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What kind of mods would you like to see in The Sims 4?

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Just like the title says . . . what are you most looking forward to seeing modded in The Sims 4?


My personal list is:

  1. Anatomically correct dudes, preferably with a morphing penis or one that has bones so it can me animated . . . or both. 
  2. Nipples as part of the mesh, preferably with morphs . . . puffy nipples!
  3. A slider mod so I can make some really bodacious busty broads.
  4. Teen woohoo mod is always a favorite, especially now that they look little different from their adult counterparts.
  5. Incest mod is high on my list.
  6. Polygamy mod.  With the way TS4 handles relationship I think this is really possible for the first time without totally re-writing the game.
  7. Animated Woohoo mod ftw!
  8. Bestiality mod.  We're on LL screw the other stuck-up adult sims sites!!  Gotta wait for The Sims 4 Pets first though . . . and animation support.
  9. Support for greater-than-eight households . . . Why Maxis always sets the maximum at 8 members of a household I will never know.



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thank you for the options. here is my short list based on your words.


  1. Incest mod is high on my list.
  2. Polygamy mod.  With the way TS4 handles relationship I think this is really possible for the first time without totally re-writing the game.
  3. Animated Woohoo mod ftw!
  4. Teen woohoo mod is always a favorite, especially now that they look little different from their adult counterparts.
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1. Anatomically correct mesh (+ morphable)

2. Free Romance Relationship (incest, adult-teen woohoo, etc)

3. Polygamy + Polyandry

4. Animated Woohoo (autonomous, threesome, spectator, etc)

5. Bestiality

6. Pregnancy Related (Abortion, Morning Pill, etc)

7. Rape + Sexual Harassment Interaction

8. Master-Slave Relationship


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Scalable penis is high on my list, trying to work within the new TS4 mesh system is kinda spooky though....I'm still trying to figure it out.


Nipples on the female mesh also a second priority, adding them as a scalable would also be interesting. Perhaps sculpting more realistic female genitals into the mesh and re-uving for proper diffuse maps incorporating them would also be good.


The rest of that stuff is literally just tweakable via Python override...well other than the animations.

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Fucking colour slider/picker!


Yeah, that would be nice.  Maxis says CASt won't be making a reappearance because they would have to remake all of the assets; furniture, clothes, etc.  For that same reason I doubt that anyone will take on that mod.

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I was wondering if all possible if we can have a more realistic birth like I've seen for TS2 on YouTube.


But also have labor and different options for a birth animation like giving birth on the floor, on the couch, birth chair, bathtub, or have a doctor etc. And any age can use this animation teen, young adult, adult, elder.


And you can use any kind of clothing like nude, lingerie, dresses, etc. and have the same outfit after the birth instead of changing automatically like it does after a regular sim birth on TS2.


And if all possible you can also do a birth loop for example the sim can go through the animation instead of the baby showing up like in the TS2 birth video on YouTube, for this I guess you can pause the pregnancy just to do this option It's totally up to the player, Or just do the birth of the sim baby it's totally up to you.


If you want to see the video just YouTube Sims 2 Realistic Birth-Better Quality .



Your fellow simmer,



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The obvious ones are nude anatomically correct bodies, removing restrictions on woohoo, eventually sex animations.


Though there are so many unexplored possibilities in a game like the Sims. Prostitution, rape, even slavery should be much easier to mod into the Sims than into Bethesda games, and with better effect, since the game is already all about social interactions, emotions, and needs, and already includes all kinds of other things that need to be modded into other games. In fact I'd say the Sims is the perfect game for that sort of mod.


And on an non-adult note, it would also be really great if there was a way to reintroduce story progression (NPC sims marrying and having children on their own etc).



But just as an example of what should be easily doable, say for a rape mod:

- add rape interaction which leads to a fight, if the would be rapist wins the fight he rapes the loser

- sims can also do it automatically to a player sim, depending on his mood (flirty and anger moodlets would both contribute), his relationship with the sim (low friendship and high love interest bars can contribute, and yes both at the same time can already happen in game), and his traits, maybe also the victim's clothing though I haven't seen a mechanic in game where sims react to clothing so maybe not that

- multitasking could allow for other interactions during the rape, like positions but also struggling or humiliation

- after the rape, the victim receives a lasting negative moodlet

- new traits could influence the likelihood of and reaction to it, like hypersexuality/nymphomania, sadism (higher satisfaction and likelihood of raping), masochism (satisfaction from being raped)...


Sadly I can't mod for shit, but I really hope some good and deviant modders take an interest in this game.

