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OBLIVION: install game,tools,bodies,BBB, Load order sorting, esp/esm cleaning, CS-CSE, Body stretching

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Hopefully this will reduce duplicate questions a bit, fejeena. Good job.


As for doing archive invalidation, I think this worth mentioning.

Some users, mostly Steam version users, often experience archive invalidation refusing to work because of Oblivion.ini lock or something, even if they do it properly.

In this case, one must check out their Oblivion.ini and make sure that "sArchiveList" entry is looking like this:

sArchiveList=..\obmm\BSARedirection.bsa, Oblivion - Meshes.bsa, Oblivion - Textures - Compressed.bsa, Oblivion - Sounds.bsa, Oblivion - Voices1.bsa, Oblivion - Voices2.bsa, Oblivion - Misc.bsa
..\whatever\path\redirection_bsa.bsa must be the first entry of this (and this is essentially a half of what the bsa redirection is). If Steam won't let the mod manager modify the ini, they should do it themselves.

I'm not sure if installing Oblivion in the shared directory (for example program files (x86)) is contributing to this issue, though.

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Best time for backup ? after install Tools, Body, Skeleton and BBB ?  There where I have written  "Now you can install Lovers/LAPF if you want."  Then I make my backup.


Must add more: e.g. use of Notepad++ with BOSS masterlist.txt or add Mods BOSS does not know in the BOSS masterlist.txt


Edit: movomo that's why I wrote "Do not install Oblivion in the folder specified by the Installation"

That's the reason archive Invalidation can not alter the Oblivion.ini

But I will add the Manual ini change also.


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@ fejeena


...or add Mods BOSS does not know in the BOSS masterlist.txt


Curious what you are trying to capture here. The is a userlist with BOSS also, which is seldom if ever used by anyone. That can be used to add MODs BOSS doesn't have, and more; very custom LOs.


And very nice write up by the way!

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Oblivion Construction set and ConstructionSet extender(CSE):

How to use it with OBSE:

Most modders prefer ConstructionSet extender version 51 ( clearer and better Operation/controls and less requirements: OBSE20 and .NET Framework)

CSE Version 62 needs Oblivion Script Extender 21 Beta+, .NET Framework 4.0+, Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redist., DirectX 9.0c Runtime.


CSE needs Construction Set v1.2  http://cs.elderscrolls.com/index.php/The_Elder_Scrolls_Construction_Set

If you use a Oblivion Steam version you must copy the obse_loader.exe in you Oblivion folder ( the folder with Copy obse_1_2_416.dll, obse_editor_1_2.dll, and obse_steam_loader.dll, Oblivion.exe and OblivionLauncher.exe )


simply install CSE (of course after you have installed CS v1.2)


CSE51  (OBSE20) can also be used with OBSE21, see below.

CSE62 (OBSE21)


I use CSE51 and I remember only two crashes in the last 2 years.

Install CSE51 (readme)

1. Extract this archive to any folder and then copy the contents to Oblivion's folder.

2. Extract Construction Set v1.0’s executable from its installer into the game’s root directory and rename it as ‘TESConstructionSetOld.exe’. [The installer can be downloaded separately from the CS wiki]

3. Open the ‘ConstructionSet.ini’ file in your ‘Documents\My Games\Oblivion’ directory and set the ‘bAllowMultipleEditors’ key’s value to ‘1’.


Instructions #2 and #3 need to be carried out only if the lip sync tool is sought after.


So you don't need step 2 and 3 ! simply install CSE and create a OBSEloder.exe shortcut and rename the path.


Since CSE is an OBSE plugin, the CS must be run through the OBSE loader


You know you need the OBSE_Loader.exe ( yes also with a Steam Oblivion Version), Create a Desktop shortcut, right click and click properties and rename the desktop Icon path to .....\Oblivion\obse_loader.exe" -Editor

 attachicon.gifCSE2.jpg can show you only a german Version, sorry.

After the " must be a space then -Editor


You can also use CSE51 with OBSE21 by adding -oldinject to obse_loader.    \Oblivion\obse_loader.exe" -Editor -oldinject


With OBSE the CS recompile  new OBSE scripts.



