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Weapons & Spells

Skyrim mods that replace or add new weapons or spells.

60 files

  1. Bound Incorporeal Shields

    This mod add 9 new bound shield spells. You can find the spellbooks inside a chest at Breezehome, Whiterun.

    The shields only have 1 armor rating, but provide different effects when blocking and bashing. For example Burning Ward will negate any damage from spells with fire damage keyword, and will generate short range firebolt if used to bash. 
    Credit :
    warreko for bound shield spell and script.
    Forteverum for his gem models.
    Steam Workshop : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1362890947



  2. Kokorowatari - New Bound Sword

    - Kokorowatari -
    The Abberation Slayer

    This mod adds a new Bound Sword to the game.
    It is called Abberation Slayer and can only damage abnormal creatures. It is harmless against normal people and animals.
    To get the new spell, you need to craft the Abberation Slayer at any Forge and then bind it to you by consuming the blade. (Fancy for: make the Spell Tome and use it!)
    It requires Materials from the enemies it is effective against.
    Also available on Nexus:


    - The Abberation Slayer will only damage abnormal creatures. It has a base damage of 0, but will still count
       as a hostile action when used against NPCs.
    - Vampires will get an additional benefit when wielding the Blade!
    - Working Perks from the Conjuration Tree are:
      - Mystic Binding (stronger base Enchantment)
      - Soul Stealer (still Soul Trap)
    - Oblivion Binding DOES NOT WORK on this weapon (it already is effective against Undead and Daedra)
    - Destruction skill level affects the damage
    - custom Effects for Spell Menu Art, Casting Art and Enchantment Art (See Screenshots)

    Specifics about the Damage Enchantment:

    - Base Enchantment Damage: 25 (35 with Mystic Binding)
      - this will scale with the following formula: Base * (1 + (0.015 * Destruction)) up to 62.5 (87.5)
      - the damage checks for:
       - ActorTypeUndead, ActorTypeDaedra,ActorTypeGhost,ActorTypeFamiliar,ActorTypeDragon and WerewolfRace
    - when wielded by a Vampire, the sword will also have Absorb Health
      - Base Absorb Health Damage : 5 (unaffected by the Mystic Binding Perk)
       - this will also scale with the same formula as above up to 12.5

    This Weapon is inspired by Kokorowatari, the Abberation Slayer from the Monogatari Series by Nisio Isin.
    The assets used were all made using Vanilla Skyrim assets.



  3. Emperor's Crossbow

    Emperor's Crossbow

    Mahogany Wood Structure
    Detailed Gold designed Insert
    Fittings made from Ivory Tusk of Mammoth
    The Bow Arms are made from Ivory (Mammoth Tusk) with a detailed carved silver insert
    Base Damage 50
    Speed Increase 15%
    Crafted at forge (Steel Smithing)
    Temper at Grindstone (Mammoth Tusk)
     I original made this 3 days after the release of Dawnguard, it original had bolts with it, but the bolt projectile was hit and miss, sometimes  the bolt would move thru the air like a throwing knife, so I removed the custombolts, its just the crossbow now




  4. Demonsbane

    Demonsbane, a ruby colored sword sent from the heavens by Stendarr, right into the hands of Belethor. But seriously, what's he going to do with it? Once you reach level 35, go and pick it up from him (or use console commands). Once you reach level 50, a new ability is unlocked. It deals special damage to undead and daedra up to level 85, similar to Dawnbreaker. I recommend the Companion's Insight perk from Dragonborn for this.
    Little better than Glass weapons plus the unique enchantment.
    Takes fire salts and flawless rubies to upgrade.
    Textures are loosely based off of the Glass weapons.
    Custom mesh and textures for both the sword and fire effects.
    Should be compatible with everything.
    Future Plans
    None, this has been finished for like three years.
    Special thanks to Lrsamways for all of the meshes except the vanilla Glass blade and scabbard. The handle, pommel, and "wings" on the hilt are all from Lrsamways's Expanded Skyrim Weaponry, and I can't thank him/her enough for the work they did.
    In any case, be sure to check out LeanWolf's BSW and Lrsamways's Expanded Weaponry, they are both fantastic mods.
    You may NOT reupload this file to other sites, link to it from other sites for your own profit, or host on private/secure servers like Google Drive, Dropbox, Mediafire, Mega, or other file hosting websites. You may not modify and upload to another site.

    I specifically forbid tesall.ru, skyrim.2game.com, devillord.tistory.com, and NexusMods to host this file in any way. This game modification for Fallout 4/Skyrim is protected under international copyright laws. A DMCA will be filed against any website privately or publicly hosting this file other than that which I specify are allowed.
    If I find this mod on ModDrop I will sue the shit out of the person who uploaded it and I will sue ModDrop for every penny they have to their shitty names. Don't fucking do it.

    Currently allowed websites are:
    If someone wants to convert this to Fallout NV/SSE/FO4, ask me first.

    I've been doing this for a long time. I know what I'm doing. Sometimes a few things slip past me, so drop me a note if you notice anything out of the ordinary. Keep the bullshit comments to a minimum.
    Copyright © 2017 the following usernames: HorseRider (tesrenewal.com) RogueLizard (PornHub.com and E621.net) ZurinArctus85 (NexusMods.com) RussianPrince (Loverslab.com) 53XYH0R53 (Reddit)
    如果您从任何非原创网站上阅读此文件,此文件已被盗,并且托管网站是非法托管文件。 为避免法律上的麻烦,请向当局报告国际版权欺诈。
    Other NexusMods names: thisaccountisuseless, MicrowaveBurrito77, ShadoW, KitchenCrusader
    I have also included a unique file header in each file only visible with a hex editor. This helps identify stolen textures, as my originals have a datestamp and an abbreviation of my user name of either here or my NexusMods username. My nexus account was banned, hence my presence here.



