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  1. MaryJane, you are a life-saver. Impeccable timing on your part, I won't go into details but your release kept me from shutting the computer down. Thank you so much and I am looking forward to seeing these in game.
  2. I love this high school that Jolie made for Fleabottom, I wanted to show it but the pics do not do it justice sadly. There are actually two schools in Fleabottom, one is the rabbit hole that the younger kids go to and then there is this High School that Jolie created. It has everything you need for a KW Prom situation as well as the KW classroom situations.
  3. Thank you for the update and info Jolie. I will be checking it out shortly.
  4. Thank you for the update KSixNiner, looking forward to trying them out in game.
  5. That looks good too. I don't think of it as a fail, you are doing something others are not and I for one am happy with whatever I am given regardless of the outcome. ​By the way, my sims/simettes love your "doggy counter" positions. When I see them ask each other for Woohoo, I follow them with the camera to see what they are choosing and where and they sure do like to use that one lol. Was going to do a wrap up multi quote but since I haven't really posted on this site in a very long time, I kind of forgot how so I apologize for an additional post but wanted to leave my comment on the sneak peek.
  6. Thank you for your hardwork Maryjane. As for it being way too fast, I actually didn't see it look like there was an issue. You can pretend they are "Jackrabbiting" lol but honestly I think it looks good.
  7. Long time, no see Thanks for sharing photos with us Thank you maraas, you may not have "seen me" but I saw you and still continue to see you everyday with the "thing" I told you about, that I read everyday as inspiration. You're welcome for the photos, thanks to Jolie for giving me the lots and giving me permission to photograph and post on them.
  8. Jolie has given me permission to post a sneak peek on two buildings that were created for Flea Bottom. The house from Psycho and The Bates Motel. I was telling Jolie that as I was looking at the rooms in the house I could actually visualize Norma Bates in the kitchen, the living area, the bedroom etc. Tonight when I was looking at the Bates Motel that Jolie gave me this morning, I visualized Norman Bates behind the counter reaching for the keys to a room where an unsuspecting visitor might meet their untimely demise. Then there is the office in the back where Norman had a safe and kept wallets of victims and other items. I looked at the front area and visualized David Davidson driving up to get a room to have an affair with a secretary named Mary, his name made up because he was actually married to Mrs. Loomis. Now Jolie has advised me that the Psycho house sits on a 30x30 lot and the Bates Motel is a 50x25 lot, if I am wrong then Jolie will correct me. Make sure you have room for these two when they are released. Jolie has also advised me that the Bates Motel makes a great Brothel and that the sims seem to like it. Woohoo for the Woohoo! lol
  9. Thank you Jolie for the update. I hope to try it soonish
  10. Thank you Jolie, was wondering if anyone was keeping up with teasers while I am MIA
  11. Hello CandyApple, I'm sorry to tell you but at this time they are just puppies. Who knows what KinkyWorld may hold though later down the road.
  12. You're welcome FzzyDg8, sorry to take so long to get to it.
  13. Teaser Time With O'Rain Here are some items from releases over on Patreon. 1) Global Settings (I believe I have teased this before) 2) This is where you need to activate your settings for certain features, once those are activated under Global you need to go back to Services and complete the activation for Rape and other services there. 3) Gender Preferences are now located under Global Settings 4) A preview of all the different options under the Gender Preferences 5) New features that are currently in testing phase only. Shemale and Android. 6) Pregnancy hours can be altered. 72 hours is the default time. 7) Horse Pregnancy More to come as I discover it.
  14. Kretti, I am not sure what you mean by "it's a little bit invisible than....". Are you talking about the greyed out message and the notooltip item that I covered a few posts up? Or is there something else going on? Is it that you select a position and then nothing happens at first? You have no position to select? A bit more info is needed to trouble shoot this for you.
  15. This message means there is no animation for the item you are trying to use. See attached piece from the Reference Guide.
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