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  1. I don't really think it was a problem of needing a reset, it happened the very first time i got defeated after installing it shortly before, on several installs... might to to export and reimport, though...
  2. Oh! Uh... yes. For that case, sounds about right. For some reason i thaught it was for inspection or something like that. I dunno what made me think that, a brainfart got stuck?
  3. I know what you mean by that, for me bug reports on the Nexus are fire & forget, either somebody does something about it or... not.^^
  4. Mh, i do have a problem with defeat in my current game, i tried both Bane masters version and the old original 5.3.5 which always worked fine so far for me. After getting raped, PC just sits there for a while and gets attacked even before i can get up again. In theory the just sitting there and sobbing for a while would be fine, if i had a chance to get away before the NPCs become hostile again. I'm using Defeat with Daymol, maybe there is a setting i forgot, or something weird going on with my load order, i dunno... does anybody have an advice? Load order: Just for the records, i didn't even have a follower.
  5. I kinda feel bad for saying this, it feels a bit like you put too much effort into this one. It looks great, but keep in mind this might happen rather often and is just a little thing, i think that's one of the cases where less=more. Depends a bit on how Monoman wants to implement it, but if it happens often, i'd prefer it simply shorter, honestly. In my opnion animations (or anything) that are a bit lengthy and get repeated often tend to become annoying, while short things stay enjoyable through many repetitions. To be very explicit... imho: move arm from chin to leg at second 7, maybe 8. Stop entirely at second 20 or around. Ideally even shorten the entire thing to 15 seconds, but i wouldn't know what to strip myself so that's kinda impossible i guess. And ofc just my opinion, i don't really feel entitled to have a say in this at all, but since i plan to use it... i'd at least like to give my opinion.
  6. It doesn't allow you to choose and isn't really an alternative to SL tools imho although i never used it for starting animations, just switching. But for the sake of testing it would be worth a shot i think. Once you confirmed it is/isn't a problem you can still think about how to solve it if necessary, maybe trying a different install/load order,... I'd definitly start with disabling the XPMSE.esp, though. If that fixes your problems, i'd say you don't have one anymore. You might still want to report is as a bug that'll eventually get fixed then, i'd be surprised if you somehow are the only one having it but i know a lot of people using LL mods disable the esp because usually we already run so many scripts. So maybe it actually went unnoticed.
  7. I have some ideas... for once, did you try it ony with XPMSE and without Succubus race? If it works regardless which one you disable, that would hint that there is a conflict you didn't fix yet, maybe only after one of them updated. Another thought is... you don't need to enable the .esp of XPMSE to have the animations working, it's only for stuff like carrying and using weapons differently. I usually disable it by default because it causes unecessary script load. Another idea is... did you maybe accidently download the SE version? I noticed Nexus tends to do that if you just go to download instead of manual download. I don't think it's related but who knows, after many years there is actually a new version of the creature pack, double check it's up-to-date. And for the chance it's still somehow related to SL tools... is a good way to test orgies. I didn't use it in years and i'm not sure which version is best( and if one works with SE and LE like the name suggests), but if it works like intended you can just go into a crowd of people, cast a spell and you're good.
  8. Imho it would be nicer/better fitting if, after bending over, she'd stop moving her torso and just put her hands against the legs, then stays a moment longer, maybe with twerking. Maybe that's just me, though, dunno.^^ Good work, though, thanks!
  9. And as you didn't mention it... you also need a skeleton. And you likely will want a body too.
  10. I hope that doesn't refer to useful DD tags in general. Turning the filters off in DD is one of the first things i do when i set up a new game, mostly because it breaks creature animations but also because of the hard coded list. And then beeing able to manually search for appropiate animations via SL tools is a huge improvement imho. I'm very much up for something like a "Yoke" tag, for example.
  11. I forgot these exist >.< I stand corrected.^^ Afaik DD doesn't use tags at all but a hard coded list of animations and there are no intentions to change that. Or do they use tags to chose from that list? Dunno. Possibly, still... i'm not sure what the purpose of that tag would be. Imho something like F(em)dom/Mdom + consensual maybe should do the trick in any case, keep the current conventions and be more accurate? No strong opinion on that one, just a thought. I agree with the kneeling/standing thing, at least in that example. BJ + kneeling should give away the male is standing, especially when Laying is used for those where male lays down, regardless if female is on her knees there as well. ACK. I do like it when i can either do a quick search for those when it fits and switch, and possibly exclude them in Defeat in general.