  5. Hunting Grounds Weapon Pack

    i did not find Hunting Grounds Weapon Pack and idon't know how made them mabe it's Nimezis
    but here are the weapons 



  6. Bookyloo

    Because the producer can not speak English, it becomes a sentence through translation.
    Please understand that it may become a sentence which does not pass partly.
    What's this
    It is a greatsword motif of Japanese mascot character Lookyloo, a company named Sanrio

    How to use
    It is the same as normal MOD. I think that the place where I was at was Riverwood's Delfin home.
    If not, please get it on the console.
    I Love Lookykoo



  7. Scottish Basket Hilt Broadswords II

    Version 2 of the World-Renowned Scottish Basket Hilt Broadswords!  Now available in almost every metal in the game.  All swords are done in 2K textures with remarkable depth. See for yourself in the pictures. The ones with the gray background are from 3DS Max where they were created.  The game shots are lower screen resolution.

    As with the previous version, the blades’ design was inspired by the Cold Steel Scottish Broadsword:

    So, what is the story of these swords and their history in Tamriel you ask?

    In Tamriel, Basket Hilt Broadswords originated in the Colovian Highlands.  The Nord smiths there used their incredible skills to combine metals and techniques from other cultures with traditional Nord crafting practices to create a sword almost on par with Akavari katanas.

    While Nords typically favor heavy two-handed weapons, the steep, often rocky  terrain of the Colovian Highlands creates the need for a quality one-handed weapon.  This enables the user to better keep their footing and not have to over-commit on a swing of their weapon.  The Basket Hilt Broadsword is lighter weight and stronger than a traditional sword of the same material and is so well balanced that the wielder is faster and lighter on their feet as well.

    As word of the revolt against the Empire and the Thalmor in Skyrim spread, Nord smiths began manufacturing and selling more of the swords to their brothers in Skyrim.  Sometimes even smuggling them in with Khajitt caravans. Rumor has it they’ve even trained some of the smiths in Skyrim in the art of crafting their remarkable blades.

    My attempt at adding a bit of lore to the blades done, lets get to the details.  First, the mod was rebuilt from the ground up.  Swords include the following metals; Rusty Iron, Iron, Steel, Silver, Orcish, Dwarven, Nordic, Skyforge Steel, Glass, Stalhrim, Ebony, Daedric, and Dragon Bone.
    The Skyforge Steel sword in particular is a masterpiece.  It has a Damascus steel finish and looks like dark steel at first, but at some angles you get a sort of deep purple reflection.  The whole sword slightly changes at different angles from slight hints of color to the way the pattern looks.  The scabbard is dragon scale as well.  Vioxsis did some truly amazing work there.

    All swords are fully craftable, temperable, and enchantable.  They have also had ALL vanilla magic variants created for them (even the silent moons option for iron and steel variants) and added to leveled lists for merchants, townsfolk, encounters, and treasure chests.  Anywhere there’s a chance of a vanilla sword, there’s a chance of these swords.  They will appear a bit less often than vanilla swords however, as they’re supposed to be a little on the rare side.

    Stats-wise,the swords are typically one point lighter, and do one point more damage than their vanilla counterparts.  They also have a speed rating of 1.15, which puts them dead in the middle of swords and daggers.  Lastly they have a 5% higher chance than normal to critical hit as well. The aim here was to add weapons that were of exceptional quality to the game but still remain relatively balanced.

    Cost vs a vanilla sword is about 30% higher (give or take).  Unlike the vanilla weapons, I also adjusted the value of magical ones up a little over the mundane versions.  If it’s enchanted, it has to be worth more right?

    Lastly, as an added bonus that came about creating the Silver variant, the vanilla silver swords are now craftable and temperable. They’ll be under the Misc category at the forge.  I also tried to get them to occasionally pop in vendor and loot lists.  It always bothered me that they only showed in the hands of Werewolf hunters.

    If you have a mod that does more extensive stuff with Silver Weapons, just put it below this one in your load order and the other mod should take priority.



  8. Junghado's Phantom Sword

    Junghado's Phantom Sword From Blade & Soul.

    Sets00na: Porting
    uModel: For the tool
    And a special thanks to everyone who downloads this mod and test it.



  9. Shadow of Mordor: Urfael

    Here I present to you Urfael, Talion's sword form Middel-Earth: Shadow of Mordor.
    You can either craft it in the iron category or use additem menu. (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/64905/?)
    I will add the sheath later in the future.
    (post screenshots if you find any bugs).
    Facepunch Community: You guys are awesome, please tell me the username of the one who ripped the models so I can credit him.
    The dude who ripped the model.
    Xentax community: Although sometimes they are asses, they're still cool people. Without them there wouldn't be any plugins for model viewer and ripping.
    sets00na: Importing the sword into the game.
    And anyone who downloads and test this mod.



  10. Myconjuration




    Complete rework of the conjuration summons and reanimation which makes being a conjurer or Necromancer fun and interesting. As requested.
    This mod was on Nexus until recently. I removed it because I was not going to support it anymore because I felt that fixing so called bugs would remove the freedom this mod allows the user. Use this mod wisely and it works great! Save often so if something is broken by accident you can recover.




    Works with SSE!




