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  1. I cant seem to nderstand why but this mod always crashes my game. I have tried it without this mod and with various setups. But everytime i have tried this mod it crashes, just get a freezd screen and CTD. Without this mod running its flawless. Anyone know if there is a known bug or issue?
  2. Hello! Is it likely or very unlikely that Baldurs Gate 3 will ever get any fun adult mods? Graphically its a pretty game and at the moment in early access but just curious about its potential LL future.
  3. This mod works flawlessly for me . thank you MaryMuir2
  4. Hi Billy. Just wanted to say thank you for another awesome update I also really wanted to say a HUGE thank you for making your SE version as well. I wish other animators on here did that. Not everyone is skilled or clued uyp about properly converting animation packs or any mods from LE to SE so thank you again, it means a lot to me as i trust the conversion. Pfiffy has been a star in the past doing this for people for other animators so also a thank you to him too.
  5. I think i found the issue. I had recently added more animations and did do my FNIS and all thats required. But it might have derped Sexlab. So i basically rebuilt/cleaned Sexlab in its MCM menu. It reinstalled Sexlab and the problem went away. So all i can think is that by updated a animation pack which in turn added a few new animations Sexlab had a brainfart and did that high in the sky trick. Now its running just fine. weird eh? So anyone reading this, rebuilt/clean your sexlab if it ever does that and see if that fixes it like it did me. Thank you Mez and Heroine for replying and helping.
  6. Hi. Can anyone help me please? All of a sudden today for no reason at all i can think of my animations are acting up. Now each time any animation starts be it consentual, aggresive, human beast anything, it goes to a loading screen at start and i am waaaaaaay up in the sky above some giants camp. I then fall to my death!!! I have tried swapping out the teleport at start option in the Sexlab Framework settings and either with it ON or OFF it still does it. Why is this happening, and what is causing it that i can fix please? HELP!!!
  7. Not sure if your using any Mod Manager but make sure the animation files are in the right folder. Then when you run the FNIS generate Tool it should find them. 🤔
  8. Thank you so much for the awesome update Billy. I personally love your animation style and approach and with the animated genitals mods available out there and your 'REDO's its really great!. My own opinion is keep doing what YOU enjoy and do best and how you want to do it, then you will always keep the fun and passion in animating
  9. Well maybe try this as this helped me recently. Use the very latest Creature Framework version. But dont install the latest MNC. I installed the older one ( 11.4 CSE) then test it out. set your arousal setting in the general section of Framework on your MCM to about 15. Then go into your SL aroused mod MCM and set your self as an exbitionist and your curent outfit to 'naked'. Then linger around a Draugr or any creature and they should get aroused pretty quick and show their 'schlong'. Hope that helps. So short answer for me it was my MNC ( More Nasty Creatures) that was messing me up, not the latest Creature Framework.
  10. Hi Tasairis!! Just wanted first to say how excited i am that this mod is being re-woken and updated as i always loved this mod but felt it was never fully finished or loved. it needed more flesh and detail and immersion. I have a bunch of random ideas and stuff and might all be junk and silly but i wanted to at least throw it all out there just in case anything caught your eye. if not then at least i got to vent it al out hehe. I think maybe it would be cool to have a way to find the mansion, ie a mini begining quest or story or way all be it your not adding the whole 'build it and they will cum' thing. I like how couriers contact a player asking them to visit or a NPC might be spoken to about the place in some Inn or even just a way you come across it. Maybe your 'quest triggered' when closeby the location that you tired and looking for a place to rest and this gives you reason to 'knock on the door' so to speak. I love canine interaction so yes please to varied canines. i love the huskies but i do like the defauly dogs too so please if possible add both. I have always had a thing for stray dog stories or kennels where the girl is seen as a bitch. So the dog sale was my favorite. I cant remember if its animal mansion or bestial essence but one of them had the mission to go to Riverwood to help Lod with his horny dog. I LOVED that mission.quest. so any thing more like that YES PLEASE! Maybe as huskies are adored by the Dawnguard then a visit to the Fortress? or a camp where you help ease their huskies? or they come to the mansion mid-journey to rest their huskies? Trolls have really nice animations as well and make great 'pets' when calm and friendly so maybe more Troll intergration into quests or story? Dialogue is my favorite thing in this game. I play very immersively so take my time talking to people as well as reading books and notes. I feel the best mods are those that draw you in as part of a story, not just a tool for sex. One great example is the mod ' Thief'. Really nice story. So please lots of care and TLC on NPC interaction. I also love the Prostitution mod by Gigolo. I love serving food as well as the sex as i feel a part of the Inn and important in my role. So maybe other roles in the mansion like serving, cleaning, wood collecting, shopping at the local town ( Falkreath) . Maybe small side quests jobs to still get supplies that COULD lead to unexpected encounters on the way or in town or link into how you meet NPC's for future quests? Being so close to Falkreath i feel its a shame not to use that town more as it has a farm, cemetery, blacksmith, nice Inn, shops, pretty stream and forest. If you do make the mod playable for male players, could this be soemthing you choose in MCM? i ONLY play as a female so would rather not find all sorts of male player content in there breaking my flow. I think also just making sure this updated mod is bug free and stable. I have seen so many great mods fall away or avoided simply because they are buggy, broken or bad for any load order or conflicts. I have so much more i can say and ideas filling my head but so far, thank you and i am excited to see where this goes.
  11. Hi. i play on Skyrim SE. I am now finding a really annoying sound that is begining to drive me crazy and i cant find a mod that removes it or a way easily too. Its that drum beat that happens everytime i create/make soemthing at a cooking pot. I dont need a loud drum beat each time! its like soemone is hitting the bottom of a metal trashcan each time i cook! Does anyone know of a good SE mod or a easy way to stop that please? 😟
  12. If that post isnt clear enough then people cant read english 😁
  13. I love this mod but i really hope and wish it gets updated. I would adore seeing comments from Followers, Guards, Settlers maybe and even from some other enemy factions like Supermutants and synths! I hope this isnt now dead.
  14. Could anyone skilled at this and knows what they are doing make a zip version that will replace the posters in all vaults please, a vault poster replacer? I have messed about and just broke stuff I would honestly love it and i know others would too. PRETTY PLEASE!!!! 🥰
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