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  1. Wow, good animations, I'm sure you're gonna do this pissed off, frown between pushes.
  2. Above and beyond what Ignavissimus said, you also have to do a couple tweaks in NRAAS. I'd send you back to NRAAS because I'm willing to bet you are talking about Jewelry and tattoos and such.
  3. Kinkyworld I thought had the animations, you need the objects like the stripper pole and the gloryhole gate. Google, Is good, But it's MTS. Dance Pole For the Gloryhole fence,
  4. Are you using NRASS Story Progression? There are alot of variables, just to mention x doesn't do y.
  5. Silly Question, But what is the recipe for the "Health Potions" you are supposed to give Danica. I had a full inventory of reagents and didn't pay attention to the ingredients I was given. Also, having an issue with the Warrior Stone not being recognized. Wonder if it could be a conflict with Ordinator?
  6. I'd just do Mod Organizer 2, or follow Aylis's post. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/118460-skyrim-se-for-beginners-final-release-141/
  7. Get the XXL version of FNIS that will fix the animation limit. Also you can run PCEA2 and Sexy Move 360, but the animations of sexy move get overwritten. It is a compromise and likely you can copy paste your favs to a file of pcea2
  8. Thanks for the Startup guide Aylis, it was helpful getting back into Skyrim. It's a good starting point. My only issue is dragon mound crash due to Bethesda and Bathing in Skyrim doesn't recognize water, despite every patch. Egg factory overrides your skeleton, so be warned.
  9. Likely ports from 50 Games ago. These Styles are done for Sims and Skyrim and Fallout. Now you want the oily body or custom skeleton or skins, LL is the place. LL has high heels using HDT high heels and a whole line clothing. But really talented folks on LL and they are generally kind
  10. Man Dunno, I used to have a feedback thing, this new LL is so f'ed.

  11. It's not really that adult since X-23 is a early teenager.
  12. Go for it. If I spend 100 hours in a game rather see a shapely lass, than a dude butt.
  13. Also Keep in mind good to do a restart at the beginning of any mod and also https://sims.fandom.com/wiki/Game_guide:Reducing_the_size_of_a_saved_game . Because the Sims will keep every picture and photo from every save you created.
  14. Get SP3E. http://www.simlogical.com/s3pe.htm Do this, it helps I'm running 6 gigs of wardrobes for the sims. And Kinkymods. And Nraas. ALL expansions, minimal Shop, NO STUFF PACKS. https://sims.fandom.com/wiki/Game_guide:Reducing_the_size_of_a_saved_game. You may see a few distorted characters, just age them up in cas.
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