    Have you ever played a conjurer or Necromancer and abandoned the class because of the way it works?
    For example: Your pets are more or less useless because they die fast, get lost or just don't work. The reanimated turn to ash within seconds after you zone. Your prized Thrall goes poof. You know what I mean here. Well this will change the way you view conjuration or necromancy.
    My Conjuration key features:
    1. All summons level with you!
    Summons can become powerful allies because they stay 1.25 levels over you all the way to level 999. Not only that, but through the perk system they gain health, health regeneration, resistances, damage and speed. They ignore friendly hits and are clasified as teammates.
    2. Summons last 1 day and port with you across zones so no more lost pets. Since the timer is reset upon zone change the summon will last forever.
    3. You can have up to 6 active summons or reanimated through the perk system. HOWEVER, each active one takes away a portion of your Magicka until they die or you destroy them.
    NOTE: Do not use summons for inventory storage because when they die the inventory goes POOF!
    For the Necromancer in you:
    4. Reanimated get health, damage, resistances, skills and more based on YOUR level and the perk tree. This makes even a level 1 NPC useful at level 100+ !
    5. You can access your minions inventory! You can dress them and give them weapons YOU want them to have! You can use your reanimated as storage!
    6. NO MORE ASH PILES!!! NADA! ZIPPO! Ash piles have been removed from the spells so if your reanimated die just cast again.
    7. Each reanimation spell increases their power. So it is still advised to use the upgraded spell BUT you can pick one spell and stick with it all the way to 999 if you so desire.
    8. You can raise things you couldn't and some things you shouldn't! Dead dragons will reanimate but will not move. Giants and Mammoths are really hard to control in dungeons but you can use them!
    9. When you though you were powerful enough you learn a special spell and get a book at skill level 100, when and if, you take SoulMaster Perk! You will get a book and learn a new spell to RESURECT human NPCs (requires items). You can have up to 4 of these and they are blood linked to you. they take 20% of your damage and you take 20% of their damage.
    Changes to bound weapons:
    10. Bound weapons now last up to 10 minutes and are MORE powerful.
    Changes to the perk tree.
    (Note: Perks that affect magicka cost also affect cost to maintain summons and reanimated. The higher in the perk tree the less it costs to maintain them but 4 Magicka is minimum.)
    (Note: Default heal rate is 2, Heal rate is out of combat health regen so minions recover quickly.)
    Novice Conjuration:
    Cast novice level conjuration spells at half magicka. Can have 2 minions. Raises Minion health regeneration by 1.
    Apprentice Conjuration:
    Cast Apprentice level conjuration spells at half magicka. Can have one more minion. Raises Minion health regeneration by 2.
    Adept Conjuration:
    Cast Adept level conjuration spells at half magicka. Can have one more minion. Raises Minion health regeneration by 1.
    Expert Conjuration:
    Cast Expert level conjuration spells at half magicka. Can have one more minion. Raises Minion health regeneration by 1.
    Master Conjuration:
    Cast Master level conjuration spells at half magicka. Can have one more minion. Raises Minion health regeneration by 2.
    Mystic Bindings:
    Bound weapons do 100% more damage.
    Soul stealer, Oblivion bindings, Conjuration dual casting unchanged at this time.
    Increase the minions physical damage resistance by 80 (armor rating)
    Can summon atronachs or raise undead twice as far away. Raised Minions get improved melee damage.(100%)
    Can summon atronachs or raise undead three times as far away. Summons and zombies get boost to weapon speed.(100%)
    Minions gain 20% crit chance modifier.
    Minions have 100 points more health, magicka and stamina. Minions get 75% elemental resistance's.
    Twin Souls (Now called Soul Master)
    You can now be a real master of the dead!
    Spells affected in alphabetical list:
    New Spell:
    ConjureSpriggan - Almost anything can be raised but someone requested this and I removed call animals so it won't use it.
    A couple maintenance spells you will get at start and one special skill 100 spell which is a spoiler.
    Upgrading pre 1.3 after 1.2 the upgrade is automatic:
    1. If you want to keep your current minions, kill them and loot them otherwise go to step 2.
    2. Save your game and exit to desktop.
    3. Uninstall or Disable MyConjuration-Vanilla
    4. Reload your new save and save it again without the mod installed. (absolutely must make a clean save)
    4. Install the newest version.
    5. Reload the clean save.
    6. Reanimate your minions.
    7. Enjoy!
    Use NMM. It is better.
    1. Extract the files to a temporary location.
    2. Examine the folder structure and make corrections where necessary.
    3. Copy files to (install folder)\Skyrim\Data\
    4. Enable the MyConjuration-Vanilla.esp
    5. Enjoy!
    Use NMM. It is easier.
    1. Disable MyConjuration-Vanilla.esp
    2. Delete the files/folders associated with the mod.




    Any mod that affects the conjuration tree may conflict.
    (Load Order):Put this file down in the list. I have it last in the load order and it works with 188 existing mods.

    Known Issues or Bugs



    Sometimes (rare) the summons go aggro if you hit them to much and to hard. They are teammates so immune to damage. Use the spell to kill them or console.
    Summons can be used as storage but they do not drop your items! Raised dead can be looted but like mentioned summons do not drop your items. I have verified this one.
    Do not reanimate dismembered bodies.




    Version 1.3
    Added an error check to zombies that if the game, for some reason decides to mark the minion for delete, the minion will be removed.
    Added additional checking on distance if the minion becomes stuck completely due to being disabled by the game engine. It will try to move the minion 5 times and if it fails the minion gets removed form the array.
    Conjuration summons now are player only. The spells used by the player are completely different than the spells used by NPCs. The NPC summons will NOT be added to the array anymore.
    Added auto update feature so no more need to clean save.
    Version 1.2
    4/10/15 - Expanded the array of minons to allow for necromancer and summoner pets.
    Remove an error when dispelling the zombie buff.
    Version 1.1
    4/6/2015 - Added additional error checking to the scan on Zombies to remove dead ones. This happens if you raise a zombie and it is not in the same zone and there are no slots.
    4/6/2015 - Fixed the reanimation spells to work properly. Seem I missed something.
    Version 1.0
    Initial release. Planned to do downloaded content and tweak this based on feedback
    Message me here.
    Bethesda for this awesome game.
    Tools Used
    7-Zip - http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=15579
    Readme Generator - http://HammondsLegacy.com/obmm/tools_readme_generator1.asp
    You must contact me and obtain my permission before re-packaging any part of this mod. If I do not respond within 2 weeks, feel free to do whatever you like with this mod but do give credit.



  11. DMC Weapons Revised

    I only add Alastor from someone who has the materials, Thanks Mu Forum for the file, and sorry for the long time on converting it.
    The Original DMC Weapon mod isn't mine, I found it in an old Loverslab request thread about Sword of Sparda from DMC 4 here .
    I've asked Shadowdancer to put this mod on his site to see who's the real author of this mod.
    Apparently if you're the real author of this mod, I'm sorry for not asking your permission to redistribute this mod
    Also due to the facts of my inability to create 3d models, esp(s), and my own mod, sadly this mod won't be updated unless someone give me the meshes and texture of a weapon you want, and maybe i will consider put it here
    Also everyone free to use/update(add new weapons or armor) this pack as they like. [This may change when I found the real author]
    Find it on: Nexus Oops Deleted, Tee-hee
    A. Manual
    1. Extract the content of this rar
    2. Put "meshes", "textures", and "DMC Weapons.esp" into DATA folder inside your Skyrim main folder
    3. Enable the mod in Skyrim Launcher, Data files
    4. Play
    B. By Mod Installer
    1. Just let the installer do it's work
    2. Enable the mod in Skyrim Launcher, Data files (if your Mod Installer didn't do it before)
    3. Play
    Sorry for bad grammar, english isn't my native language
    Cheers! XD

    -Unknown Author---Creator of the original mod
    -Mu Forum----for Alastor materials



  12. Falchion

    Standalone plugin.
    Nintendo: for ruining the fire emblem series by adding degeneracy.
    Model Rip: some random dude
    Mod: sets00na

    And anyone who tested it.