  12. I feel like i'm doing some "Lack-of-kink!" shaming here but anyways: Bondage on it's own... doesn't say too much. Like... cuffs? There's no point using it at all, i don't see why it would matter if you have a ring around your arm during an animation. They aren't that detailed? But what does matter if it's a yoke holding your arms in one position, an armbinder in another, or some other options like beeing tied to some furniture/tree/whatever. Same for specific furnitures, imho it would be better to be able to search for a certain furniture that currently makes sense in a specific scene. Like, PC is standing in front of a pillory/already inside, then an animation with a hanging rack or cage starts... that would be off? For most furnitures it doesn't make much difference as there's only a single animation anyways, pillory is an exception though and i think there are some more now, i'm not entirely up-to-date. In any case it doesn't have anything to do with DD as a framework, though. For their filters they use a hard coded list of animations and despite my efforts i couldn't convince them otherwise which is the reason turning the filters off is one of the first things i do when setting up a new game. Imho it's still better that i have to change the animation via SL tools than missing half the animations i have installed, plus it's completly broken for creatures if the filter triggers at all, it's a bug but they refuse to fix because they don't support creatures... or even acknowledge that bug. Defeated... i'd keep, although i'm not currently sure if it's actually used that way. It may be a difference if the victim still struggles or not, for some (potential) scenes, though. For Defeated i'd rather say no, while agressive... potentially, at least? Might be similar to faint but there's still a difference between not resisting/struggling and beeing out. Generally speaking, as a user i'd rather have more tags than less. If for no other reason than so that i can search for them in SLATE and add tags they are lacking imho, or misspelled, or whatever. I agree some are a bit messy, though.
  13. Ah, thanks. And yeah... that SLIF lacks any explenation is one reason i never really used it, and on top of that when i tried it the first time some years ago, either EC+ or hormones or both in combination with SLIF multiplied my breast size to a degree that they were bigger than my torso and i couldn't find a way around that. Simply by installing SLIF they'd change their size massively. Likely due to a lack of understaning how anything works there i couldn't make it even look like before installing, which quite pushed me back from using it.^^ Reading and changing the NiO.ini and changing settings in the MCMs so even combined it wouldn't look too terrible was much easier imho. xD I'll see where i get without.
  14. Uhm... i guess i don't need answers to all my questions, but... will it just work if i remove SLIF?
  15. Here is the gap xD. I'm aware there are (were?) different methods for shape changing, it's been a while that i have bothered with that at all, though. Afaik now everything just uses NiO and that's as far as my knowledge goes, more or less... That's what i did until now, i honestly just installed SLIF because your MCM said it's easier to read from SLIF, i thought it might reduce script load. Is it save to uninstall SLIF mid game? Just for claryfying... wouldn't that depend on the base value i've built in bodyslide? Might not matter at all since i wouldn't even know how to change nodes instead of using morphs, i guess. So.... here is where you pretty much lost me. If i got that right, neither me nor any (modern) mod should change nodes at all. Is that right? Afaik i didn't, if i want to change my body in hindsight i either simply change weight via race menu or, if that's not enough, i go through the hassle and rebuild everything in bodyslide. And further, the node values are my base, the morphs come on top of that changed by mods. Did i get that right? If so... why would i need to generate a made up node value? For what reason would i want to use something else than my actual base values? Is it still relevant in my case? Do i need to do that for the "To...(max)" values rather than the "From..(base)"? So... after your explanation i have a raw idea what might be meant, although... maybe not. If i got that right, i trigger all mods one after another, let them cause maximum breast size, estimate the size my boobs have, then go to your MCM and set fake nodes for all of them so SLD has a maximum value for all mods combined for the "To...(max)" value? Still if i got that right... why visually estimate and not just take the values from the respective MCMs? Is it even right? And if i got it wrong and it's meant for a "From...(base)" value... wouldn't that... contradict what i want to do? Isn't the minimum supposed to be the, well... minimum, rather than the max?
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