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  1. Yes, that is certainly true but that would also negate any point in playing with Family Planning. I would like to have pregnancy in my game. That's why I am hoping to fix this.
  2. Unfortunately I am still having problems with this. While I thank Indarello for his help I don't believe his fix was ever going to work for me. So I did a little digging and found something interesting in the Family Planning thread. So I think my issue here is that there is something wrong with the body morphs for the But Body at least for these three attributes. So I guess now I am wondering how I can change the body morphs for the body. Ideally I would like to change the morphs for the original shapedata used by Bodyslide. That way I have a corrected body no matter how many body variations I make.
  3. Thanks for the help. I am a little confused so let me see if I can clarify something. When you mention "project," are you talking about Outfit Studio? I see that you can save projects in there. However, that is not where I built the body nor did I modify it it any way in Outfit Studio. I built my body and exported it right out of Bodyslide so I am not sure how to implement your fix. I did try reinstalling the body and gave it top priority over any other bodies I have installed. I even tried a different preset in Bodyslide to see if there was something wrong with the preset. Alas, neither of efforts proved successful. The body still looks like a pin cushion.
  4. Greetings community! I am hoping someone might be willing to lend me some assistance identifying and fixing a issue I am having with a particular body in game. I am currently using the Butt Body. I have built a body in Bodyslide with the .tri file and in game it normally looks fine. However, when any mod tries to scale body nodes (i.e. getting pregnant) the body's mesh becomes a royal cluster fudge of vertices. My hunch is that it has to do with the tri file. My problem is that I don't have a clue how to fix this. I don't know what tool I would need to edit a tri file or even how I would have to edit it to fix this issue. Does anyone have any ideas?
  5. First of all, thank you for the mod. Second, I hate to be the ignoramus here but how does one install this? I imagine it requires Redelbe correct?
  6. Agreed. I don't believe the mod is working (at least for me). I tried the spawn item commands and all I ever get is the green perfectly generic item. Also checked all over place under the Outpost for this so called 'chest' and can confirm that it did not generate.
  7. What? What are you even asking? Purchased something? Expansion? Patreon? When I google "Atroi" I get nothing. When I google "A Troi", which is what I presume you meant, I get some guy's patreon page for the Sims 4? Why don't you just message A Troi and ask him/her? In either case if this is for Sims 4 you posted this in the wrong forum and should be moved.
  8. Here is the kicker, there are nukes that the players can launch at enemy settlements. Bethesda says, "no no no! we made it in such a way that players won't grief each other. Any settlement or city destroyed by a nuke eventually respawns." Not only is the game basically asking players to grief each other but they are encouraging it. Apparently there are going to be rare crafting materials and ingredients that you can't get outside of remains of a nuclear detonation. It's like they are saying, "hey we put in nukes for you to use but don't grief each other with them but, oh and this is important, there are things that you won't be able to craft unless you go and nuke a city. It doesn't have to be an enemy settlement but..."
  9. its PvP. That much has already been disclosed. Honestly it's likely to be a huge flop and generally garbage especially if they STILL haven't gotten a new engine.
  10. So I have noticed that during any sort of sex, each actor's body gets the default female body. I have various npcs with different body shapes. Is there any way to turn off this 'body swap' effect so that my npcs keep their custom bodies during sex?
  11. Damn shame it isn't real. Lol, can you imagine the amount of people that would love to play the game with that kind of nude model?
  12. I downloaded the Amazonia 2 mod just fine from the workshop soooo yeah, either your steam install is whack or you have a pirated game. If it is latter case then no, we won't help you since reuploading the mods from the workshop, especially if the mod author has requested that their mods not be reuploaded, would be piracy. Piracy is against the forum rules.
  13. So what do you mean by "...workshop downloader does not let you get them,"? I subscribed to the mod and it downloads just fine. Do you mean that you have subscribed but it does not initialize the download?
  14. Yeah I hear ya there. That is kind of the downside to the workshop. You are at the whim of the author. Granted that is as it should be since it is their work but still. So if the author removes it from their steam workshop domain then it will cease to work for anyone that had previously downloaded it. Granted there are ways around this. There is a unpacker and packer program that comes with Haydee that can be used on the workshop content. Basically if you want to keep your workshop downloads safe in case that 'disappear' then you can unpack them with the unpacker and all the loose files can just hang out in your game directory.
  15. No. Not going to happen. It is against forum rules.
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