  13. Ave's Ash'Abah Weapons

    This file is hidden from the public because of bad experiences wich I already explained on my blog. If you want access to it send a pm.
    This mod is for User that don't have the Demonica Mod but want to use the Weapon, Arrows and Bolts of my [DEM] Ave's Ash'Abah mod.
    TES V: Skyrim v1.9 or higher DLC: Dawnguard (optional MOD: Skyrim Redone)


    This mod is for users that don't have the Demonica Mod, but want to use the Weapons of my Ash'Abah Armor mod.
    It contains a Weapon Set in 3 different color types (ebony, steel and quicksilver (nordic)):
    Scimitar (1h sword) Dagger Arrows Bolts


    Crafting Details:
    after Ancient Technology Quest: enchanted Bolts (fire, frost and shock for all material versions)
    File Versions:
    There are two different file versions:
    regular version Skyrim Redone version

    Only use one version at the same time!

    Regular Version
    regular Skyrim armor/damage values, use this version if you don't have Skyrim Redone.
    upgradable Arrows/Bolts
    Note: you need 10 arrows/bolts which you want to upgrade in your inventory to see the option in the forge menu!
    Lightsource Arrow/Bolt - Alchemy >= 25 (steel only) Enchanted Arrow/Bolt (fire, frost and shock) - Enchanting >= 50 (Arrow) / after Ancient Technology Quest (Bolts)

    Skyrim Redone Version

    skyrim redone damage values the Sword is a scimitar the dagger is still a dagger the arrows and bolts need a longer description:

    There are many different options for arrows and bolts in skyrim redone, so I adjust my arrows/bolts to give them more impression. Like adding little alchemy bottles to the arrowhead, add a rope to the quiver and so on. All of them are available for all 3 quiver colores.

    special Arrows/Bolts

    Rope Arrow/Bolt - Thief’s Toolbox I, Sneak Tree (steel weapon material) Noisemaker Arrow/Bolt - Thief’s Toolbox I, Sneak Tree (orichalcum weapon material) Lightsource Arrow/Bolt - Thief’s Toolbox I, Sneak Tree (steel weapon material) Oil Arrow/Bolt - Thief’s Toolbox II, Sneak Tree (steel weapon material)

    upgradable Arrows/Bolts
    Note: you need 10 arrows/bolts which you want to upgrade in your inventory to see the option in the forge menu! (made this because if you can craft them all, you're going to have a overload in the forge menu)
    these versions are available for all material types (steel, orichalcum, ebony and daedric)
    Explosive Arrow/Bolt - Fuse Perk, Alchemy Tree Timebomb Arrow/Bolt - Advanced Explosives, Alchemy Tree Enchanted Arrow/Bolt (fire, frost and shock) - Elemental Bombard I, Enchanting Tree Neuralgia Arrow/Bolt - Elemental Bombard II, Enchanting Tree Barbed Arrow/Bolt - Advanced Missilecraft II, Marksman Tree (Bolts), Blacksmith III, Smithing Tree (Arrows) special enchanted 'dwemer' Bolts craftable after the Ancient Technology Quest at the dawnguard forge.


    [DEM] Ave's Ash'Abah 2.0
    jojjo for creating Drake Knight Armor
    Stroti for creating Strotis usable alchemy clutter
    Walx for creating RealSwords Dunmer
    Momber for beta testing all that stuff.
    the entire modding community for being awesome.
    You must contact me and obtain my permission before re-packaging any part of
    this mod.



  14. Skyrim OneChest

    Skyrim's Premiere Cloud Storage Provider.
    Pick a chest, any chest. Just one chest though, because it says so in the mod title. Cast OneChest Set on it and it will be accessible anywhere by casting OneChest Open.

    Your Options
    Buy the spells from the court wizards. They show up in your alteration list after learning.
    Find the spells laying around maybe as loot.
    Craft one-time-use incantations (scrolls) at the tanning rack if you'd rather not clutter up your spell list.
    Find the incantations laying around maybe as loot.
    Cheat with the console. "help onechest"

    Crafting Incantations (Scrolls)
    Set Chest: 1 Roll of Paper, 1 Inkwell, 1 Sapphire Gem
    Open Chest: 1 Roll of Paper, 1 Inkwell, 1 Blue Butterfly Wing



  15. Scottish Basket Hilt Broadswords

    Coming soon to a draugr decapitation near you! Authentic Scottish Basket Hilt Broadswords! Sharp enough to impale a dragon and still cut a tomato razor thin!
    OK, all cheese aside... What Vioxsis and I have for you all is a collection of masterfully rendered Scottish Broadswords in 2K textures. The hilt design is based on the Cold Steel Scottish Broadsword:

    Our collection includes Iron, Steel, Dwarven, Nordic Steel (ala Dragonborn), Glass, Stalhrim, and Daedric. All weapons have balanced stats compared to vanilla swords, and are completely craftable, temperable, and enchantable. The Glass and Stalhrim swords have transparencies. You can probably see them in the pictures. Daedric sword has a proper daedric red glow set also.
    I've also managed to populate them into leveled lists for merchants and loot. They SHOULD be there so long as you're using a bashed patch or merged patch. They've tested present for me in merchant and caravan vendor sales lists, on a few bandits and being carried by NPCs also. Most notable there was Talsgar the Wanderer seen wearing a steel one when my character was level 8.

