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Girlvania (Adult Game)


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It looks alright but the price is a little much on low income and let's just see what kind of content (if any) comes in the future to justify their tag. I like the idea, it's not another D-Dub thank your maker! So it could end up being good, the art style is nice, not trying to be realistic, has animated holes instead of clipping or already open vaginas too it seems. Neat-o. Maybe one day, maybe one day. I'd like to see what else they'll cook up over time. This seems like an improvement from their last product so far.

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My only griefs with the game would be if 1) You can't mod it 2) you can mod it but your expected to pay for the mods 3) there is no automatic F*** feature. Lol, kinda hard to fap and move the mouse and mash the keyboard at the same time. Now if I had a 3rd arm maybe....

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So I saw this post while looking around for more adult games. Since some of you were asking for game-play features I can help since I have this game.


The game-play is all right. Its not ground breaking and its not the most detailed. There are a plethora of positions and toys to use, along with girl on girl duos and three ways using "fealdos." I can post screen shots if any one wants.


I ended up paying 40 bucks for the game and...it's...not really worth that price tag, I'd of payed 30 at the most, if given the option. Animations are fairly strait forward, I really wish there were more expressions. The voice work as well could have used more love and care. The quality is slightly distorted but only very slightly, not to the point where it sounds like an amateur skyrim modder with a clipon net mic did it. But its certainly not sound studio quality.


At 40 bucks though you get full access, kind of. You have to progress through "education" tutorials which teach you how to use the games toys and positions before you can access them in 'free play'. They action for using each is exactly the same so it can get super repetitive though.


One thing that bothered me about it though was an animation glitch with vaginal penetration, the vagina spasms erratically some times and it happens often enough that it can get bothersome.


If any one wants to know more I'll happily post some screens like I mentioned before.

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I have the game and if u love all lesbian sex (like myself) it's great. There is an auto fuc* so no need to worry, runs well, lots of custimization, plenty of poses and the physics are good. Also there are some cool animation the girls do when ur not having them fuc* so thats good too. All i have to say is if u like lesbian sex only get it if not then pass this one because there are no males in this game, its exclusively girl on girl.

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Okay. I have a really superb, logical, and genius idea. Why not, in stead of a company or individual wasting all there resources on people, like us. Who are obviously too opinionated to give an actual answer, based on our own closed-minded nature. And use such technology to design diversions based on criminal like-minded rapist and pedophiles. To lower our national crimes. So these innocent individuals don't have to deal with sexually agressed maniacs. Destroying their lives just to aggrandize a platonic, natural instinct?

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is there a similar game like this that has male and female sex?




is there a similar game like this that has male and female sex?


I remember a  old game called 3Dsexvilla




Can the game creator please look into a mode you activate in the game, where straight sex is allowed? We all love the way these girls look, we appreciate a little bit of girl - girl fun sometimes, but some of us men, who have a thirst for sex daily, and no girlfriend at home tonight... let's activate a mode to add males to the scenes, please.

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I have gotten my hands on this game, and the DLC, recently. And I have to say I'm properly impressed with how the models react and the physics work. The Nylon + Feet DLC is pretty cool as well. For this price, I definately recommend the game. There's no straight sex, but I for one am not missing males in this.


Some of my own screens:
















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i just bought the game, and tried it out, here is my opnion (heterosexual guy)

lets start with the good things, the anal an vaginal penetration looks very good, the vagina naturaly give's way for whatever you put in her, you can slowly put it in or out and see the lips open up around the item, also the body reaction looks realy good, the way the belly move's etc you can put the interactions between the models on automatic and it will stay on automatic as you can switch between all the different possitions in solo duo or threesome, (so your hands can be free to do other things), when they come the action will halt for a few seconds, while you see spasm's eye rolling etc, wich adds to realism and harrasment.

although it is advertised i heavnt seen any kissing yet, although i checked all the possitions, also you cant give a order to kiss, wich for me is a bit of a downer, the mouth action (oral pleasing) is mediocre at best, you dont want to look to close when in the few possitions where this is possible, you can also put a toy in her mouth, but that dont look good at all, as natural the vagina looks on insertion, the mouth is just open and something is going in and out, no lipmovement at all, makes you realise you are looking at a bunch of pixels, is see no real solo or partner breastpleasing, you can please the breast but with floating hands, wich is ok, but the movement?! there is no nipelrubbing at all, it looks more like doctor hands checking for lumbs, maybe i have been doing it wrong in real live?

i have nothing to say about the suroundings, there are different locations in the house you can go to with either some furniture, bed stool etc, or simply on the floor, who cares, its not why you get this game.

the sounds are ok, definitly harrasment going on there.

when it comes to clothes underwear etc they are coming up short, for example there is just 1 dress, it comes in many different colours and print designes but it is still the same dress.

there are 5 diifernt hairstyles in all colours of the rainbow, bit short there aswell you can choose 3 different pube style's a very small stripe, or either completly shaved or completly depilated. although i do prefer a small stripe it would be nice if you could add more hair, some might even prefer a real bush, i can imagine the makers would be intrested in a wider audience?

In conclusion, for this price i can get a game with many highly ajustble carracters who do either magic or fight good etc in a world where you get literly lost, where it rains there are trees houses puzzles fights etc and usualy, hot chicks aswell, so yeah the 42€ it will cost you, (34 game 7/8 tax) is quit high, i dont think you can compare the work it takes to build a game like skyrim or this, that said, tommorow i would buy it again, it does what it supposed to do, it harrases you again and again. 

If i get enough reaction to this post i can link some video's with some examples of the pro's and contra's i mentioned, one more thing i dont get, would it have been so hard to add a man?

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Tried it out for the first time yesterday after hearing about the update for it (and not to mention the socks and feet update) and after trying it for free (the full version, if you know what I mean) I paid for the base game just out of aww. Certainly not Skyrim nor will it replace it in anyway but it's totally worth it imo. Plus who doesn't like USA flag painted toes lol



















Animations are pretty good, and it captures that dress up feeling that's made me spend so many hours in Skyrim too, ha

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