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Anatomically correct bodies


Sex animations (including lesbian, gay, and multiple people)

^Said animations will replace the WooHoo animation

^Said animations can be initiated by interactions 

^Orgies are initiated by clicking on one person, "ask for orgy with ..." and choosing all of the intended participants


Flashing, motorboating, groping, etc. animations

^Said animations can be initiated by interactions


Rape animations (including double penetration, and female on male cowgirl)

^Said animations can be initiated by "rape" interaction, which is basically just a "fight" but if the rapist wins, it initiates rape scene

^Clicking on another sim can have a "influence to double-team ..." which has both of them attack, and DP rape the victim. 2 on 1 also has more of a chance of succeeding


Teen sex


"Fuck-buddy" relationship status. Not a romantic relationship, but they can have sex. No jealousy from a fuck-buddy, but a wife/husband or girlfriend/boyfriend will still get jealous and count as cheating


Sexual Orientation as an added "trait" when creating a sim. 


Sex-addict, Sadistic and Masochistic traits.

^Sex-addicts really enjoy sex, and will almost never turn down the opportunity for sex. More likely to say yes to consensual sex, and proposal to become fuck-buddies

^Sex-addicts like to flash other people, motorboat, grope, etc. (female teen sex-addict has sleepover with friends, one guy comes. Throughout almost the entire time, she's busy flashing, shoving his face into her breasts, having him grope her, etc.)

^Sex-addicts like to be naked

^Sadist likes to rape and more likely to initiate rape and accept a DP rape influence, (along with increased chance of winning fight in a rape?)

^Masochist likes to be raped, and more likely to lose the fight in a rape 

^Sex-addict + Masochist may become attached to their rapist


Unprotected vaginal sex can cause pregnancy

^Protected sex is less pleasing


Moods during/after sex

^Really pleased (Sadists raping, or Masochists getting raped will almost always have this one)


^Barely pleased



All of those ones in the same mod to work best






When Pets comes out:







And, something that probably won't happen, or won't be that good at all, but I'd like to see a good quality one for:




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Definitely agree. :heart:



Some of the feature is actually already implemented in TS4, but may be not as what people imagine...


Fuck Buddy, There's two relationship bar in TS4, friendship and romance. You can have low friendship and high romance. Even the hate-sex relationship, full red (minus) friendship bar + full green romance bar.


Moods during/after sex, The woohoo satisfaction moodlet is based on compatible traits.



Talk about fuck buddy. I heard you can have a multiple boy/girlfriends. Since there's no family tree, but instead just a label, may be we can create a new relationship label. Like secret lover, fuck buddy, master-slave, kidnapped bride, etc. Not just the bar, but label for bold relationship statement and AI following it.

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Apart from anatomically correct bodies, here's some things I'd like to see:


* Teen-teen & teen-adult sex

* Animated woohoo including lesbian, gay, bi, threesomes/moresomes

* Animations for flashing, groping, etc (as mentioned above)

* Sexual harassment interactions and corresponding moods, memories, etc.

* Rape interactions and associated moods, effects, and so on

* Polygamy, fuck buddies, hate sex, etc.

* Larger number of sims in a household, to help with...

* ... running a brothel, stripclub, porn studio, or other adult business

* Maybe being able to force/coerce people into joining your household?

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As with any game with character customization,I'd like to see a workable third gender mod(hermaphrodite/futanari phalluses,of course) and more fantasy or sci-fi races not included in the main game like the skins found on the 'My Fantasy Sims' site along with more hairstyles. Nothing that should break the game or serve as too much of a cheat,at least not for a start.


I have no idea how difficult a working ejaculation animation would be too pull off,though in execution,it would be a lot like when food processors go on the fritz except with the synthesized foods being substituted with baby batter.


The major things,namely an decensor mod,a nude mod,'nude clothes' and rudimentary 'WooHoo' enhancers are pretty much being taken care of.


Custom lots and props based upon other IPs(the lots based upon other broad genres is inevitable since they were found in all of the other Sims releases) or adult themes might be nice,as well.

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Cigarette Accessory: I've been using roseSims cigarette for sims 2 and 3 but doesn't look like she is doing anything for 4 at the moment


Drugs/Addiction System, objects and accessories


Jobs:  Both Adult and NonAdult




Prostitution System


Autonomous WooHoo


More Robust Attraction system

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Potential mods for The Sims 4 that ought to be made? Where do I start... here are some ideas


  • Sex interaction not only between Sims but also with other objects; e.g. sex toys, pets, bondage equipment
  • Sims reacting to sexual acts they see, rather than being oblivious to them. 
  • A fondling/harassment system that would complement rape interactions by allowing for gradual progression towards it. 
  • Added sexual traits or, if possible, added sexual motives/skills - hidden or otherwise - to add depth to all of the above. 
  • Intractable and visible bodily fluids as a result of sex: both on Sims and elsewhere as collateral.
  • Taboo actions not as a barrier but as an option; "Want to screw the neighbour's wife while her son joins in and your sister jerks off while observing? Go for it!"
  • Promiscuous NPC AI that actively initiate conventional acts while also seldomly dabbling with unconventional acts, while not engaging in sexual acts at an excessive frequency.
  • NPC AI behaving in a certain way depending on sexual personality; e.g. Sub/Dom tendencies, Exhibitionists exposing themselves, Sexual orientation, etc
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