    I also scattered a few "Worn" versions of the Iron Basket Hilt Broadsword around. One is in Helgen Keep and one is in Riverwood in Gerdur's logging mill. These ones aren't quite up to par BUT can be cleaned up at the FORGE (not grind stone). Once cleaned up, they'll look like normal Iron versions (tassel and basket hilt liner added) and be temperable and enchantable.
    As a general guide line on stats... The Basket Hilts will do 1 point of damage more than the vanilla sword equivalent, usually be 1 unit lighter (depending upon how bulky the vanilla sword looked) and just a hair faster and more valuable. All of which is meant to reflect better crafting technique and rarity (in the case of the slightly higher values). See the pics for base damages with NO skill points or tempering factored in.
    FINAL NOTE: Anybody who loves the look of the swords as much as I do, Thank Vioxsis. He put in a ton of work getting the meshes and textures just right and did a top notch job.



  16. Skyrim - Ring Of Power

    Craft a Magic Ring , magic regeneration 1000, need 1 gold ingot
    +250 destruction , +250 conjuration , +250 carry weight
    You still can be killed or enslaved , becauze It does not give you protection in health or healrate or staminarate
    The spellbook gives you a Firebolt with much more damage.
    Find it or leave it in the hollow tree at the giant camp Bleak Wind Bassin near Whiterun....



  17. Tactical Knives

    Tactical Knives Ported from Battlefield Game Series C:
    Currently there are 8 knives,
    - Heckler & Koch 14100BT
    - Survival Knife
    - Precision Shiv
    - BJ-2 Combat Knife
    - Seal Knife
    - Boot Knife
    - Trench Knife
    - Swedish Scout Knife
    All Diffuse Texxies are in DXT1 1024x512 file, the normals are in DXT5 .
    All Knives are Craftable at any forge, Steel section.
    Thankies (^ω^)

    Thanks to JRCosta for telling me how to setup the Blood Meshes c:
    Thanks to EA and DICE for the models c:



  18. DawnbreakerSet

    A total of 106 Dawnbreaker
    Use something you like
    for more information please visit



  19. Dishonored Weapons + DSR

    All weapons ported by Imperator3 (russian modder).
    Im only create a DSR Patch, tweaked the .esp and translate.
    6 swords can be crafted in the Forge under Elven category if you have Steel Smithing perk.



  20. Spring Joke

    Spring Joke
    This mod adds edible easter eggs that have interesting effects when eaten.
    What are the effects? Well, that's for you to find out!
    There are 3 egg types and 2 spells.
    After loading the game, a spell named Summon Alejandro will be given to you.
    Use it to summon Alejandro the egg merchant. All eggs are sold by him.
    After buying all of the eggs you desire, eat them until weird stuff starts to happen.
    (Careful not to eat too many)
    Spicy Egg - A chocolate egg with a spicy pepper core.
    Creamy Egg - An chocolate egg with a milky cream center.
    Shadow Egg - Imported from Oblivion, This egg is made from the darkest chocolate.
    *All eggs are in the food category.
    Benthic Egg Blast - Hermeus Mora has granted you the ability to regurgitate eggs at will.
    Throw Up - Clear your stomach.
    Dragonborn DLC
    A skeleton with a belly and pelvis node.
    I recommend XPMS
    SKSE 1.7.1 +
    A body that supports node scaling.
    Common Sense
    The ability to take a joke.

    For even faster consumption of choco eggs, I recommend using Categorized Favorited Menu, or some variant, and assigning a hotkey to them.
    Use the Throw Up spell to return your stomach to normal.
    KANRAx2 for the models and Textures
    Easter Eggs - Merilia, KahjiitRaj
    SKSE Team - SKSE



