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  1. Nazzzgul666

    My saved games have a quirk

    Not necessarily. Those old keyboards are really lowtech which means... put them in a washing machine (for dishes, not clothes), let them dry and you're good to go. Works at least for spilled drinks, less good on tobacco which is the reason i actually buy new ones every now and then, but... i always try to get one as cheap as possible to stay low tech.^^ I've decided to stay away from logitech since i had a similar problem with my mouse though - it stopped working sometimes. After i've changed everything except case and keyboard at least once on the whole computer piece by piece (mouse first, then power, then mainboard and cpu,...) i figured out it was a bug in the keyboard.^^ Annoying as fuck, i can't forgive them that.
  2. Not an animator, just curious: (I like to use my own female facial animations) How do you do that exactly? I've tried that a couple of years ago and all i found was to apply expressions via console when the animation is running... not really what i want. And who is the girl with the eatiful smile?
  3. Nazzzgul666

    Sexlab Animation Loader

    Uh, that might be possible. Never heard of that but i guess there aren't that many XPs out there anymore. Not sure if the author is still around, did you try to ask or check the .ini? Honestly not sure what to look for except a comment "Change this value for XP compatiility" or something, but it might be there.^^ Imho it does a great job not only for the string limit, i also enabled an experimental feature to split memory which required a new game to work properly but that increased my stability a lot.
  4. Nazzzgul666

    Sexlab Animation Loader

    String limit is solved by crash fixes, but i'm around 500/500 (human/creature) and the lag is quite bad already... still within the "i can live with that" category, but i wouldn't add more regardless if it's possible. It's better to do the effort and be a bit picky which animations you actually add.
  5. What do you mean by "I can't talk to anyone"? You know you're supposed to go through the gag talk?
  6. I still would have to upgrade to DD4.1 first which i won't.^^ At least not until i need to, which isn't the case any time soon. Even if i finish this playthrough, i still have something like 10 games on steam i bought and never even started, plus around a hundred from my brothers library, so... i'm really not in a hurry.
  7. Nazzzgul666

    Armbinders for Normal Animations

    In which MCM do you change that?
  8. Nazzzgul666

    Follow That Thing

    Still didn't get much attention, but recently i had to think about it just to learn that it doesn't work the way i hoped for, soooo hopefully little request? The change i'd like to have is making it work with a race power instead of a spell, just like the SGO III menu. That way i can still use it when my hands are in an armbinder/yoke. Then summon Vilja the same way, tell her to lead the way to <city> et violà: at least i don't have to run those errands tied up like a mafia corpse in a carpet on my own and just enjoy the view instead. :)
  9. Read about it, but i'm pretty much never eager to upgrade anything. Since i don't give a shit about my lvl or any vanilla quests solved and just start a new game every few months or even weeks with upgraded versions but almost never upgrade anything midgame i don't have any stability issues anymore which i really enjoy. The only reason to upgrade DD right now would be Devious Followers, but that upgrade would require a new game because my version is ancient plus when i finished this mod i wanna finish Viljas quest which isn't compatible with DF, so... i guess i can wait for an official DD4.2 before i have to think about it.^^
  10. Nazzzgul666

    SexLab Pheromones

    I agree SLA is already a requirement of half mods here on LL, most people won't notice at all if there's another one... and i'm one of those guys who don't really bother to adjust anything there, i considered it way easier to adjust cursed loot to value arousal less.^^ So for this mod i wouldn't oppose it but i'd really want to be able to make settings here as well. Something like "above arousel X, there is a Y% chance to add random pheromones." with allowing to turn it off entirely. To adjust SLA itself i considered it too difficult to find proper settings still fitting all mods using it, or to put it better: for a couple of reasons i want to run around with high arousal most of the time. I'm not very eager to find alternatives to all of this.
  11. Nazzzgul666

    Things In The Dark MODIFIED

    While i always support such suggestions, a imho good alternative here would be to support third party mods triggering rapes, like cursed loot, SL Adventures or Scent of Sex or something. With support i mean make sure that scenes don't break or are repeatable in case of doubt, maybe add messages to "show" now they could be turned on/should be turned off OR even better, put the dhl-suspend command around the scenes where random rapes and other stuff shouldn't be triggered. If you want to read about the command, an quote from cursed loots description: There are a couple of mods accepting this command, so this is imho always something nice to have - especially if you turn it off sometimes so rapes can happen.
  12. Uh, afaik it's the same age old version out there forever, FHU 2.0 and NiO Beta 1.11. I'm still playing with DD4.0, though. Except for a test profile i never upgraded to 4.1, imho the additions weren't worth losing that much animations. But i don't think the plugs were changed that much, so... maybe you could just start a new game and try if it's just the save? No need to change anything on your setup so that should work with NMM too if you don't have MO to setup a test profile. If it doesn't work there either we might compare load orders or something, although i never intentionally placed FHU anywhere specific, just let LOOT do it's thing.
  13. Ah, if you wanted only animations that aren't included in SL itself that works too, ofc.^^
  14. Nazzzgul666

    Big mess I guess

    Well, actually... reinstall from scratch might not be necessary if you use MO, but i'd give up that save. Reinstall everything from scratch won't rescue that save either. best shot to rescue any save would be to check which mods where installed on a save before you messed it up, reinstall them, then load that save. Any save after that is... even if not entirely lost probably more work to get it working than just replay everything.
  15. Nazzzgul666

    Armbinders for Normal Animations

    Ok fine, and now explain how you tell DD that it is supposed to keep the hands behind back during SL animation where the hands are animated without changing it's code. Actually even with changing code that would be nice to have, but it's not what vietra did obviously.