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Any bestiality mods that work?


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I have only used the Aroused Redux for a short time but it seems to work fine and with that Aroused Creatures works very well, specially if you want an aggressive pet follower (I have a death hound but any creature works) AC even has MCM settings to prevent the creature from getting "cuddly" when you are sneaking or have weapon drawn allowing for somewhat immersive control so you arent bothered at the worst times.

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Start with Sexlabs, MNC (more nasty critters), FNIS Beast animations, etc etc...


Then move on to the Quests mods:

Animal Mansion (you get to work at the bar as well as find entertainment for the bar)

Bestial Essence (Someone needs semen for potions and you get to be the lucky candidate to acquire said semen)

Sexlab Breeder (Become a Werewolf Hybrid and get your very own personal Alpha Werewolf for a mate)

Sexlab Enchantress (turns some regular spells into unique animal inducing spells)

Etc Etc Etc...

Note: most mods for Bestiality are for female players, as most of the animations are for female players... The mod's tend to follow the animations so yeah that is how it is currently.




Most of the mods pertaining to Bestiality for Skyrim are marked with a tag and you can find them on the above link here on LL.

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