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  1. I heard that Kinky World build 408 is last update for this mod, so I'm curious if it stable enough to use..maybe someone here have that last build and can share experience about it?
  2. Oh my...so maybe here is the reason why my game crash from time to time . I have both of these mods I had no idea about it. Thanks for letting us know @namaradus.
  3. Welcome back TwilightStorm. I'm glad to hear that you okay
  4. Update your winrar. It's common issue when things get packed with newer version and you have the older one. Your's winrar simply outdated and cannot open it, so it gives such messages.
  5. Oh my I didn't know this. Really sad I wish all the best for him and hope that his mom will get better. soon .Thanks for letting us know, cuz I wondered what happen to him.
  6. It's not only about requirements....the game version (pirated or not), the other mods you use may have impact on game performance and stability. The truth is that sims 3 itself is very problematic, it was created not on the best engine...Storm just uploaded new version so go and check., maybe things will be better this time.
  7. Good to know. I would really like to have breastfeeding mod...but since nobody did animations, nobody care to do it
  8. Geez, what is wrong with people these days...If they or she/he don't like passion or can't get it work there are other alternatives like Kinky World or ....GraphicalXTS simple mod....I didn't get all mods I want to work as well, but...I don't throw a shit to creators, cuz I know that mod the sims 3 is difficult and mods usually conflict with each other, so you have to choose preferences. ..You simple, CAN'T have all... I wish TwilightStorm all the best, he's the only one free adult mod creator here, who spending his freetime to improve this mod and share it with us. He could go on patreon like Oniki did and don't give a shit on rest of community, except those who pay...but he didn't. And I'm really glad. And it pains to see those ungrateful people...he didn't deserved that. And...Thanks
  9. Thanks for update Storm 😘....and sorry about some toxic people in here...I hope it doesn't knocked down will to go further. A lot of people here (including me) appreciate what you are doing. You did outstanding job with this mod 😊
  10. Thanks guys.When I open a game, I will try to do some tricks
  11. Hey TwilightStorm, I don't know if those are issues or I do something wrong, but things with shemale sims doesn't work well for me. Lately I tried to create transgender woman (for the first time), I downloaded cmarnyc penis for female (Alternate Nude Bottom, cuz I heard that this one is compatible with sex mods like yours and Oniki's), in a game I marked fem sim as shemale and added her nude outfit bottom with that penis, but...here the problem starts. 1) When shemale enter the passion, her/his penis stays soft 2) When I ended passion actions shemale sim cannot change her nude outfit to regular one. i tried change it using your outfit changer and wardrobe, but nothing happens. When I reset sim it become invisible O_o Currently, I am using passion
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