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  1. Another thing you might want to change, or at least keep in mind: XPMSE should always overwrite everything else. It currently does so, you can see this by the green + next to it, but in general you should keep it pretty much at the bottom of the left side. Right side doesn't matter afaik, if you're not using the animations that come with it you could just disable the .esp there, it's a bit resource hungry and not necessary. You can also see sexlab is overwritten by something by the red _. That's not necessarily bad, a few mods do that on purpose (papyrus util is included in sexlab so that would be one, shouldn't be necessary though), but you should check it. Finally you seem to have the legendary version, but you have at least two mods for SE installed - SL Pleasure SE and SL Cumshot SE. Don't mix mods for different versions, you always should install only mods for your version.
  2. Nazzzgul666

    Mod Organiser & Bodyslide

    MO2 is made for SE and FO4, if you're playing Skyrim legendary there is no real reason to upgrade from MO1. Since it sounds like you have to reinstall it anyways, going back might be the best solution.
  3. Here's the thing, though: If pillory animations make more sense than armbinder animations depends a lot on your game, i.e installed mods, settings, etc. i'd really appretiate if a modder who wants to use an armbinder for a certain scene in a quest would still be able to make DDi a requirement without requiring a lot of bound animations that will never be used in his mod. I don't see why those bound animations have to be within DDi instead of a SLAL pack or something. I'd like to have the possibility to use them, i'd definitly have them in most of my games. But not necessarily in all of them, especially if that means i can't play or make a quest mod that is supposed to use both ZAP 8 and DD, or something similar big. DD itself is NOT the complete game overhaul, it's a framework and doesn't do anything on it's own. And imho it would be nice to consider that there are other mods than Cursed Loot which are not the complete overhaul, but still worth playing.
  4. Nazzzgul666

    Maria Eden

    Offered armors aren't the problem - the problem is that pretty much every armor has an animation attached to it, and Skyrim has a limit how many animations can be added. Actually there is most certainly more than one limit tied to animations (or animations + something else, nobody knows for sure right now). In the end this means you can - install DD + ZAP 8 and you're fine - install DD and SLAL packs and you're fine - install ZAP 8 and SLAL packs and you're fine but if you try all three at once... you'll get to the braking point pretty fast. Unfortunatly, both t.ara and Kimy have no intentions to offer any reduced versions and are just adding more stuff. Despite nobody knows that limit and what exactly counts or how much, it's possible (and according to fore very likely) that it's not only animations that count and ME might be another big thing reducing that limit. Or not.^^ But Kimy made clear that she does not recommend to make DD and Zap 8 or higher a requirement because she expects at some point in the future those two alone will fill or even break the limit. Btw, breaking point means CTD if you try to start a new game or to load a save. Since fore doesn't know the exact reason, he can't add a warning in FNIS, at least not yet.
  5. Nazzzgul666

    Tropical Skyrim & Slaverun

    The post where both worked is from 2015, i don't think you're even talking about the same mod, since slaverun itself is terribly outdated and always was more or less buggy. In case you actually try to use slaverun, try slaverun reloaded instead. Note that v3 is beta - unfinished and probably some bugs too, but v1 and v2 should be fine. No clue how to change stuff or about tropical island at all, though.
  6. Nazzzgul666

    S_L_U_T_S Redux

    I totally understand that but on the other side... a lot of people modding on Nexus are at least lurkers here too. Might be worth the try, worst case that could happen is that the answer is no, and while i don't like to be refused either, well... the outcome for your mod can't be worse than not asking. Or add an "experienced pony girl" perk after a couple of jobs. Pulling carts gives strong legs.
  7. Nazzzgul666

    Bodyslide Preset Find

    Should be possible with CBBE, but it might be Manga body. Second Dojo_dude though, i just want those outfits.
  8. Nazzzgul666

    Need some mod suggestions

    For lesbian animations, afaik there aren't that much... but the upside is that for 2 females Sexlab will just add a strapon to the male part, i'm fine with that and then you can use pretty much all animations. For toggle futa on/off: there is an equipable horse schlong, put it into SkyUIs favorites and attach a hotkey to un/equip it, i'm not sure how well that works actually in sex, though.
  9. Nazzzgul666

    Enslaver mods?

    I honestly never tried the slaver path, but Slaverun reloaded offers a way to play as a slaver. Depending on the version (1, 2 or the betaish third) and gender, you might struggle to stay a slaver instead of becoming a slave. Difficulty increases from 0 at v1 to not that easy at v3 afaik.
  10. If i may make a suggestion (might be more work than worth it, though... not sure): If she becomes a milk maid via MME and her breasts increase even further, her top will "explode", switching to something like an open corset rather than a top. Bonus points if i can use that outfit for my own character as well.
  11. It might be worth mentioning that MO 2 is the 64 bit version - and left quite buggy by it's original creator. As far as i've read some guys do a good job in developing it further, but i assume their priority is still 64 Bit support (SE version, FO4,...). If you just want to play Oldrim (or be on the save side), i'd recommend MO 1.3.11 instead, that is the latest version for 32 bit games like Oldrim. I never tried MO2 honestly so i can't say much about the current differences, but i could imagine that not every video showing how to do things for MO 1 is still exactly the same for MO 2. If you don't want to switch, at least keep that in mind.
  12. Hey nazgul


    thanks for replying to my message, i have a total of 10674 animations in total, if i install DD 4.1, i crash on game, but if i remove a big animation pack out like NSAP and Sir Nibbles Animation, then i run it fine with no problems 


    out of curiousity, whats your total animations according to FNIS, im assuming your using XXL 

    and how many SLAL packs have you installed, i use NSAP to fix leitos double dildo animation for females, his SLAL version is broken, and he will not fix it at the present

  13. It's most likely rather Skyrim than FNIS, but since nobody knows the exact reason for the crash, fore can't make FNIS check for it - so no, FNIS won't throw an error. Didn't try the new riding styles, those might have a bug on it's own (not saying it does, just it could ). But for the other parts: what we know is that there are different kinds of animations, and each has (multiple? seems so, not sure) lists where they are stored. Appearently at least one of these things has a hard limit in the Skyrim engine, but nobody has a clue which one. Hopefully we can figure this out and optimze the way those animations are either registered via FNIS, or how the lists are created, or,... anything^^ I'm not sure if i got you right, but did you mean that with only 9k animations it still crashed and removing the mods you mentioned didn't help? That would be a different outcome and might help to figure out what's going on.
  14. Nazzzgul666

    Crash while loading save game, at wit's end

    Nope, he wasn't wrong. Doesn't say anything about this kind of error. There is some kind of error that will always lead to CTD regardless of loading a save, starting new game, coc you anywhere etc if you're above a certain amount of animations that is not the same for everyone. Nobody really knows why, which limit, which animations (or why even some mods not adding animations seem to reduce the limit), but it's definitly there. FNIS won't throw an error about this, since even fore doesn't know why that happens it's hard to check for it. The limit in general seems to be between 10k and 14k character animations. Creatures seem to count extra or not at all. But upgrading DD from 4.0 to 4.1 has lowered the border quite a lot. You're right about MO, though. There is no way somebody installed and configured MO in 10 minutes and by now i'd consider the whole installation screwed.
  15. Nazzzgul666

    crash at starting new game or new save game

    Did you delete the data folder before reinstalling Skyrim? If you tried with no mods activated in your mod manager that either means you have mods installed not controlled by your mod manager or your installation is fucked up.