ohhh, good to know. I have Billys pack, not sure if up to date but i haven't been in any dwemer ruins since ages. Anyways, it might intrest you that there are some animations probably nobody else has. Mudcrab and icewrath, even slaughterfish and whisps (yes. the glowing balls, not whisp mother). Not sure if you too have a faaible for strange stuff or just dragons and i have no clue if it's possible to take assets/learn from the animations, but i'd certainly be glad about some more (polished) stuff of these.
  13. Somehow i missed your answer or forgot to answer earlier. Anyways, as far as i can tell they should be in "AnimTester", that's what i have installed and it added animations for Dwarvensphere, icewrath, Mudcrab and a couple of others. It adds it's own MCM and the animations are registered to sexlab automaticly. Honestly most of them aren't that good, but at least i can go to dwemer ruins and rely on Defeat rather than decreasing difficulty or activate god mode.
  14. Problem with ZaZ and DD Quests

    for the sounds, there is a "gag sounds fx" mod somewhere on this forum, this fixes it at least for SL animations.