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  1. as the creator of this mod, i can say its dead until at least a few DLCs are out. CK3 feels too bare for me right now
  2. i thought the biggest issue right now is there is still no means for coupled animations between 2 models. The animations that exist right now is limited to 1 character and the way the 3d models are rendered are in fixed positions in in the character screen so there is no way for 2 characters to "interact" with each other animation wise. Until modders find a way to reliably render 2 characters in the same spot of the gui (even if its a fixed t-pose) we cant even begin thinking about animating.
  3. definitely need a modder to see whether there is a quick fix to these like upscaling the breast bones or something. its ridiculous how we can have obese npcs, transexual npcs, super buff male (and female) npcs, npcs that literally only wear denims shorts in public but the entire world's pop is made up of female npcs we either a A or B cup and B is considered big.
  4. carn trait modifier wont cause crashes any longer - the previous crashes were caused by some parts of the mod not playing nice when trying to replace a subsection of a mod file ( you can replace some sections of vanilla files but things become buggy when you try to do the same for mods) his crashes maybe caused by similar issues from 1 of these mods in the list
  5. The devs for the carnalities mod may be adding an arousal stat in the near future. the arousal stat which will impact yearly stress gain will be a much neater and easier method to keep the game balanced. Hence i'm waiting for that plus more mods and expansions for ck3 before i develop this mod further.
  6. i think before we even start animating, we would need a better skeleton and body mesh. ck3 body mesh is almost turd standard when you see what skyrim's meshes are like
  7. Semi works. So homosexual and bisexual characters will get preferences for their same sex traits too (girls will like tits, guys will like dick). The only caveat is due to how the current trait system works by pdx developers I had to set preference traits to be consider “opposites” of their corresponding traits. What this means is that it’s impossible for a gay big dick character to like big dicks, he will only ever like small dicks vice versa small dicks/tits characters can only like big dick/tits characters of the same gender as them there is no ass trait and I’m not intending t
  8. looking forward to that. i tried to add a new attribute on my own (including setting the blendshape) but it doesnt seem to work so ill patiently wait and hope you create an option for breast on clothes to match the nude breasts on milky versions. Also would it be possible to set up the mod to play nice with carnalities? carnalities has a file that morphs breasts into smaller/larger sizes based on whether a character has big/small tits, its easy to replace the beauty trait to the tits traits from carnalities and while it mostly works i still find the occasional big breast level 1 chara
  9. i just updated the mod to v1.7 and i believe i fixed the crash on start up bug (at least on my end its 0% crash on start up after 20 tries now) can you try it on your end and report back to me whether it works?
  10. im happy to incorporate someone's else's code if they want that option since i know my mod has expanded to more than just trait modifiers. but i wont be doing that myself since i already got quite a long to do list that and limited time.
  11. After fiddling around with your mod, i was wondering whether the clothing scaling is at its maximum? Would it be possible to add yet another layer of gene morph so that breast size for clothings match characters when they are nude and using the extra milky version?
  13. Yea I figured out the issue. Paradox created a modding feature that allows users to overwrite sections of a file/script in the game without entirely overwriting the whole file. the problem is this feature mainly works when overwriting pdx base files. When it comes to overwriting mod files it sometimes doesn’t play nice. there is a solution to this which is that I overwrite the entire file rather than just a section of it but what this means is that at the end of the day I’m gonna have to update the mod every time carnalities changes while of the files I modded.
  15. yea i loaded up the blender last night to try to see what could be done easily. I made a slightly bigger breast base mesh for the nude body as a trial and that worked well. problem came when i tried to do the same for clothes. there are just too few vertices giving you blocky like breast on clothing meshes and when i try to increase the vertice count to have better defined edges they spaz out into an abomination in game for some reason. just gonna have to wait and pray some god 3d modder can solve this pickle for us till then
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