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  1. even if I don’t know which animation you are referring to, thank you so much. 😁
  2. It still does not modify your art in any way. You can still remove your art from the package and use it. It’s not tied to the package when you add them on it. The format is maybe EA property but the art isn’t. You can try to add a picture on a package, the picture will still be the same. In court you can argue that it’s detachable and you will probably win. But no one is going to go in court for that unless EA start to be crazy and claims things, which they’ll never do.
  3. Some animations are banned from the community as a whole, such as non consensual sex, bestiality, rape, etc. Consensual rough is fine (I do some but they are consensuals). However, in LL those "banned" things seems to be fine. If you want to keep what you're doing there, then you will be fine. however, if you start sharing them on others sites, then read the rules first and decide after what is allowed or not.
  4. they can’t because they are allowing users to modify their games using custom contents created. You can’t allow something then claims « oh no don’t do that it’s wrong ». They can only claims if it uses trademark or things like that. They condone the practice it’s writing in the same TOS. Please read it. And again, making as a package will not magically make the things you create the property of EA, then you can do this with pretty much every mesh created from scratch, even things from others games that are not even from you, this will not make them EA properties at all. us
  5. this is true. Also to add to the last statement, wickedwhims had to change his name (was wicked woohoo before) for this reason. It could cause issue for the game because the term woohoo seems to be part of a trademark and thus is intellectual property of EA. Since it changes the name, even if it seems to have some collab with Maxis or whatever (could be wrong, but I know that the mod is known by the company), I think the mod belong to turbo driver since it’s a bunch of codes and scripts. Even if it has to be played with the game, the code has been made from scratch. howeve
  6. A lot of people seems to misunderstand or interpret the EA TOS. First, every company is going to have an EA similar TOS with statements that they own their products and all. Well, it’s called logic. however, this TOS is not going to erase any laws. There are laws protecting some contents such as animations under the art and intellectual properties, also if you take something and you change it from A to Z, it can’t be EA property anymore according to some jurisprudence, at least in my country. if you take animations as example, they can be played using unity or bl
  7. Not every animators are going to animate the cum mesh. 1) it’s hard to animate properly. 2) it’s not animator beginner friendly You are just running animations that does not support the cum mesh.
  8. Im working on it. I did already one but it’s not finished. The ones available are not males oriented at all so I had to do some that looks actually manly. I plan to make at least three of them for a start so there is a bit more options. However, if ever you found a gif or a video with some male stripper move, go on.
  9. Animators have to animate the cum mesh in order to make climax with said mesh. Since you decided to uninstall it, then you will not get those animations in your game. example from one of my anim using cum mesh v2
  10. I thought the lummia's body hair new version was compatible with them but maybe I'm wrong. wip
  11. @Starlet Moon does lesbian focused animations.
  12. Which model do you use? If you use simdulgence, 75 or 80 for large realgens. Shapes similar to the top sim I use in my animations is 50. Only the normal slider.
  13. try atomic muscle instead of bodytalk, it's easier to use.
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