  21. The Weapons Madness Alice

    just say before:thanks for your support,it's you who are awesome!
    Please also read!
    "hello! now this mod will not be as simple as indeed will have to find yourself the right ingredients materials and articles to make your weapons, but not anywhere, doing work your logic, and the reward will be there!"
    "the value of the weapon damage is not that shown in the screenshots, I have a ring that enhances the perks"
    No DLC!!!
    Bloodstains cover all of the weapon, if the weapon can, and will be covered in blood in a randomly disorder
    All models can be made! Do not say they can not because I've checked several times.
    Questions and information known to them
    -Textures Do not appear
    -Problems With crafting- (fixed)
    -Can Be Havok problems (fixed)
    -Can Contribute to an accident in Skyrim v1.5 (fixed)
    -I Can not find the weapons (reading is fun, and find the necessary items)
    -Textures A bit grainy (Blame the Unreal Engine and is the cause of the defect textures)
    -the weapon Is so great (not good)
    -The weapon Is ugly (This is a killing machine, from a crazy game, it does not have to be quite beautiful)
    -The Shadow / light may appear backwards / reversed (I saw it and I'm sure I corrected)
    -The weapon Is in my character (The weapon was designed to a standard and the different position than in the original game, and a model totally different character)
    -L'arme Is OP (fixed)
    -The Recipe is delayed (We're all mad here)
    Bright red blood appears anywhere on the weapon, (by design)
    -From Bright red blood like little "pixelated" (get new blood textures and it's because I'm stretching the blood textures of the game on the whole gun)
    -Hysteria Seems a little odd to light (This is by design, but only tested in realistic lighting and is supposed to simulate the blood effect, but may seem strange)
    These are the weapons of the game Alice: Madness Returns, an awesome game, twisted, and very bloody.
    I put these models in the game because I could not find where I looked, so I decided to make the effort to do so, the massive frustration and full of surfing, tutorial worthless etc. etc. So yes, it is a conversion model of the game, not as successful as I wanted to, I know.
    Hobby Horse participation ooCroftyoo XNAlara models, and by default, Max and Blender and the main textures.
    Vorpal models, model Sceptre, and model using Scythe: ooDemonBoyoo for XNAlara, and by default, Max and Blender and the main textures.
    The original six Hobby Horse Daedric weapons can be manufactured forge (perks requested) and have no enchantments on them (the recipes are a bit odd), while my random weapon the Molag Bal enchantment on it and can not be acquired through console commands (the various ingredients?, do you know where to find the others in the same way). No they are not anywhere in the game, and to my knowledge, not sold by any vendor.
    The Vorpals are normal style of play, the Hysteria version, the cleaver DLC and two initial concept blades with an experience that can only be acquired through console commands. All models except the Cleaver currently swords and daggers, which unfortunately means they are two elements with the same name. The way to distinguish them is how they are sheathed, daggers are 13 gold, sword weighs more. In addition, crafting recipes are different. they are not anywhere in the game, and to my knowledge, not sold by any vendor.
    The three additional weapons are the scepter of the Queen of Hearts, the scythe of the executioner, and a copy re-texture of the scythe.
    For those who do not know how. command²` and type "help [word weapon name] and use the PageUp and PageDown to find the correct value and type player.additem [numeric] [amount] and it is then added to your inventory.
    The weapons have different values of damage, as a result of the hierarchy in the game, with the release of DLC being slightly less than the version Hysteria-mode. Arms names are invented, they could have official names, but I do not know how to change.
    currently contains
    Horse -Hobby (Tier1)
    -Painted Rose (Tier2)
    -Ashes (Tier3)
    Horse -Pale (Tier4, No, I did not choose White Knight)
    -Nightmare (DLC)
    -Hysteria (Hysteria Mode, really cool effect of blood, but the hair messed up because of Blender)
    -Design Nightmare (Just a random texture mix it interesting to watch)
    (All except cleaver vorpals have two models!)
    -Vorpal blade
    -Bord -Vorpal (Hysteria, yes, I have just added the reference)
    -Couteau -Vorpal (Original pre-release model)
    -LOST Vorpal Knife (variant of the original model)
    -Vorpal Cleaver (DLC, My favorite: P)
    -Keen (Could be op)
    -Scepter Of Hearts (the scepter of Queen of Hearts)
    -Last UNBIRTHDAY (the Scythe of the executioner, it is very large)
    -The Last Train (Sythe retexturizes)
    -and a cool dagger that must not be named because you can find it in Whiterun
    some help: bloody cloths: in military camps and sombrages Legion or for the more adventurous among vampires
    -the cabbage and rabbit is easy, some hunting!
    -The shovels in mines
    -the books everywhere, but at the Academy of Bards or mages of the court, to the Winterhold arcanéum
    -the Wabbajack: do the quest-yes!
    Now have fun!
    look at the screenshots, there are many answers!
    and sorry for my bad english.
    -READ THE FREAKING DESCRIPTION. Maybe your answer is there.
    -If you are disrespectful, I will not help you. And, I will delete your post. Be respectful.
    -If your comment is really annoying, it gets reported.
    -Dont expect me to magically fix your game from the distance. my mods works with the compatible mods listed in the description. I can try to help you, but im not a wizard and i can not see what you did to your computer, game or mod, or the full list list of mods that you are using, and what each one of them does. And if i answer you, it will be with absolute misinformation. So do you homework. I will not babysit you.
    -Comments advertising other mods will be deleted.
    -i am a good guy but if you are!



  22. Stoneheart Legacy Dwarven Weapons (FR + EN)

    salut mes amis, aujourd'hui est un mod très étrange avec des nains
    mod est une sorte d'histoire pour Skyrim, si vous connaissez un peu les Elder Scrolls, vous pouvez l'aimer. Dwarvens, qui sait ce qu'ils ont fait, d'où ils viennent, leur capacité à se adapter à d'autres races, leurs systèmes de défense? Pourquoi? Ils ont appris leur connaissance d'une autre époque il ya longtemps. Et que la technologie est toujours puissante et unique, même maintenant, après tant d'années à Tamriel.
    presque toutes les armes sont animés
    "vous pouvez probablement trouver des armes dont l'inspiration vient de WOW
    animée objet: Auriel Marteau
    Daedric Drill
    Drill Dagger
    Dwemer Lava Drague
    Dwemer Globe Céleste
    vitesse Mace
    vitesse Bouclier
    Nordic Dagger
    Nordic Shield
    Steel Axe
    acier Drill
    Steel Équipement Marteau
    Article: Daedric Greate Axe
    Axe Hunter
    Hunter Marteau
    Hunter Mace
    Nordic Greate
    et drakéide sont PAS
    avec la permission, http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/57607/? !!!
    certaines armes sont enchantés, mais destructible en raison de leurs enchantements spécifiques, en fonction des compétences catégories d'acier, ébonite et Daedra sera nécessaire, contraire à la mod initial de mon ami, le poids a également été révisé et la rapidité d'action, les délices ajoutés, je espère ous trouverez plaisir à cette nouvelle technologie mod..hight nains, profitez-en! et merci beaucoup pour votre
    vous pouvez jouer BIG Daddy
    mod is juin Sorte d'histoire pour Skyrim, si vous Connaissez Peu non les Elder Scrolls, vous can l'aimer:. Les Dwemers, qui sait Qu'ils Ont fait de CE, d'Où ILS viennent, Leur Capacité à se adapter à d'Autres courses, Leurs Systèmes de défense Pourquoi? ILS Ont APPRI Leur Connaissance d'Une Autre Epoque il ya Longtemps. Et Que la technologie HNE Toujours Puissante et unique Même Maintenant, après Tant d'annees à Tamriel.
    TOUTES Presque armes Sont
    Sont armes enchantées, Mais non destructibles en raison de Leurs enchantements Spécifiques, en Fonction des Compétences catégories d'acier, ébonite et Daedra will be Nécessaires, contrairement à la version du mod de mon ami, LE POIDS un also Été Révisé et la Rapidité d ' actions, les enchantements ajoutés, je espère Que vous trouverez plaisir à this nouvelle technologie "hight tech" Dwemers: Profitez-en et merci beaucoup POUR VOTRE!
    mes amis, Aujourd'hui Est Un mod très étrange Avec des armes
    mise à jour was Faites Maintenant les armes en Français will be also, je espère que ça vous plaira!
    CE mod is Fait une histoire Dans Skyrim, Notre peuple connaiisent le jeu, vous devriez être Bien, Mais les "Dwemers" Qui sait CE Qu'ils Ont fait, D'où viennent ILS, Leur Capacité à se adapter aux Hommes de Leur Système de défense Pourquoi, bien avant Il y avait Une époque Qui Avait les amenés this Connaissance, Personne Ne Sait où? Mais this technologie est? fantastique, same Dans Tamriel!
    "vous pourrez Sans Doute Retrouver CERTAINES armes Dont l'Vient de l'inspiration WOW
    Liste des objets
    Point d'animation: Auriel Marteau
    Percer Daedric
    percer Dagger
    Dwemer Lava Drague
    Dwemer Globe céleste
    Équipement Mace
    Équipement Bouclier
    Dagger nordique
    Nordic Bouclier
    Axe acier
    acier Percer
    Acier vitesse Marteau
    Article: Daedric Greate Axe
    Axe Hunter
    Hunter Marteau
    Hunter Mace
    nordique Greate
    de DLC Dawnguard & DLC Dragonborn
    d'origine: zoni84 Avec la permission, ? http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/57607/ ! !!
    Maintenant vous can Jouer à Big Daddy de
    Vous n'êtes pas autorisé à télécharger ce fichier à d'autres sites ou d'autres Nexus sans permission de l'auteur et me



