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What is this?


This mod takes weapons that were previously flagged as unplayable and makes them playable. I made duplicates in the CK for everything except the testVorpalSword. I found the testVorpalSword in the CK with 0 uses. It's worth noting that it does 10000 damage. That's enough to throw a carriage driver out of his seat with one swing. I left all the original damage values utouched with one exception, Auriels Bow Replica does 4 less damage than the real thing. I also renamed the duplicate Mirrak weapons to ___ of Tentacles.


There should not be any conflicts with the weapons but if you find a problem with were the barrel is placed or with a weapon let me know.


If you have any suggestions for more weapons to add please leave them here and I will look into it.


Enjoy your new weapons.

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    dragonborn, dawnguard
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This sounds great, xenic. Thanks for sharing this! You may want to check the spelling on one of your items. I noticed in the last picture that shows the contents of your barrel that the word 'Tentacles' is misspelled for the Sword of Tentacles.

Thanks. I caught that as I was posting and corrected it. Out of all of them, my favorite is the Bound BattleAxe. Give it a try and you'll see why.

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