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  1. Thx sexi ᓚᘏᗢ Do you know if they have to be homeless? Or just sims you're not using? Last time the game picked sims I created and added to homes.
  2. What is the cheat to assign a sim as a permanent bartender or a waitress etc? On my last game I made a restaurant and a bar (named Jiggles...) and added sims to homes, and the game added exactly these sims to work at the new places. I wanna recreate this. How do I manually assign sims to services? Is there a thing in MCCC? I looked around in its settings but didn't see what I needed.
  3. Med fetish? Um, wouldn't that be like simply doing drugs like Basemental's mod? Also I made a mod that makes massages questionable, and makes police searches less than legal a long time ago but constant updates broke it. I may need to get back into modding this game to fix that...
  4. Does this mod modify smoking animations in any way? My girl's suddenly using male smoking animations and it happened right when I updated this. Other female NPCs all use the normal animation. I don't know how to revert it. Edit: Oops, didn't even occur to me there are Smoking Settings in the smoking mod that literally swap male/female animations. I didn't have the holotape in my inventory so I just didn't remember that was an option. I also didn't change this myself so it's kind of odd it defaulted to male.
  5. You'd likely need to learn a bit of Python. There's an option to add custom xml files to your project, but you'd need to know what lines of code to add and when/how to call them, and set conditions for them. I've only messed with base game scripts to add aspirations with conditions the game already has. I haven't actually created any custom ones or linked to animations or traits from another mod. If you don't intend to learn the needed Python stuff you'd need to know, your best bet would likely be to just ask the mod authors for help adding stuff from specific mods. Also, you could
  6. R.I.P. MEGA Gimme back my goddam 3D Custom Maid 2 and it's 60 GB of mods you @#$%! ooohhhmmmmmmm........ 😔 (goosfraba)
  7. RIP uncensored games. Shout out to Outlaw Golf 2 (that means you, Laura Bailey, you perfect Summer)
  8. I just wanna go out to eat with my mother. It has been a really long time since I was allowed to legally go out to eat food in a restaurant with my own mother. How sad is that. Mother's Day is coming up. It's coming up, and I can't make it special for her.
  9. Grilled Cheese Sandwich mmm yeah... that's hot
  10. Modders enjoy their mods cuz they wanted to change their game, and did. Modding isn't about uploading. It's about screwing around with your game until you made a thing change in a way you like. It's also a long, arduous learning experience.
  11. Hey guys. Haven't been here in years. I remember a long-ass time ago there was a way to add nude mods to Story Mode. Anyone know where I can find a mod for that? Or maybe even just how I can add current mods to Story Mode with a tool of some sort? I have everyone's mod already in DLC form (only). I also found my old list of mods, but still not sure how to add stuff to story, or even which files are the story files (it's been a while). Basically just need Kasumi, Helena, Ayane, Hitomi, Lisa and Tina. The rest would be nice too, but these are my 'crucial list'. If only I could remember h
  12. delete some stuff off your computer? or move it onto an external hard drive? ...what are you people talking about? Just...put it in place of the other data2.cpk n' play. Don't run an extraction process on it, it just works, unless you mean the Small_Data2.rar file. If you mean the one that is in a .rar file, it's basically he same size, even smaller. Extract the Small_Data2.rar file using WinRar (free) or B1 (free) or WinZip, 7-Zip, Daemon Tools, free free etc etc etc..... .....and place the data2.ckp file you extract in your \cpk folder Obviously, you will have th
  13. Possibly, assuming Blender won't give any issues when I try to add nipples as objects and Append/Join them to the body. I've seen simple edits like that go wrong before.
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