  23. miyamoto musashi legacy

    hello, a collection of arms fully craftables enchantable and can be improved:
    _Hallebarde d'Aaroniero
    _ Zampakuto d'Ichigo
    _ Zampakuto de Renji
    _Bankai d'Ichigo
    _ Bankai de Nnoitra
    _ Hallebarde de Nnoitra
    you can crafting in the Ebonite categories and Daedric, it will have blacksmithing perks skills, no DLC
    FAQ: first of all look at the screenshots, you will have information on where to find categories
    -why such a weapon is two hands because it is more logical, you can carry a scythe with one hand?
    -The weapons are too big? yes but there are worst and ugliest
    -can I buy ... if there asking XD: no need to go forge!
    -Finally final note, do not ask me the armor or other, it has nothing, the stupid comments and posts will be immediately removed and the people stranded
    This mod is the work of my friend Valadorn and me so do not want to know if it is stolen from others, it's useless.
    a person with little knowledge gives himself airs scholar it's about inexpérience.when anyone has some good things, it is not noticeable in his behavior: such a person is well educated.
    Now enjoy!
    bonjour,une collection d'armes entièrement craftables enchantables et peuvent être améliorées:
    La Hallebarde d'Aaroniero
    Le Zampakuto d'Ichigo
    Le Zampakuto de Renji
    Le Bankai d'Ichigo
    La Bankai de Nnoitra
    La Hallebarde de Nnoitra
    vous pourrrez les fabriquer dans les catégories ébonite et daedrique,il faudra avoir les compétences de forge des catégories ,aucun DLC
    FAQ:avant toute chose regardez les screenshots,vous aurez des renseignements sur les catégories où les trouver
    -pourquoi telle arme est à deux mains:parce que c'est plus logique,tu peux porter une scythe avec une main?
    -les armes sont trop grandes? oui mais il y a pire et plus moche
    -peut-on les acheter?...si il y en a qui demandent XD:non faut aller forger!
    -enfin dernière remarque,ne me demandez pas l'armure ou autre,ça n'a aucun rapport,les coms et posts débiles seront aussitôt enlevés et les personnes bloquées
    Ce mod est le travail de mon ami Valadorn et moi,donc ne cherchez pas à savoir si c'est volé à d'autres,c'est inutile.
    une personne qui possède peu de connaissances se donne des airs de savant c'est une question d'inexpérience.quand quelqu'un possède bien quelque choses,cela ne se remarque pas dans son comportement:une telle personne est bien eduquée.
    maintenant bon jeu!
    credits:merçi à la serie manga Bleach.



  24. Necro Weapons Legacy

    hi, it comes today a mod with having a soul capture, and a scepter including the fate fire-ice -éclairs alternative, these weapons are craftable at any forge, just have compérence Daedra, they can also improve, both are without enchantments, so that everyone has fun at its option, I would do the final textures later, but my pc too buggy, but already the special look and their powers should take care of what falmers and kill other enemies!
    credits: my friend Jussi138
    without whom this mod would never eter could really use.
    and atte Ilola for oblivion mod
    -=₪۩۞۩₪=--=₪۩۞۩₪=--=₪۩۞۩₪=--=₪۩۞۩₪=--=₪۩۞۩₪=- -=₪۩۞۩₪=--=₪۩۞۩₪=-
    - Bug planing weapons
    -enchantements unnecessary
    -with new enchantments
    -Removes the sound of the false
    -to come: new textures ...
    -skulls revolve around the weapon
    enjoy................NO DLC
    I want to thank those who me (support), as well as encouragement, I promised to stop the mods because of those who constantly ask for explanations when I do my best with an old pc, thank you to all, are you who are "who are you great!", remember that solidarity is not without advance
    -=₪۩۞۩₪=--=₪۩۞۩₪=--=₪۩۞۩₪=--=₪۩۞۩₪=--=₪۩۞۩₪=- -=₪۩۞۩₪=--=₪۩۞۩₪=-
    bonjour,aujourd'ui il sagit d'un mod comprenant une faux avec capture d'âme,et un sceptre comprenant le sort feu-glace -éclairs alternatifs,ces armes sont craftables à n'importe quelle forge,juste avoir la compérence Daedra,on peut aussi les améliorer,deux sont sans enchantements,pour que chacun s'amuse selon son choix,je referais les textures finales par la suite,mais mon pc buggue trop,mais déjà le look spéciale et leurs puissances devraient vous occuper ,de quoi tuer des falmers et autres ennemis!
    credits:mon ami Jussi138
    sans qui ce mod n'aurait jamais put ètre vraiment utilisable.
    et atte ilola pour ce mod oblivion
    -=₪۩۞۩₪=--=₪۩۞۩₪=--=₪۩۞۩₪=--=₪۩۞۩₪=--=₪۩۞۩₪=- -=₪۩۞۩₪=--=₪۩۞۩₪=-
    Je tiens à remercier ceux qui me (supportent), et aussi leurs encouragements, j'avais promis d'arrêter les mods à cause de ceux qui demandent constamment des explications quand je fais de mon mieux avec un vieux pc, merci à tous, ce sont vous qui ètes "Qui êtes-vous génial! ",sachez que sans solidarité on avance pas!
    -=₪۩۞۩₪=--=₪۩۞۩₪=--=₪۩۞۩₪=--=₪۩۞۩₪=--=₪۩۞۩₪=- -=₪۩۞۩₪=--=₪۩۞۩₪=-
    - bug armes planantes
    -enchantements superflus
    -rajouts de nouveaux enchantements
    -enlevé le son de la faux
    -à venir: nouvelles textures...
    -des cranes tournent autour de l'arme
    amusez vous!................Pas DE DLC



