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  1. It would be an interesting mechanic, is it possible to add it as a random chance ending? Thats the most glaring thing missing from Violate in my opinion. Its too repetitive and could use any number of alternate endings (and for that matter the turns mechanic is meh) When Vin first made all these it was great but I think many were getting burned out on the repitition. Vin says he is coming back soon as Jam finishes FP 1.0 so maybe more coming then....and then there is the possible expansion being worked on by Druidpeter. I could never really get Death Alternative to work for long in Oldrim but the idea is fantastic.
  2. **In this case we could call them the "need to be romantically held" points which would most likely not be satisfied...fixed....
  3. I dont have as much playing time at the moment but I loaded it up and tried it out and it seems to be working although I did not go into the MCM and shut off the orgasm mechanic. I guess I was listed as fertile last time I slept as I had a high percent and the raider I tested with was able to impregnate my pc.... you are obviously not comfy with this side of things so thanks for working on it. If it makes you feel better I am polite and totally non-violent in real life (no really)....I just want my apocalyptic game world to be more dark and dangerous. I would kill (figure of speech...) for a good slavery system integrated into the world too. Anyhow, I am glad you dont seem to be able to shut off the helpful thing....j/k...take your well deserved break!
  4. What are YOUR "Must Use" Mature Mods?

    oops sorry
  5. [Request] Kim Possible

    Militia woman with all options disabled will get pants, if you dont like those boots you can use pampas set boots to cover them and get some color options, its black but the belt is very close too the female tac armor belt. There are many gloves that will work. Easy girl shirts for slot 38 work well with the militia pants. If you know how to recolor you can get very close with mash ups, if not you can get a similar style. The pants have thigh high boots with a cuff but with the pampas boots it pretty well blends in and the pants have 3 color options. https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/26025/? https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/19263/? https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/26484/? https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/19596/?
  6. What are YOUR "Must Use" Mature Mods?

    A slavery faction and system that I can work for or against with captures, auctions and escape mechanics that are fun to replay and integrated into the world.
  7. This sounds great! Could you please take a look at https://www.loverslab.com/topic/87629-wip-rse-reprodutive-system-effects-a-fp-consequences-mod/ and Family Planning Enhanced to make everything compatible? Thanks for your efforts!
  8. Thats pretty amazing considering Beth couldnt make that happen with stealing. I loaded up .9 earlier, looks pretty detailed, my PC finally miscarried after some days of morning sickness, nice touches you added there lol. I tried initiating first with Violate and all hell broke loose, the turns aspect of Violate and Gusherific compete resulting in chain pop ups. Ah well, works great for my time so far using SEU.
  9. Family Planning Enhanced

    I think it is Violate (one of Vins mods) that has a strip/no strip method, if you assigned the beard slot in the special esp you made and he ran Vins mod after CWSS do you suppose it would win? Total shot in the dark...
  10. I'm a hero! Actually can you use other companions while she is gone? Or if I take another will it try and send her to a settlement?
  11. One of the claims of the most recent patch is a fix for the F4SE breaking issue, there were some technical descriptions as to how but it was over my intellectually low running head.
  12. No luck, in Data scripts or in my MO2 overwriting the original. I am up to 80 now and its officially an epidemic. Mama Murphy didnt call that one and am I the only one disturbed by the number of times Mama Murphy and Sturges hook up? ALL. THE. TIME.
  13. I'm stuck. I got Curie to max, got infected and now have a whopping total of 75 infected but the cure quest hasnt triggered, what am I forgetting? Heres a my log if it helps at all. I am using v5.0 and thanks for the additions to this version, even more "fun"! Papyrus.0.log
  14. All right, I do have another idea for a mod but no real details as I have no idea how it might be accomplished or if the script load would be insane, I do think this would be an enormous undertaking. Since Skyrim I have seen a few mods that develop their own stats, this led me to think a universal additional stats mod for other mods to access would be great. An easy example would be for slavery, the stat for this being Willpower. The problem in my insane mind is people use one stat for Willpower, but to add dimension to the character you would need 2. Lets say the 2 stats that make up Willpower are Focus and Resolve. Focus would raise and lower often through acts and distractions, maybe aiming at a target raises it while taking damage lowers it, sleeping would raise it while being over tired would make it drop. When your Focus is high it will slowly build your Resolve but if you manage to lose Focus you have to start using your Resolve. If Resolve is high enough it might add bonuses, things you might see from strong confidence, better accuracy, an experience bonus. If Resolve gets low enough you might run in fear or break under duress and surrender. Other possible stats might be Sexuality made up of Arousal and Perversion, obvious game play, or Resourcefulness made up of Spontaneous and Crafty, something like this may make escapes interesting by giving a chance to gather items over time to make tools or even opportunities as well as influence finding food or water. This would also allow a player to customize a character to a degree. If I am playing a special forces type guy his Resolve will start strong while timid house wife Nora might start with a low Resolve and have to build her confidence.