Change the movement sensitivity in the CS Settings:

Objects moving and turning is very rough and fast, so it is difficult to place objects.


1. click  file

2. Preferences

3. Change these Settings: Movement and Rotation Speed ( I use 0.5)

And also the camera Zoom Speed ( I use 0.5)

Then click Apply, then Close.


I downloaded Construction Set 1.2 from the site, installed it

downloaded CSE 62

When I try to open the obse it ask for obse_editor_1_0.dll but I only saw the 1_2 in the folder.

I tryed to open the Launch CSE.bat as said in the readme in CSE and same error appeared

What I did wrong?

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I use 51

Never had Problems.


Have you installed all requirements. Version 61,62 and 63 need a lot.

Required: Patch 1.2.0416, Oblivion Script Extender 21 Beta+, .NET Framework 4.0+, Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Redist (x86), DirectX 9.0c Runtime, Construction Set v1.2


From Nexus page

Q: The CSE shows a message about missing DLL files during launch.
A: Ensure that you've installed all the prerequisites linked in the readMe file, particularly the Visual C++ redistributables (download the x86 version).


Start: Run the ‘Launch CSE’ batch file.  Not the TESConstructionSetOld.exe


Way not use the newest Version ? 63


Edit: shit ! Trojaner in the V 63 download.


With V51 you can do all things ( e.g. add new Animations in the LoversIdleAnimsPriority.esp )


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For what I am reading I think this CSE were made for OBSE 17 and not 21, that why it isn't working


about the patch I use Steam, so it is up to date


It keeps asking the obse_editor_1_0.dll


But there is a file that comes with OBSE with the name obse_editor_1_2.dll


so it isn't Directx or c++, is OBSE that is too high

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All CS extender 6 are for OBSE21  (v61,62,63)


CSE 51 ?? works with OBSE 20 and 21

And you only need Patch 1.2.0416, Oblivion Script Extender, .NET Framework, Construction Set v1.2


Or have you installed CS version 1.0

2. Extract Construction Set v1.0’s executable from its installer into the game’s root directory and rename it as ‘TESConstructionSetOld.exe’. [The installer can be downloaded separately from the CS wiki]


3. Open the ‘ConstructionSet.ini’ file in your ‘Documents\My Games\Oblivion’ directory and set the ‘bAllowMultipleEditors’ key’s value to ‘1’.

Instructions #2 and #3 need to be carried out only if the lip sync tool is sought after.


!!! You don't need it if you don't want to create Mods with Lip synchronization  !!!!




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when I try to download MenuQue with TESMM directly or try and create an omod from the manual download I get an error message that it has been altered in a way that may cause a security risk and the message states that obmm will not load it. 

I've never seen anything like this before. 

downloading and installing has been a breeze with TESMM so far, as it handles the nexus links and info. 

I've created an omod with OBMM out of a manual download of MenuQue many many times without issue.


any ideas great and wise LL members?

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All the OBSE plugins I install manually.

They are all in the data\OBSE\plugins Folder, easy to find, uninstall, overwrite,...

And you now if you deactivate the OMod you only uninstall the files from the OMod but not the log files MenuQue created in the plugins Folder (plugins\MenuQue Folder)


All my Mods I have as OMods, also textures and meshes replacer without esp.

And I still use the OBMM. The TESMM I use for Skyrim ( I refuse to use the NexusMM )

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i don't know if this sounds too demanding, but is there a way of reducing that list to the bare necessities for someone who doesn't want to learn modding?

i mean there are many tools that can prove useful and make the game more stable if used correctly, but also dangerously powerful and if used wrong can break your whole install with no way of knowing why (especially if you don't know that much about modding).

also there seem to be many different opinions on which modmanagers to use and which not.

i personally used OBMM for some years until some mod stated that wrye bash should be used for certain steps of install and loadorder - then i used wry bash except for installing omods.

so what's the bare necessities for a stable oblivion and in which particular order are they to be installed?

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I thought my description is for beginners....

And all is in the right install order.