  25. Medieval Furor from Oblivion

    INSTALLATION Télécharger le fichier: Si oui, je ai reçu un correctif pour les armes invisibles (en re-lier toutes les armes à leurs nouvelles mailles et la texture des chemins dans l'ESP et les fichiers nif), ajouté le support double gaine Redux et une version d'une seule main la Maxima. Mods recommandée: Double Gaine Redux: ? http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/34155/ Animations immersifs - Animations pour aller avec ce mod. Peut être installé avant ou après XP32 Skeleton maximale, la solution de contournement déjà recommandé ici ne se applique plus. Fores New Idles dans Skyrim - FNIS v3.5 ou supérieure - Corrections de la plupart des problèmes d'animation lors de l'utilisation de nouvelles animations / squelettes. pour tous ceux qui me demandent pourquoi de Oblivion, voici la réponse: ? http://www.oblivionmodwiki.com/index.php title = The_Dungeons_of_Ivellon, ces armes sont de retour dans ce mod, mais je ai changé, toutes ces armes peuvent être falsifiés et améliorées dans le guidon, de sorte que vous peut mettre l'enchantement de votre choix - = ₪ ۩۞۩ ₪ = - = ₪ ۩۞۩ ₪ = - = ₪ ۩۞۩ ₪ = - = ₪ ۩۞۩ ₪ = - = ₪ ۩۞۩ ₪ = - - = ₪ ۩۞۩ ₪ = - = ₪ ۩۞۩ ₪ = - juste avoir l'avantage de l'acier pour ces armes - = ₪ ۩۞۩ ₪ = - = ₪ ۩۞۩ ₪ = - = ₪ ۩ ۞۩ ₪ = - = ₪ ۩۞۩ ₪ = - = ₪ ۩۞۩ ₪ = - - = ₪ ۩۞۩ ₪ = - = ₪ ۩۞۩ ₪ = - vous avez toutes les caractéristiques des armes à les images, la force, le poids, etc. .. les matériaux qu'il faut pour construire -Della - = ₪ ۩۞۩ ₪ = - = ₪ ۩۞۩ ₪ = - Reignier Crédits: Conversion à Lazarus89 pour l'original et la permission Bruce142 pour la correction des bogues et à tout le monde dans le forum de Nexus. Bethesda pour ce grand jeu et aide - = ₪ ۩۞۩ ₪ = - = ₪ ۩۞۩ ₪ = - = ₪ ۩۞۩ ₪ = - = ₪ ۩۞۩ ₪ = - = ₪ ۩۞۩ ₪ = - - = ₪ ۩۞۩ ₪ = - = ₪ ۩۞۩ ₪ = - 1. aller à ** (votre nom d'utilisateur) ** \ Documents and Settings \ Mes documents \ Mes Games \ Skyrim ouvrir le SkyrimPrefs.ini avec le bloc-notes et de mettre cette ligne dans la section [Launcher] bEnableFileSelection = 1 2.Unpack le mod un endroit connu comme (Desktop). 3.Trouvez le dossier intitulé «Données» dans les fichiers de mods. dossier de données Copie à votre dossier principal Skyrim où le TESV.exe est Lorsque vous êtes invité par Windows si vous souhaitez écraser les fichiers avec le même nommer dans le dossier de données situé il répondre, "Oui à tous". 4.Lancez jusqu'à Skyrim, et placez une coche furor.esp médiévale dans vos fichiers de données. 5.Visit un forgeron et forger une épée dans la section de l'acier - = ₪ ۩۞۩ ₪ = - = ₪ ۩۞۩ ₪ = - = ₪ ۩۞۩ ₪ = - = ₪ ۩۞۩ ₪ = - = ₪ ۩۞۩ ₪ = - - = ₪ ۩۞۩ ₪ = - = ₪ ۩۞۩ ₪ = - armes uniques, entièrement rénovées, de nouvelles textures, et également nouveau nom, ils sont ravis parce que vous avez le choix de faire vous-même, je espère que vous apprécierez ce nouveau mod, je ai eu une grande difficulté à réaliser, alors les enfants dragon, partir à l'aventure! - = ₪ ۩۞۩ ₪ = - = ₪ ۩۞۩ ₪ = - = ₪ ۩۞۩ ₪ = - = ₪ ۩۞۩ ₪ = - = ₪ ۩۞۩ ₪ = - - = ₪ ۩۞۩ ₪ = - = ₪ ۩۞۩ ₪ = - avant la post lire ceci: -Lire LA DESCRIPTION DU FREAKING. Peut-être votre réponse est là. -Si vous êtes irrespectueux, je ne vais pas vous aider. Et, je vais supprimer votre poste. Soyez respectueux. -Si votre commentaire est vraiment ennuyeux, il se rapporte. -Dont attends moi de fixer magie votre jeu à partir de la distance. Ce mod fonctionne avec les mods compatibles énumérées dans la description. Je peux essayer de vous aider, mais je suis pas un magicien et je ne peux pas voir ce que vous avez fait pour votre ordinateur, jeu ou mod, ou la liste complète de la liste des mods que vous utilisez, et ce que chacun d'entre eux fait. Et si je vous réponds, ce sera avec la désinformation absolue. Donc vous faire leurs devoirs. Je ne vais pas vous garder les enfants. -Commentaires publicité autres mods seront supprimés. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ ۩۞۩ ஜ ____________________ telechargez le fichier: 1: médiévale fureur autorisation: Vous n'êtes pas autorisés à Initiation à des Sites d'Autres Ou d'Autres sans la permission de ma Nexus télécharger CE .