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  1. E.T. - please, stop. Just drop it.
  2. Thank you very much shirow.
  3. Never mind people. Now I can see. Well, you can relax now since I already PMed ashal to remove my (father's) account. Thank you Thulas and many of you. You can have a happy dance soon since you wouldn't seen gremanicu's name any more. It's just a matter of time. Wish you all the best.
  4. Thank you very much cynder.
  5. Dear LL community, I've noticed that some people having a problem for seeing "resurrected" germanicus on this forum. First of all, my father did died and I'm sorry if some people can't believe it and accept it. For some there are too many similarities in his postings and mine as well they can't believe that the things they never experienced and understood are possible. I don't see it strange since he was the one whose genes I carry and who had strongest influence in forming my character. Before he died, he asked me if I want to continue to be present on this forum under his avatar because
  6. You have right to think whatever you want. I'm sorry you feel this way about me and my father. I would never do such a thing to my father or anyone else as I will not proving anything about my father's death to anyone. I respect everybody's sympathy as I can understand that some people didn't liked him. That's OK. Nobody can be loved by everybody. I just want to say one thing: My father had great influence in me. He tough me English, we like same stuff and he was my best friend. So, my friend, you can either accept this or not. It's up to you, but please, do not hurt my heart and my memory on
  7. Hi Feliks, glad you decided to stay.
  8. Uh, sorry for mistyping your name. i think I'm gonna like MO since it has features that NMM doesn't. Among many others I like the way it install mods without touching/changing main game files. That's awesome. Plus, I like multiple profile creation. For instance, Maria Eden mod is primarily made for female gender. If playing the mod as male, the mod changes my Player's gender. With multiple profile possibility, I can play the mod without disabling it first, what was the case with NMM. And that's makes me thrilled.
  9. Yeap, I love adding/changing mods name in MO and profile managing. Something that NMM didn't fully develop. Thanks again virtual clarity. very helpful informations. Now, I'm gonna try to turn theory into practice and check if I understood instructions correctly.
  10. Thanks again I think I understand MO little bit more than him. I will create new profile and backup his profiles. He had only 2 profiles. The reason for starting MO from the beginning is that I want to remove some mods he had and add new ones I like. Since most of his old saves doesn't work at all, I think that I will reinstall Skyrim from scratch, but it is a plan B
  11. so guess its working now? I didn't tried it yet. Just downloaded latest version. I was sharing my impression about dialogues from previous version. Yea, now all is working Thanks again sidfu for help and doogie for reducing animal search.
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