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    I love Skyrim, TS4 and Borderlands and The Long Dark!! and other than games i like to swim, draw, go to the movies and hang out with my best friends :) x x x x x x x x
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    Some of my bestest times was being at summercamp in Knoxville, TN. hot summers, bugjuice, horseflies at the open pool and Corndogs! and of course...schmores!! ♥

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  1. Thank you very much for your informative reply. Its a shame there isnt a way to set all females to have be futa. But it is what it is. Your method is helpful and i will try this. Thank you again.
  2. May i ask whats in the special animations? i dont mind soemone messaging me if its not soemthing that can be answered here, i worrying i am misisng out 😶
  3. Hello everyone. I wanted to ask or get help in making all of the females apart from my own female sim futa. I know i can go into CAS and individually edit a penis onto a female via the clothing section but i cant chnage their actual gender as it says i cant edit an existing sim. Is there a way i can just add a mod or click something in WhickedWhims settings or somewhere that will make all females other than my own sim have a penis please? 🤔
  4. A Pet Lovers club if thats possible. Would be so fun to be invited to a kind of Zoo club and hang out with other sims who have pets and 'share' 😊
  5. Hello. I play a female ( none futa) character in Sims4 and i interact with male and female npcs. Is there a easy way/setting or a mod that will turn every female NPC into futa? Something ideally i do once and then its set for all? I know i think i can go into outfits of a NPC and set it via clothing /layers and in the NPC gender settings but doing that for every female i encounter individually each time is annoying. I was hoping there was a way to just change one setting that effects ALL or a mod that makes every female except me FUTA.
  6. Hi. Erm today i tried running my Sims4 as i havent played in in many months. it has mods in the game and when i loaded into my home i got this pop up saying these files was missing : sims4modsettingsmenu.package sims4modsettingsmenu.ts4.script It then says to close the game and to install them. I have no clue if they was in the game before or where they went but can anyone please help me and tell me how to find them or install them please?
  7. ok i am confused. my screenshots look fine yet on my screen i have aweful shadows around everything. Does anyone know why a screenshot looks ok yet ingameit doesnt? what could do that? why would a screenshot look 100% fine yet the game itself look horrid?
  8. Hi. I loaded up my Skyrim SE game today as per usual in MO2 and no new mods added or any changes made. When i loaded it up everything had a nasty edge to it and shadows and lighting looks so odd. i tried starting the default Skyrim SE from Steam and it looks fine. I then tried uninstalling every mod in MO2 and loading it in case it was a mod but it still looks aweful. Can anyone help me with this? soemthing has changed and i dont know what. Its not my graphics card or driver as they are up to date and all other games are fine and the default Skyrim SE looks perfect. But now running Skyrim via my SKSE in MO2 looks aweful with or without mods. I have the up to date SKSE files. I will try to attach a screenshot.
  9. Thank you for your kind anmd informative response. Not sure why people have an issue with the question i asked but as always the mod developer is the kind professional one. So thank you, your reply means a lot and makes full sense
  10. For one i was NOT asking you and i was NOT trying to trap anyone. get a life dude.
  11. hello, I have always loved having Animal Mansion in my plays and in the past used the older versions BUT this new one looks amazing!. I am wanting to ask out of curiosity and just to get a feel of timelines for future use, when is the expected or hoped availabilty for a mostly finished version aimed for? I understand a date cant be given exactly but just kind of trying to get a feel for realistic expectations
  12. Hello everyone. I wanted to ask if there is any mod that will add cocks to female Draughr and female Falmer at all making them futa? I often find the females get involved sexually with me in defeat either 1v1 or in group sex and often they take one of the male roles. I would love to futa them somehow to have the same mesh and texure as the male versions of those races. Does anyone know if and how i can do that please?
  13. Hi! I wanted to ask for help please. I wanted to be able to interact with Dogmeat and any canine in the fallout world. I am not interested in any defeat mods or sex with humans. Just to be able to talk to any canine and ask for fun. I want to keep the bare minimum mods to do this. Not wanting to 'play' with any other creature neccasarily. I think the mods i need are as follows but could soemone that knows exactly what i need and especially any mods people forget they need that they do or things dont work. And also mods from the AAF guide that i dont need if i just want casual sex with canines. Obviously i want to see his genital mesh and want the animations to work fine. AAF SexEmUp -( so i can ask/talk to them and request sex ) Creature packs 1 and 2 ( and any other animal animation packs with canine anims ie leito) Looksmenu ( do i need this?) ZaZ Buffout4 ( do i need this?) BodyTalk ( do i need this?) Thank you!
  14. I think i may have found the issue. Console is removed in Survivial mode so only way to get it to work is to add the mod from nexus that allows it. my bad.
  15. Hi I have no idea why but i have no console command working in FO4. I looked on google and it stated i should add the line : bAllowConsole=1 To General as it wasnt in any of my ini files. then the activation key would be either ` or '. But for the life of me i cant get any console up! Anyone know what i need to do to make the console work in the game please?
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