Install Oblivion not in C:\program files ...

then the Tools you need ( and optional Tools "Other useful Tools you can use: ! optionally !"  you must not install if are a beginner )  And I personally do not use WryeBash. In "Basics tools you need: " are no Tools with complicated Settings and none of it can "destroy" your game. OMM and TESMM are identical = same handling and user Interface.

Then Body and armor-clothes replacer, BBB and Skeleton.



As Beginner you can stop after the Load order.

With more knowledge you can do Mod cleaning ( it's easy )


2.  Problems during gameplay. you should read.

All below is for Modders.


There are more "detailed -complicated" install instructions http://www.loverslab.com/topic/50847-anatriaxs-guide-to-morroblivion/  and http://www.loverslab.com/topic/8893-installation-guide-with-lovers-mbp-and-wyre-with-bashed-patch/

I thought my was easy, just the essentials you need to have Oblivion with nude BBB bodies before you install Lovers.

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@ DeadSomething - To what exactly? fejeena captures much of what was once scattered all over (LL and the 'Net). A MOD manager is basic stuff, so is using BOSS, IMO. Wrye Bash, a graduation point to intermediate and you can use OBMM and WB together as IMO they compliment each other nicely.


Opinions are what they are; opinions. Users and members are free to try each option and decide on which is best for them. But if something is indicated DON'T USE like LOOT then the recommendation is not to use it.


It matters less what the install order is for Oblivion tools and functionality add-ons. It is one of those "it depends". At the very beginning a specific item may not be needed, and to write up each and everyone and at what point to DL and install would be rather exhausting.


And IMO this covers the basics of modding a vanilla Oblivion install, based on the path chosen by fejeena; a BBB install and config.


Modding Oblivion is correctly adding MODs, preferably AFTER a member has done the requisite reading; OPs, readme files, Requirements, etc. This is where most newbies trip themselves up and shoot themselves in the foot. NOT READING (and more importantly comprehending).


MOD Authoring is different and involves making a new MOD, re-engineering a prior MOD release, or making use of their work in a compilation.


Modding Oblivion is NOT for the Plug-and Play crowd. Never was and odds are never will be, even though it has matured by lightyears. There is and always will be a certain level of responsibility for the member user to read up on how to use this or that. Oblivion builds are just to robust and variable to be able to write up fool proof instructions for everyone to follow for every possible build. Many here have done their best, but as we all know fools come along every day and break what was once fool proof.

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okay, sorry, maybe i wasn't reading concentrated enough :( and maybe i'm too stressed currently as i'll move to my new flat in a week and won't have internet there until they finally install it - so i need something to play offline and have all the files there or better already installed before i am offline.

i want to apologize if that made me sound harsh.


too bad the vanilla game even with official patches is quite buggy and still needs a good amount of mods to be what it should've been in the first place.

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i followed the instructions until "now make a backup" and the only thing (i hope) that i did further was install the enhanced camera obse plugin.

so far it works in the starting prison.

i'll now see for hgec compatible skins for argonians and khajiiti and then make the backup before installign LAPF and all other kinds of tweaks.

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Yes my instructions are only to get a running game with BBB nude Body, all you need before install Lovers or other Mods.


All other Mods are a matter of taste.

enhanced camera, overhauls for race or whole game, MBP, Unique Landscapes, quest Mods, menu Mods,...

That's why I don't add them in my instuction.

I hate MBP but many People love it, I would rather play Oblivion without Lovers but never without Unique Landscapes , but many People don't like it because you need compatibility Patches for many other Mods.


Here another install guide  with Mods,Tools, Interface, Textures,.......  http://wiki.step-project.com/User:Hishutup/OblivionGuide

You will need some hour to read all  ;)  But not Lovers compatible, only Roberts female Body as Body replacer,

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your guide is great. i guess i just rushed it and saw all the advanced tools and thought "damn, do all those mods need a proper cleaning and merging and all that to work?"


i'm happy with a crappy look - as long as the lore is not broken, the bodies look fine, all text on textures is readable and the animations don't screw up.


also thanks to this http://www.loverslab.com/topic/28162-newbies-5-simple-ways-to-avoid-most-crashes-and-bugs/i finally understood how to sort my loadorder.i'm currently building my bashed patch after having installed LAPF and a handful of loversplugins.

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